TOMS shoes have long been celebrated for their casual, comfortable, and stylish design.

One question that often arises among fashion enthusiasts is whether or not you can wear TOMS with socks. While some purists may balk at the idea, the truth is, with the right styling, TOMS can be worn with socks in various chic and fashionable ways.

This article explores some amazing outfits that answer the question and demonstrate the versatility of TOMS. Keep reading to get all the fashion inspiration you need!

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Yes or No?

TOMS with socks - yes or no

Many people worry that wearing socks with TOMS might cause the shoes to become bulky and stretch out faster than usual.

However, this concern can be easily mitigated by choosing thin or no-show socks. This type of sock maintains the sleek look of the shoe while keeping your feet stain and odor-free.

So, yes, you can wear TOMS with socks, especially if you’re aiming for comfort and hygiene.


TOMS with socks - socks

The choice of socks can make or break your outfit when pairing them with TOMS.

Opt for low-cut or no-show socks to keep the focus on the shoes and maintain a clean silhouette.

Ankle socks can also work, especially if you choose a pair with fun patterns or colors that complement your outfit. High socks are incredibly stylish in 2024, so if that sounds like you, you can try and style them with TOMS too.

Avoid thick socks that can create bulk and disrupt the streamlined look of your footwear.

Did you know that you can now purchase gorgeous socks that are both affordable and sustainable? Check out our selection.


TOMS with socks - jeans

TOMS paired with jeans is a classic look that never goes out of style. For a casual day out, wear your TOMS with a pair of skinny or straight-leg jeans.

For a more polished look, choose dark-wash jeans and a fitted top. This combination is perfect for a laid-back yet put-together vibe.

Discover the best affordable and sustainable jeans made in Canada.


TOMS with socks - pants

For those who prefer pants over jeans, TOMS can still be a great choice.

Whether you're opting for chinos, cropped designs, or even wide-leg pants, TOMS add a relaxed touch to any outfit. When wearing cropped or ankle-length pants, make sure your socks are a no-show to keep the look sleek and sophisticated. TOMS can also work with dressier pants if you’re aiming for a smart-casual ensemble.

Here is our ultimate guide to how many pants you need in your wardrobe.

Mini Skirt

TOMS with socks - mini skirt

Pairing TOMS with a mini skirt creates a youthful and playful outfit.

Choose a denim or organic cotton mini skirt for a casual look, and add a tucked-in graphic tee or a beautiful top with a unique design. This outfit is perfect for a summer day, giving you a breezy and comfortable feel while keeping you stylish. To add an extra layer of interest, try patterned or brightly colored TOMS.

Have a look at the 15 best sustainable mini skirts.

Tank top

TOMS with socks -  tank

A tank top and TOMS combination is perfect for hot summer days.

Whether you choose a basic tank or something with more detail, this pairing is effortlessly cool.

Check out the best sustainable tank tops.

Denim Shorts

TOMS with socks - denim shorts

Denim shorts and TOMS are a match made in casual-wear heaven. This outfit is ideal for beach days, picnics, or casual hangouts.

High-waisted shorts can add a trendy twist, especially when paired with a cropped top or a tucked-in shirt. The simplicity of TOMS balances out the rugged look of denim shorts, creating a harmonious and stylish ensemble.

Here are the 20 best affordable and sustainable denim shorts.

Crop Top

TOMS with socks - crop top

Crop tops are another great pairing with TOMS, especially during warmer months. Combine yours with a cute denim skirt.

Discover the 15 best organic crop tops.

Romantic Style Top

TOMS with socks - romantic style top

A romantic style top, with its flowy fabric and delicate details, can be beautifully balanced with a pair of TOMS.

Think lace, ruffles, and soft colors. This type of top pairs well with skinny jeans or a midi skirt, creating a look that’s both feminine and relaxed.

If you love the romantic fashion style, we've got you covered with 20 amazing fashion tips.

Coordinated Set

TOMS with socks - coord

Coordinated sets are a fashionable choice, and adding TOMS to the mix can make the outfit more approachable and casual.

Whether it’s a matching top and skirt or shorts set, TOMS add a relaxed vibe that’s perfect for casual outings or weekend brunches.

Choose a set with playful patterns or bold colors to make a statement, and let your TOMS keep the look grounded.

Striped Dress

TOMS with socks - striped dress

A striped dress paired with TOMS creates a classic, nautical-inspired outfit.

This look is both timeless and effortlessly chic. You can add a denim jacket to make your outfit more interesting. The simplicity of TOMS complements the pattern of the dress, making this a go-to outfit for a day out or a casual dinner.

Let yourself be inspired by the 20 best affordable and casual summer dresses.

Bold Colors

TOMS with socks - bold colors

Don’t shy away from bold colors when wearing TOMS.

A brightly colored top or bottom can make your outfit pop, with TOMS providing a neutral balance. Whether it’s a vibrant dress, a neon skirt, or a colorful pair of pants, TOMS can anchor the look and keep it from becoming overwhelming.

This is a great way to experiment with color while staying comfortable.


TOMS with socks - jumpsuit

A jumpsuit and TOMS is a pairing that offers both style and convenience.

This combination is perfect for days when you want to look put together without much effort.

Choose a jumpsuit in a light fabric for a breezy summer outfit and don't forget that your jumpsuit can now be eco-friendly.

Peplum Top

TOMS with socks - peplum top

Peplum tops are known for their flattering silhouette, and they pair wonderfully with TOMS.

This combination can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For a casual look, pair a peplum top with jeans or shorts.

For a more polished outfit, try a peplum top with a pencil skirt or tailored pants. Your TOMS will keep the look grounded and wearable for everyday activities.


TOMS with socks - T-shirt

T-shirts are versatile clothing items that should exist in everyone's wardrobe.

They are summer staples that can help you craft comfortable outfits in an instant. Be the best dressed with one of these organic cotton T-shirts made in Canada.

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