Tango is a partner and social dance that evolved in the 1880s along the Rio de la Plata between Argentina and Uruguay. 

It is a sensual, playful, and captivating dance, sometimes referred to as a dance of passionate souls.

Have you long dreamt of taking tango lessons, and are you finally going to enroll in a class? But you are not sure about how to dress? 

Scroll down to view the 10 essential outfit items for you and your partner for an enjoyable tango class.  

While it is crucial to wear comfortable casual clothes that let you freely move around in the first few classes, as time goes on, you should consider tango dresses and suits and charming accessories to complete your looks. 

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1. Blouse or Shirt

Tango class outfits blouse

A blouse or a shirt is one of the best options for a tango class for women. Wear a blouse or shirt that will allow you to easily raise your arms into an embrace. So, nothing too tight that it restricts your motions. 

Choose a tank or sporty crop top if you prefer tight body-hugging clothes. Feel free to match the blouse with your leggings or tight shorts for a cute, feminine look. 

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2. Leggings 

Tango class outfits leggings

Tango courses are generally more relaxed than dances. You should wear pants that allow you to move freely and, if necessary, take big steps. 

Leggings are ideal for this scenario. 

Make sure to buy leggings made of good, organic materials that do not make you itchy. Keep in mind that you will sweat a lot while dancing, so clothes made of the right materials, are crucial. You can wear cute leggings paired with a crop top or a blouse. 

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3. Button-Down Shirt 

Tango class outfits button-down shirt

Button-down shirts are perfect for men for a successful tango practice. 

Choose shirts made of soft and elastic materials that allow you to move freely. Most skilled tango dancers choose darker shades, but if you like lighter colors, go for it. 

It is essential to feel comfortable and confident, so choose the shirt that makes you feel both. You should be able to lead your partner on the dance floor confidently. 

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4. Tight Soft Shorts

Tango class outfits tight shorts

Tight soft shorts are ideal for women. who are not into dresses and skirts. 

Pair the tight shorts with a cute top for an outfit that helps you stand out during your tango class. You can create various adorable outfits with these shorts too. 

Go for bright colors if they suit or enliven you, or create a cute, elegant, monochrome look by color matching your shorts and tops. 

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5. Slacks

Tango class outfits slacks

Slacks with a button-down shirt are always appropriate for men for a tango class. 

Go for comfortable slacks that are not too long or too tight at the waistline. Team up your slack pants with your button-down shirt and enjoy an evening of passionate dancing. 

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6. Checkered Shirt

Tango class outfits checkered shirt 

A checkered shirt is perfect if you have decided to wear short tops and shorts or leggings. You will get hot while dancing, so during the break, you must be extra careful not to catch a cold. 

A checkered shirt is ideal to put on while taking a break and catching your breath. You can choose colors that best match your outfit. 

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7. Dance Shoes 

Tango class outfits dance shoes

Go for high heels with soft soles for easy movement. For men, dress shoes with soft soles are perfect. Shoes are of utmost importance. You both need to feel comfortable to confidently move around the dancefloor. 

Never buy tango shoes that are as large and comfortable as your slippers. It is critical to have tango shoes that fit snugly and have adjustable straps to keep them securely fastened. Find the correct shoes for your feet with the help of experienced tango shoe sellers.

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8. Tango Dress 

Tango class outfits tango dress

Most tango courses do not require you to wear special tango dresses, but it is cool and adorable if you do. You want to look the part while still feeling cozy. When shopping for a dress, ensure you feel comfortable in it. The chosen fabric should be flexible and act as a second skin to your body.

Black, red, and violet are excellent monotone colors for dresses and tops. If you enjoy wearing colorful clothing, try some prints. The variety of materials available is virtually limitless. When purchasing your attire, consider the color of your dance shoes. 

At the dances, ladies wear dresses or skirts with high slits and fishnets. You can also try this outfit for an ultimate tango dancer look. 

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9. Suit for Men

Tango class outfits suit male

While it is not a specific requirement to wear a suit during a tango class, if you want to fully emerge into the tango spirit, you should. 

The more lessons you take, the more confident you will become. And it is the right time to put on a comfortable yet chic suit and nicely match your partner's sexy dress. 

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10. Hair Accessories

Tango class outfits hair accessories

An open hairstyle is not recommendable if you have long hair. You should not have your hair on your partner's face.

Do your favorite hairstyle, and ensure it does not fall apart while dancing. Hairspray is also effective. Experiment with looks that work for you.

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These were our 10 suggestions to help you build your tango wardrobe. 

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