Preparing for a sternum tattoo appointment involves more than just choosing a stunning design. It also entails selecting the right outfit for the occasion. While expressing your creativity through body art is exciting, ensuring comfort and accessibility during the tattooing process is equally essential.

We have selected 15 stunning outfits and item recommendations, crafted to help you make an informed decision on what to wear for your sternum tattoo appointment. Whether it is a loose-fitting tank top that facilitates the tattoo artist's work or an off-the-shoulder blouse for added style, these outfit suggestions cater to both practicality and aesthetics.

So, let's dive into the world of ensembles perfectly tailored for your tattoo experience, where you can embrace artistry while ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable process.

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Strapless Top or Dress

sternum tattoo outfits strapless top

sternum tattoo outfits strapless dress

A strapless top or dress is ideal for a sternum tattoo appointment because it provides full exposure to the tattooing area. Choose a well-fitted, supportive strapless top or a comfortable strapless dress. Go for a slip dress if that is more comfortable for you. Check out our selection of the best affordable and sustainable slip dresses for the cutest looks. 

Loose-fitting Tank Top

sternum tattoo outfits loose tank top

Opt for a soft, loose-fitting tank top made of breathable fabric like cotton or a cotton blend. This will allow your skin to breathe and remain comfortable during the tattooing process. The loose fit ensures that your tattoo artist can easily access your sternum area without obstructions. Check out the 20 best affordable and sustainable tank tops for the best looks. 

Button-down Shirt

sternum tattoo outfits button-down shirt

A classic button-down shirt is a versatile option for your sternum tattoo appointment. Look for one with buttons that extend down to the sternum area, allowing the tattoo artist to unbutton the shirt as needed to access the tattooing area. Roll up the sleeves if you prefer, to keep them out of the artist's way and to prevent ink transfer to the fabric.

Sports Bra

sternum tattoo outfits sports bra

Comfort is essential during a tattoo session, and a well-fitting sports bra can provide just that. Opt for a sports bra with a front zipper or hook closure to make it easier for the tattoo artist to expose your sternum area without having to maneuver around straps or elastic bands. Here are the 20 best affordable and sustainable sports bras just for you. 

V-neck T-shirt

sternum tattoo outfits V-neck Tee

A V-neck t-shirt is a practical and stylish choice for a sternum tattoo session. Look for a soft, stretchy fabric that will not restrict movement and provides easy access to your sternum area. The V-neck design naturally exposes the sternum, allowing the tattoo artist to work comfortably. For more inspiration, have a look at the 15 best affordable and ethical T-shirts made in Australia. 

Off-the-shoulder Top

sternum tattoo outfits off-the-shoulder top

An off-the-shoulder blouse or top is a trendy option that is perfect for sternum tattoos. The off-the-shoulder design allows the tattoo artist to access the sternum area effortlessly. Choose a top with elasticized shoulders to ensure it stays in place comfortably throughout the session.

Flowy Blouse

sternum tattoo outfits flowy blouse

A flowy blouse is a flattering and practical choice for a sternum tattoo appointment. The loose fit of the blouse provides comfort during the session, and the deep V-neck offers easy access to the sternum area for the tattoo artist. Pick one from our extensive selection of the best affordable, ethical, and sustainable blouses. 

Open-front Cardigan

sternum tattoo outfits cardigan

If you anticipate feeling cold or prefer more coverage during your tattoo session, an open-front cardigan is a great layering option. Choose one made from soft, lightweight fabric, such as a cotton blend or knit. The open-front design allows for quick removal without disturbing the freshly tattooed skin. Here are the 20 best affordable and sustainable cardigans just for you. 

Zip-up Hoodie

sternum tattoo outfits zip-up hoodie

A zip-up hoodie is a cozy and functional choice, especially if the tattoo studio is on the cooler side. Opt for a hoodie with a smooth zipper that will not scratch or irritate the tattooed area. You can unzip the hoodie to expose your sternum for the tattooing process while staying warm and comfortable in the rest of the garment. Do not forget to check out these most affordable and sustainable hoodies

Halter-neck Dress

sternum tattoo outfits halter neck dress

A halter-neck design is both stylish and practical for a sternum tattoo session. The halter-neck style keeps the back and shoulders clear for the tattoo artist to work on your sternum. Look for a halter-neck top or dress that ties at the back of the neck, allowing for easy removal or adjustment during the tattooing process.

Oversized T-shirt

sternum tattoo outfits oversized Tee

An oversized T-shirt is a relaxed and casual option for your tattoo appointment. The extra room in the shirt provides comfort during the session and allows for easy access to the sternum area. Choose a soft, lightweight fabric that will not rub against the freshly tattooed skin. Here are the 15 best organic cotton Tees made in Canada. 

Sleeveless Button-up Shirt

sternum tattoo outfits sleeveless shirt

A sleeveless button-up shirt combines style and convenience for a sternum tattoo appointment. The sleeveless design keeps your arms free. While the button-up front allows the tattoo artist to unbutton as needed for easy access to the sternum area. Opt for a shirt with a classic collar or a mandarin collar for a modern twist. Discover the best affordable plus-size linen shirts and tops

Bikini Top

sternum tattoo outfits bikini top

If you are comfortable with it, a bikini top is an excellent choice for easy and complete exposure to your sternum during the tattoo appointment. Choose a bikini top with ties at the back and neck, as this allows for easy removal and adjustment as needed. Choose one from our extensive list of the best affordable and sustainable bikinis in 2023. 

Cool Romper

sternum tattoo outfits romper

A romper is a practical and fashionable option for a sternum tattoo session. Look for a romper made from a soft, stretchy material that will not restrict your movement or cause discomfort. Discover amazing outfits to layer over your romper for a comfy look. 

Loose Jumpsuit

sternum tattoo outfits jumpsuit

A loose jumpsuit is a trendy and comfortable choice for your tattoo appointment. Choose a jumpsuit with a relaxed fit and wide legs to allow for easy movement and flexibility during the session. Check out the 20 best affordable and sustainable jumpsuits

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