Quad biking is a thrilling and exciting experience that combines the adventure of off-road exploration with the rush of riding a powerful all-terrain vehicle. You do not have to be an experienced rider because quad bikes are easy to learn to drive and make for big fun.

However, there is one essential thing when preparing for a quad biking adventure. You have to choose the right outfit that balances style, comfort, and safety. Quad biking is an adventurous outdoor activity that may get you dirty and wet, so wear clothes that are comfortable fit and that you do not mind getting dirty.

Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, we've curated 15 outfit ideas to help you look and feel your best while hitting the trails.

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1. Short leggings and a tank top

Woman standing on top of a quad bike wearing athletic outfit

Opt for moisture-wicking short athletic leggings and a fitted tank top for optimal flexibility and comfort.

Complete the look with cross training shoes, and don't forget to wear a helmet and glasses.

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2. Classic look with jeans and a jumper

Woman doing quad biking on the beach wearing jeans and sweater

Pair jeans with a long-sleeved moisture-wicking jumper, preferably made of cotton fabric. Choose boyfriend-style jeans or straight boot-cut jeans for maximum comfort.

Complete the look with durable hiking boots or obsolete sneakers that you don’t mind getting dirty.

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3. Wear overalls

Woman posing for a photo wearing denim overalls and a white top underneath

Overalls typically offer a loose and relaxed fit, allowing for freedom of movement and flexibility during quad biking. Make sure to choose a pair that provides ample room for comfortable leg movement.

Choose cargo-style overalls made of jeans or cotton fabric. Wear the overalls over a lightweight, quick-drying technical shirt

Overalls can offer good protection against dirt, mud, and scratches while riding a quad bike.

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4. Regular leggings and a tee shirt

Woman riding a quad bike wearing leggings and a tee shirt

Wear leggings if you plan to do quad biking in mild weather conditions. If the climate is warm and the terrain isn't too rough or muddy, leggings can help keep you cool and comfortable.

Match the leggings with a lightweight oversize t-shirt and a pair of sneakers.

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5. Wind-proof jacket for extra protection

Woman posing for a photo wearing a wind proof-jacket

Invest in a high-quality, waterproof, and wind-proof ATV riding jacket for maximum protection in wet or windy conditions.

Wear it over a breathable cotton t-shirt or sweater and pair it with matching waterproof pants. Complete the look with boots.

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6. Wear shorts for a summer quad biking

Happy girl  wearing cotton short and a sporting top

Cotton shorts are a great outfit idea if you plan to do beach quad biking during the summer. Shorts provide comfort and better ventilation around your legs.

However, consider that shorts can be comfortable, but they may not provide enough protection against hazardous elements, such as sand, rocks, or vegetation. Also, put on sun protection on your legs, arms, and face.

Even if you choose to wear shorts, it's crucial to prioritize safety gear. Wear a well-fitted helmet, goggles, gloves, and sturdy footwear to protect yourself during quad biking.

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7. Military-style outfit

Girl sitting on barrel wearing camouflage military-style pants

Embrace the spirit of the outdoors with military-style pants and a matching camouflage jacket or shirt. Wear a moisture-wicking tank top underneath for added comfort.

Complete the ensemble with a neck gaiter and sturdy stringed vegan leather boots or hiking boots.

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8. Sweatpants set

Man riding a quad wearing a sweatpants set

Sweatpants offer a comfortable and protective option for quad biking, particularly in cooler weather or when you want added coverage. In order to fully enjoy your quad biking experience, choose sweatpants made from breathable materials and ensure you have the necessary safety gear.

Remember to consider the specific terrain and weather conditions you'll be riding in. Wear sweatpants and a hoodie in cool and dry weather conditions. 

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9. Vegan leather jacket

Girl posing for a photo wearing leather jacket and jeans

Wearing a leather jacket for quad biking is practical and will make you look cool. A leather jacket will keep you safe against hazardous elements during quad biking and will keep you warm during the activity.

Leather jackets are known for their durability and ability to withstand rough conditions, making them a popular outfit choice for outdoor activities like quad biking.

Make a conscious purchasing decision and buy a vegan leather jacket from ethical fashion brands. Here are the best affordable, sustainable, and vegan leather jackets made under high social and environmental standards.

10. Cargo pants

Woman posing for a photo wearing cargo pants and a top

Cargo pants are a great outfit choice for quad biking. They are durable and resistant and offer comfort, flexibility, and protection for your legs. They have multiple pockets, making them a practical choice for outdoor activities like quad biking.

We recommend you choose water-resistant cargo pants if you anticipate rough or muddy terrain.

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11. Retro look in total denim

Man sitting on a bike wearing blue denim jacket and jeans

The total denim look is one of the favorite and timeless outfits of many bike and squad lovers.

Pair a classic-style blue denim jacket with rugged jeans and sturdy boots for a timeless yet adventurous style.

We recommend you choose the total denim look for dry terrains because denim usually absorbs moisture.

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12. Be bold in bright colors

Woman posing for a photo wearing a colorful bomber jacket

Wear bright-colored clothes during quad biking. A bomber jacket of neon or high-visibility shades will make you visible and recognizable, especially in outdoor environments where varying lighting conditions are met.
This practice helps enhance safety by making it easier for others to see and identify the riders in a group.

Bright-colored clothing will make you attract attention and feel like a professional rider on the quad trails.

13. Essential safety accessories

Man sitting on a quad bike wearing a helmet

Safety is a top priority when quad biking. Always choose safety gear that fits properly, is in good condition, and meets appropriate safety standards.

A properly fitting helmet is crucial for protecting your head in case of a fall or collision. Also, wear sturdy gloves to protect your hands from blisters, abrasions, and impacts.

Here is our selection of the best ethically made, affordable, and vegan leather gloves you need to keep your hands comfy and dry.

Additionally, you can wear protective vests or jackets that include padding, armor plates, or both. They offer additional protection to vital areas like the chest, back, shoulders, and elbows.

14. Proper footwear

A photo of a black stringed boot walking in the rain

It is essential to wear proper footwear during quad biking. Choose footwear that provides protection, support, and grip. Some examples can be motocross boots, hiking or trail boots, and sneakers. Motocross and hiking boots are made from durable and resisting materials and provide ankle support, impact protection, and grip.

If you choose sneakers, go for high-top sneakers. Sneakers are more lightweight and flexible than boots but still offer good protection for less intense quad biking activities.

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15. Wear a scarf or balaclava

Close photo of a man wearing glasses and a scarf over his head and mouth

Are you going on a desert quad-riding adventure? If yes, wear a scarf or balaclava to protect your face from the sun, dust, and sand. They provide perfect protection to your head, neck, and face without being too heavy.

In addition, desert quad biking can kick up a significant amount of dust and sand. Consider wearing a scarf or a specially designed balaclava that covers your nose, mouth, and neck to prevent inhaling dust and sand particles.

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