Going on double dates is exciting and surely a fun experience. However, deciding what to wear and how to look your best can be an exhausting task. But do not sweat it, we are here to help you. 

There are many ways you can create amazing looks for your double date. You can wear matching clothes with your partner. Or go for a stylish chic look or a cute casual one. 

We have put together 15 amazing outfits and dressing tips to help you look fabulous and have a great time. 

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Cute Short Dress

Double date outfits short dress 

A cute short dress is a terrific outfit idea for a double date. Depending on the venue of the date, you can go for elegant dresses or casual ones.

An elegant, fitting bodycon dress is a brilliant outfit if you are meeting in an upscale restaurant. If it is a casual get-together on a terrace, a cute and casual shift dress could be a brilliant option. 

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Matching Outfits

Double date outfits matching

Get matching outfits with your partner for a romantic look. You can color-match your pants or skirt with his shirt, Tee, or vice versa. 

Wearing matching outfits is a sweet way of showing your love for one another. Go for daring looks if you are feeling particularly creative.

Denim Top and Bottom

Double date outfits denim top and bottom

Wearing a denim shirt and pants or shorts is another brilliant outfit for a fun double date.  

Go for light blue denim and combine it with a pair of cute sneakers. Accessorize the look with cool sunglasses and a cute, white or off-white purse. 

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3/4 Sleeve Shirt and Pencil Skirt 

Double date outfits 3/4 sleeve shirt and pencil skirt

If it is a double date for brunch on a terrace, opt for a cute 3/4 sleeve shirt and a chic pencil skirtIt is an elegant, sophisticated look that will make you stand out and look great.

Accessorize with eye-catching pieces of jewelry. Wear heels if you are comfortable with them or go for ballet flats

Stylish Jumpsuit 

Double date outfits jumpsuit

A cute trendy jumpsuit is an ideal outfit choice if you are going for a fashionable yet comfy look.

Double dates are not only fun, sometimes they can be stressful too. Maybe it is your first time going on a double date with your partner’s friend and his girlfriend. 

So, combining beauty and comfort in an outfit is key to a fun date. 

Party Dress and Heels

Double date outfits party dress and heels 

Wear a cute party dress and a pair of chic heels if you are invited to a club for a double date.

Choose dresses that beautifully outline your figure and make you stand out. You can go for shiny dresses or elegant short black ones. 

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Summer Dress

Double date outfits summer dress

Nothing screams feminine and cute more than a summer dress. Go for flowy floral designs. Pair with espadrilles or sandals and enjoy a beautiful and fun double date.

Alternatively, get a monochrome summer dress, and accessorize with a belt and bulky jewelry for a fun summer outfit. 

Lace Top and Blazer

Double date outfits lace top and blazer

Pick a beautiful lace top and a well-fitting blazer if you are going for a feminine and sensual look. 

Go for a black lace top and a blazer either in black or a contrasting color. Combine it with a pair of chic pants for the ultimate impressive feminine look. 

T-shirt and Jeans

Double date outfits Tee and jeans

You cannot go wrong with a cute pair of jeans and a chic T-shirt. Go for this combo if you have more activities planned for the date. A double date does not mean just having lunch or dinner. 

You can go for strolls or check out a museum or a theme park. Opt for this ultra-comfy look. Accessorize with a scarf, cute sneakers, and a belt. 

Crop Top and Cardigan 

Double date outfits crop top and cardigan

A crop top combined with a beautiful cardigan is an amazing outfit for a double date. Especially if it is a bit chilly outside. Pair this combo with cute jeans, classic pants, or tight skirts.

Combine this cute outfit with a pair of ankle boots or flats. And you have got yourself another excellent look for the date. 

Midi Skirt

Double date outfits midi skirt

Go for a beautiful floral midi skirt if is sunny and you are going to be outdoors. Pick a flowy midi skirt that does not stick to your skin.

Otherwise, it will make you sweaty and uncomfortable. A pleated skirt is an ideal option. 

Complete the look with a cute blouse or printed Tee. Wear sneakers if you are going to walk a lot. 


Double date outfits shorts

Shorts are versatile, and you can create an endless number of chic and cool-looking outfits. 

Pair denim shorts with a cool, light blue shirt for a fun outfit. 

Or opt for elegant black shorts with tights and ankle boots with heels. Complete the look with a chic shirt. Finish off with a beautiful necklace and stylish purse

Printed Shift Dress

Double date outfits shift dress

Pick a comfy shift dress for a neat, relaxed, and casual style. 

A white and black print or polka dot shift dress is an excellent idea. Consider a pair of black pumps or flats to pull this outfit together.

Leggings and Loose Shirt 

Double date outfits loose shirt

Combine a pair of cute leggings with a long loose shirt for yet another cute outfit for a double date. 

Go for tight leggings in darker shades and a loose striped or monochrome shirt in lighter colors. 

Make the outfit more creative by accessorizing with a cross-body purse, a watch, and earrings. 


Double date outfits sandals

Sandals are a perfect idea if it is summer and you are having a double date outdoors. 

Depending on your outfit, go for sandals with heels or flat ones. Pick a comfortable pair that helps you look your best and nicely complements your outfit. 

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