A tea party is more than a simple afternoon social gathering where people drink tea and eat cake slices and finger sandwiches. It is an opportunity to dress up, feel confident, and have a great time.

Wondering what to wear to a tea party? We are here to help you navigate the fashion maze!

We have prepared 15 amazing tips that can help you be the best dressed. Keep reading to discover them.

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The type of party

Tea party outfits type of party

Before choosing your outfit you need to make sure what kind of party you are going to attend. It can be a formal tea party, a brunch tea party, a dinner tea party, a Mother's Day tea party, or a bridal shower.

Tea parties can be adapted to suit any budget, occasion, and type of crowd. This is why it is very important to do your research before choosing your attire.

Remember, it is always better to ask than to arrive overdressed or undressed.

White dress

Tea party outfits white dress

We all know that the color white is synonymous with purity and innocence. This is the reason why it is a very popular bridal dress color.

Bring this ethereal vibe to the tea party with a beautiful white dress.

For the best tips on how to style a white dress read our article.

Puff sleeves

Tea party outfits puff sleeves

Chic and comfy, puff sleeves are very flattering.

Because they add volume to your upper body, your waistline will be visually narrowed. Puff sleeves are also romantic and girly. If you want an even cuter outfit, go for a light and playful color such as pink.

Discover sustainable dresses that are cute and affordable.

Pleated skirts

Tea party outfits pleated skirt

Pleated skirts are elegant and versatile. They can be used to create all sorts of outfits, including a fantastic one for a tea party.

Choose a midi length and wear it with a beautiful top or blouse. Check out the best sustainable skirts.


Tea party outfits gown

For a very fancy tea party, you need a very fancy outfit.

Feel like a princess with a beautiful gown. Don't forget to add sparkling jewelry to accessorize your outfit.

Stand out with one of the best recycled dresses and gowns.

Floral dresses

Tea party outfits floral dresses

Feel pretty and confident in an amazing dress featuring a floral print.

Flowers stand for youth and femininity. Your beautiful outfit will not go unnoticed!

Choose a sustainable and well-fitted dress made from high-quality materials.

Ruffle dresses

Tea party outfits ruffle dress

Ruffles have been popular for centuries and we love them for special occasions!

Steal the spotlight with an amazing ruffle dress.

It may sound complicated but it's not at all! If you have a flattering ruffled dress the only things you need to complete your outfit are a beautiful pair of shoes, cute jewelry, and a purse.

Are you worried that such a dress might be too expensive? Click here to discover  amazing luxury fashion labels that are both sustainable and affordable.

Be elegant

Tea party outfits be elegant

No matter what kind of tea party you are invited to, your clothes should be elegant.

Stay away from anything too revealing, and stick to timeless designs that are feminine and flattering. You can choose amazing clothing items, such as an A-line dress, or a lovely skirt and blouse combination.

Purchase your clothes from sustainable brands that work under very high-quality standards.

Remember: You can look fashionable on a budget. Here is our selection of affordable, stylish, and elegant dresses for special occasions.


Tea party outfits shoes

No matter what kind of tea party you are invited to, you should wear elegant shoes. High heels are the best, but if you don't like them you can go for block heels or lower heels that are much more comfortable.

Take a look at the best affordable, vegan, and sustainable heels.

Don't dress casually

Tea party outfits no casual clothes

Stay away from gym clothes, loungewear, and anything in between. A tea party is the perfect opportunity to dress up and shine in your best special occasion clothes.

Even if the tea party you are invited to is more relaxed, casual clothes are still inappropriate, so save them for another occasion.

Here are 200 sustainable European brands that can serve you as fashion inspiration.

Avoid mini dresses

Tea party outfits avoid mini dresses

Mini dresses are sexy and flattering, but inappropriate for tea parties because they are too revealing.

Choose to be elegant and classy and go for midi and maxi lengths instead. 

Check out the 20 best affordable and timeless clothing brands that sell sustainable fashion.

Maxi dresses

Tea party outfits maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are beautiful and comfortable. They look great and they allow a lot of breathability and freedom of movement.

A maxi dress is suitable for all sorts of tea parties and you can always dress it up with some sparkling jewelry and fancy shoes if needed.

Discover our eco-friendly selection.

Vintage fashion

Tea party outfits vintage

For a unique outfit, choose a beautiful vintage dress. It will only cost you a fraction of the retail price, and you will look cute and stylish, with a retro vibe.

To help you save money and time, here is our selection of the best second-hand apps that sell affordable vintage.


Tea party outfits purses

Your tea party outfit is incomplete without a beautiful purse.

Apart from the aesthetic role, purses are also very practical because they provide a safe space to keep your belongings during the party.

Take a look at the best vegan leather bags and purses.

Lace details

Tea party outfits lace details

Lace is a soft and delicate material that can make an outfit more attractive. Most of the time it is inappropriate for daily wear, but it is perfect for a party.

A dress with lace details is an amazing idea if you don't know what to choose, but you want something beautiful and feminine.

Usually, lace stands out and this is why we recommend you stay classy and stick to neutral colors.

If you don't want to spend a large amount of money on a dress you can effortlessly rent one and here are the best places to do it.
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