There’s nothing like embarking on a new adventure. For women over 60, traveling is all about prioritizing practicality and style with a touch of elegance. 

If you’re over 60, the perfect travel wardrobe has everything you need to look comfortable, chic, and relaxed no matter where you step foot. 

From timeless classics to chic travel solutions, this comprehensive guide for women over 60 ensures you're well-prepared to explore the world in style.  

Keep reading to unlock the ultimate guide to travel wardrobe essentials over 60. 


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Breezy Sundress

travel wardrobe over 60 sundress

travel wardrobe over 60 dresses

A breezy sundress is a must-have for anyone over 60 because it’s a classic outfit that can be dressed up or down for various occasions during your travels. 

Go with a light cotton or linen wrap dress with a flowy hemline that ends at your calves. 

You can choose classic neutral colors, but don’t be afraid to express your personal style with fun and feminine patterns, too. 

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Lightweight Rain Jacket

travel wardrobe over 60 jacket

The weather can be unpredictable when traveling, Pack a lightweight rain jacket, and you’ll be prepared for anything. 

Invest in a high-quality rain jacket that is easy to fold away in your bag. Plenty of rain jackets come in neutral colors and timeless silhouettes, making them easy to layer on top of any outfit. 

Explore the best sustainable rain jackets for any style. 

One-Piece Swimsuit

travel wardrobe over 60 swimsuit

If you’re traveling somewhere warm, don’t forget your swimsuit!

Many women over 60 prefer one-piece swimsuits for their travel wardrobe because the style is comfortable, flattering, and timeless. 

Invest in a swimsuit that makes you feel secure, confident, and supported. 

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Versatile Skirts

travel wardrobe over 60 skirts

Well-tailored skirts are excellent when traveling over 60 because they provide plenty of coverage while remaining breathable and comfortable. 

Wear a breezy white blouse tucked into a high-waisted wrap skirt or an elegant tank top with a full A-line skirt. You’re bound to look chic and effortless no matter what style you choose. 

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Comfortable Straight-Leg Jeans

travel wardrobe over 60 jeans

Straight-leg jeans are a timeless wardrobe staple that looks great no matter where you’re traveling. 

Straight-leg jeans match with pretty much everything. Wear high-waisted jeans with a breezy top, cozy cardigan, or fun tank top. 

Accessorize your look with walking shoes, a sunhat, and your favorite crossbody bag, and you’re ready for your next adventure. 

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Layer with Tank Tops

travel wardrobe over 60 tank tops

Every travel wardrobe for women over 60 needs a small collection of neutral-colored tank tops. They’re great for layering and accessorizing. 

Prepare for any type of weather by layering blouses and cardigans on top of a trusty white tank top. 

If the sun is out, you can easily wear a tank top with jeans, capri pants, or a versatile skirt. The possibilities are endless. 

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Tailored Trousers

travel wardrobe over 60 trousers 

Tailored trousers are an excellent alternative to straight-leg jeans if you want something more elegant for your travel wardrobe. 

Trousers are a versatile must-have that look great with any type of top, from raincoats to tank tops.

Bring a pair of neutral-colored trousers to dress up for a dinner date or dress down for daytime sightseeing. 

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Classic White Button-Down Shirt

travel wardrobe over 60 button up

A classic white button-down shirt is a travel essential for women over 60 because it’s timeless, elegant, and flattering. 

White button-downs provide extra warmth and protection from the sun. Wear one as a top for an evening dinner look, or layer an unbuttoned top over a swimsuit or dress for an easy summer outfit. 

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Cardigans or Wraps

travel wardrobe over 60 cardigans

travel wardrobe over 60 wraps

Add a select few cardigans or wraps to your travel wardrobe to ensure you stay warm no matter where you are. 

Cardigans or gauzy wraps are easy to layer on top of sundresses, tank tops, and blouses to create a warm and effortlessly chic outfit. 

The most versatile options are neutral colors like black, beige, and navy blue. 

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Capri Pants

travel wardrobe over 60 capris

Capri pants are an excellent travel wardrobe essential if you’re over 60. This style is breathable, chic and works well across seasons. 

Pair tailored capri pants with a flowy blouse or layered tank tops for an elegant look. If the weather is crisp and cool, capri pants look great with a cardigan, sweater, or scarf. 

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Breathable Tops

travel wardrobe over 60 blouses

travel wardrobe over 60 tops

Breathable, comfortable tops are a must-have for your travel wardrobe. A selection of well-made blouses in neutral colors makes mixing and matching outfits easy without adding extra bulk to your suitcase. 

Wear a beige or white blouse with tailored trousers or a comfortable skirt for a lovely summer look. If temperatures drop, layer your favorite black cotton blouse with a scarf, cardigan, or rain jacket. 

For ultimate breathability, add a few linen tops to your travel wardrobe. 

Lightweight Scarf

travel wardrobe over 60 scarf

A lightweight scarf is an underrated travel wardrobe essential that often gets overlooked. However, it’s one of the most versatile pieces you can pack when you travel!

A lightweight, chic scarf can keep you warm, protect you from the sun, and add a stylish flourish to any outfit. We recommend investing in a high-quality, sustainably-made scarf that can work across seasons. 

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Sturdy Crossbody Bag

travel wardrobe over 60 crossbody bag

Feel secure while traveling with a high-quality crossbody bag. 

A crossbody bag is an excellent style for traveling because it keeps your hands free and your belongings secure while you’re adventuring and creating new memories. 

The crossbody style evenly distributes weight, so your shoulders and back won’t hurt as much. 

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Super Soft Sleepwear

travel wardrobe over 60 sleepwear

A restful night’s sleep is essential when you’re traveling. Pamper yourself when you get to the hotel with a soft, breathable sleepwear set. 

Pack a versatile sleepwear set with a top, shorts, and pajama pants to ensure you’re comfortable regardless of the temperature. Bamboo linen, organic cotton, and recycled polyester are all fabulous sustainable fabrics that feel soft to the touch. 

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Comfortable Walking Shoes 

travel wardrobe over 60 walking shoes

Comfortable shoes are essential for anyone traveling over 60. Opt for supportive and cushioned boots or sneakers that are easy on your feet during long walks and exploration.

Invest in high-quality, fashionable shoes that provide plenty of arch support. Lace-up tennis shoes, trendy sneakers, and supportive boots are best. 

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Sun Hat

travel wardrobe over 60 sunhat

travel wardrobe over 60 hats

Protecting your skin from the sun is essential at any age, but it becomes especially vital if you’re over 60. Bring along a cute sun hat to protect yourself while looking fashionable. 

If your travel destination is somewhere warm, go with a floppy sunhat or a chic wide-brimmed straw hat. You can also wear baseball caps, fedoras, or any other style that suits your fancy. 

Packable Tote Bag

travel wardrobe over 60 tote bag

In addition to a crossbody bag, a packable tote bag is great to bring along on your travels. 

A foldable canvas tote is handy for shopping or carrying extra items you may accumulate during the day. 

Choose a simple undyed tote made with organic cotton, or find a tote with fun artwork and patterns for extra flair. 

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