Are you embarking on the adventure of planning or attending a stag party? From urban soirées to rustic retreats, each stag party brings its unique vibe and demands a distinctive wardrobe.

Stag parties are as diverse as the friendships they celebrate, with activities ranging from bar-hopping through city lights to adrenaline-pumping adventures in the great outdoors. The attire you choose must seamlessly align with the planned activities. From formal affairs in upscale venues to relaxed gatherings in intimate spaces, your outfit serves as a visual narrative, setting the tone for the celebration.

In this guide, we unravel the sartorial secrets for different stag party scenarios, ensuring you are impeccably dressed for the occasion, whether it is an urban bash, a beachside retreat, or a themed extravaganza.

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Formal Elegance

 Man posing in black suit

Don a well-fitted suit in a dark color like navy or charcoal for upscale stag parties where a sophisticated dress code is in order. Browse our collection of the 20 Best Affordable & Sustainable Suits For Women & Men to find stunning and sustainable suits.

Complete the look with a crisp dress shirt, a complementing tie, and polished dress shoes. This outfit is ideal for formal settings, upscale venues, or even black-tie affairs associated with the stag party.

Whether you're attending a swanky cocktail event, a luxurious dinner, or an upscale casino night, the elegant look guarantees you will make a memorable entrance as the epitome of sophistication and class.

Rock Style

Man wearing a white tee and leather jacket 

Wear a pristine white T-shirt, a vegan leather jacket, and dark, well-fitting jeans to create a timeless, rock-inspired ensemble. There is a lovely contrast between the ordinary and the unique when the edgy and sophisticated feature of the leather jacket contrasts with the polished and easygoing appearance of the black pants and white shirt.

Here are the top vegan leather jackets that meet strict ethical and environmental requirements to assist you in making conscious selections as an informed consumer. This outfit will make sure you are ready to hit the stag party with confidence and a relaxed sense of coolness.

Bohemian Bliss

 Young smiling and wearing a floral shirt

Wearing a boho ensemble is ideal if you're going to a beach stag party. Choose a flowy, patterned shirt to add a touch of boho-chic flair while feeling fresh in the warm beach atmosphere.

Here are the best affordable boho clothes made in the USA under high social and environmental standards.

Pair it with fitted jeans and stylish Chelsea boots to strike a balance between casual comfort and fashion-forward style.

Urban Love

 Close photo of a man wearing a denim shirt and sunglasses

Craft an urban-inspired denim look with a well-fitted denim shirt and dark jeans. Keep it modern with a pair of stylish boots and minimal accessories for a rugged yet fashionable ensemble.

This look is perfect for activities such as bar-hopping, casual dinners, or even a night out on the town. The double denim trend adds a contemporary edge, making it suitable for stag parties held in a city setting or an upscale urban environment.

Smart-casual Look

Man posing with a navy blazer and a scarf around the neck 

Craft a smart-casual look with a blazer and jeans. Choose a well-fitting blazer that complements the color of your jeans, ensuring a cohesive appearance. Pair it with a crisp shirt or a fitted sweater underneath and a pair of smart casual shoes, like loafers or desert boots.

This ensemble is perfect for activities such as a sophisticated bar outing, a laid-back dinner, or even a night at a trendy lounge.

Wrap a chic scarf around your neck to give this outfit a personalized touch.

All-Black Ensemble

 Man walking wearing a black outfit

Another cool combination of formal and casual pieces is the mix of polished, well-fitting black tee with black slacks. This sleek and monochromatic outfit emanates confidence and fashion-forward thinking.

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This outfit is perfect for stag parties where the dress code leans towards the elegant side, ensuring you stand out as a stylish and confident attendee.

Preppy Look

Photo of man's legs wearing chino pants and loafers 

Opt for a preppy aesthetic with chino pants, a polo shirt, and loafers. Throw a stylish sweater over your shoulders for a touch of sophistication, perfect for a more refined stag party setting.

These are our picks for the best affordable chinos and khakis for women and men made in the USA under high social and environmental standards.

For outdoor events or summer stag parties where you want to appear put together but not too fancy, chino trousers are a fantastic alternative because they are lightweight and versatile.

Loafers add an extra dash of elegance to the look, making it suitable for stag parties held in outdoor settings, such as a garden party or a casual yacht excursion.

Vintage Vibe

Classy man wearing a white shirt with suspenders under a coat 

Vibrate in an old-school charm that is perfect for stag parties with a retro or themed setting by wearing high-waisted trousers, suspenders, and a classic white button-down shirt. High-waisted trousers, suspenders, and a classic white button-down shirt come together to create a look reminiscent of a bygone era.

Finish the look with a fedora for a touch of old-school charm and a long, classic double-breasted coat.

Classy In Black & White

Man posing on the street with white pants and black shirt

Accomplish a classy combination of black and white with white straight-leg high-waisted British-style trousers and a classic black button-up. This chic ensemble exudes a sense of refinement, making it suitable for upscale venues, cocktail parties, or even formal dinners associated with the stag celebration.

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Pair this outfit with polished black dress shoes to complete the look.

Country Gentlemen

 Man on the beach posing with an unbuttoned flannel shirt and jeans

This outfit is suitable if your stag party is going to be an outdoor adventure with motorbikes or other daring pursuits during the day. Combine rugged jeans, a plaid shirt, and sturdy boots. This ensemble provides comfort and durability for adventurous quests.

Find classic flannel shirts designed responsibly here to help you look beautiful and dress sustainably.

Whether you are hitting the trails, exploring the countryside, or simply enjoying the open road with your mates, this look ensures you are appropriately dressed for the outdoors while exuding a sense of adventurous sophistication.

Shine And Glamour

Man pouring a drink wearing metallic shirt

Add shine and glamour to your outfit and create an eye-catching look with a metallic shirt. This bold and stylish choice is particularly appropriate for stag parties with a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, such as nightclub outings, disco-themed events, or any festive gathering where a lively and upbeat mood is encouraged.

Pair the metallic shirt with well-fitted dark jeans or trousers to balance the shimmer and create a beautiful look.

Style with classic accessories like a sleek watch or minimalist jewelry to complement the statement piece without overwhelming the ensemble.

Funky Style

Black man posing with a patterned shirt and a pork pie hat

Take a show-stopping choice and wear a patterned shirt, white pants or jeans, and some funky-inspired accessories. The bold, patterned shirt paired with classic white trousers or straight jeans creates a harmonious yet eye-catching look.

Here are the best affordable and sustainable white denim jeans made under high social and environmental standards.

The addition of a pork pie hat enhances the overall ensemble, adding a playful and distinctive element to the look.

This outfit is particularly suitable for stag parties at trendy venues, art-themed gatherings, or any celebration where a unique and creative vibe is encouraged.

Elevate Your Look With A Vest

 Man posing with a vest over a black shirt and chino pants

Add a stylish and versatile piece to your outfit by wearing a vest. You can pair it with a classic white or black shirt for a timeless look or experiment with patterns and colors depending on the vibe of the stag party.

Pair the vest with tailored trousers or dark jeans to create a balanced and cohesive look. This combination works well for both formal and semi-formal stag parties.

If you want to take it further, include a pocket square in a coordinating color. This small detail adds a refined touch to your vest ensemble.

Wear A Statement Tee

Photo of the back of a man wearing a statement tee with jeans 

The secret to choosing a statement shirt for a stag party is to pick something that captures the essence of the groom or the celebration's theme. A funny or witty graphic tee can add a lighthearted and entertaining element to the festivities.

Consider humorous slogans, inside jokes, or playful illustrations that resonate with the groom and the party's atmosphere. Find fantastic sustainable graphic tees here.

It can be a great idea for all attendees to wear the same tee, creating a sense of camaraderie and unity among the guests.

Layer With An Overcoat

Man wearing a Chesterfield coat over black jeans 

Infuse an air of timeless elegance and sophistication into your ensemble wearing an up-to-the-knee Chesterfield overcoat. This classic outerwear piece is versatile and can be easily layered over various outfits, making it suitable for both formal and semi-formal occasions.

Check out our selection of the best affordable and sustainable jackets and coats made in Italy.

It would look great with a fitting suit or tailored pants and a dress shirt for a more sophisticated stag party atmosphere. Otherwise, wear it over jeans and a chic button-down shirt in a more laid-back setting.

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