A staff party is a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues on a more personal level and to have lots of fun together.

No matter if we are talking about a small office party taking place on a Friday afternoon, or an end-of-the-year event and an upscale location, you might be wondering what to wear. Nothing to worry about, you are in the right place!

We have compiled a list of fabulous outfits to help you look fantastic and maintain a professional appearance at any staff party. Keep reading to discover our best tips!

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Important aspects

Staff party outfits important aspects

Before deciding what to wear, there are a few things to consider. The location of the party is very important.

You can wear a smart casual outfit for an office party, but for a fancy restaurant party, you will need special occasion clothes.

Another essential aspect is the time of the day. Daytime event require a more conservative look, while for an evening party, you are expected wear something more sophisticated.

Last but not least, always make sure to be familiar with the dress code in case there is one. Arriving overdressed or underdressed is never desirable!


Staff party outfits colors

A conservative color palette is always a safe choice for work events. Never wear neon colors, large prints, or too many colors at once.

The safest colors you can go for are black, white, ivory, brown, gray, dark blue, and dark green.

Check out the 20 best casual chic work outfits you need to wear.

White shirt

Staff party outfits shirt

White shirts are clothing items that will never fail you when it comes to office wear.

For a very relaxed look combine a white shirt with a pair of jeans. If you want to craft a more sophisticated outfit, replace the jeans with a pair of tailored pants or a pencil skirt.

Discover the 15 best ethical button-up shirts for a dressy look.


Staff party outfits blazer

We know that wearing a blazer sounds like standard office wear, but this doesn't mean blazer outfits can't be fun!

Go for something you wouldn't normally wear, such as a pair of loose pants or a printed top. Add a blazer to complete your look.

For more fashion inspiration, take a peek at the 12 best recycled blazers.

Cocktail dress

Staff party outfits cocktail dress

A classic cocktail dress is always a safe bet for a fancy staff party. It's elegant, sophisticated, and perfect for special occasions.

Choose a dress that flatters your body shape and opt for colors that beautifully contrast your skin tone. For a Christmas party, we recommend a green or red cocktail dress that matches the holiday vibes.

Purchase an ethically made cocktail dress and wear it with heels and statement jewelry.


Staff party outfits jewelry

If you want to make a bold statement, don't forget to accessorize your outfit with beautiful jewelry.

The best jewelry brands work under the highest social and environmental standards and sell luxury pieces designed to make a difference.

If you are interested in purchasing amazing jewelry that will make your attire shine, take a peek at the best fair trade jewelry brands.

Pencil skirt

Staff party outfits pencil skirt

For a more feminine and elegant look, opt for a blouse and pencil skirt combo. Add a pair of comfortable heels and some beautiful accessories to complete the outfit.

Make sure to choose a knee-length skirt in order to maintain a professional look at all times.

The best pencil skirts are durable, beautiful, and ethically made from sustainable materials. Click here to discover our selection of some of the best pencil skirts you can buy.

Midi skirt

Staff party outfits midi skirt

If pencil skirts aren't your favorite skirt design, you can opt for a stylish midi skirt. Midi skirts are extremely versatile and can easily be dressed up or down and adapted to many fashion styles.

We have great news: You can now buy gorgeous midi skirts that are both affordable and sustainable.

Check out our favorites.

Sparkling dress

Staff party outfits sparkling dress

For a night out with your coworkers, choose a sparkling dress that will not go unnoticed. Complete your trendy outfit with a black blazer and a pair of heels.

Have a look at the best affordable and elegant dresses for special occasions.

Tailored pants

Staff party outfits pants
Easily craft a modern, androgynous look with a pair of tailored pants. Add a crisp white shirt and a pair of oxfords and you are ready to party!

Here are the 15 best affordable and recycled pants you will love.

Trench coat

Staff party outfits trench coat

If it's cold outside, you can add an extra layer of protection to your outfit with a trench coat. This iconic, flattering, and timeless design is always a great addition to any wardrobe.

The best trench coats are inexpensive, comfortable, stylish, and made from sustainable materials.

Click here to discover our highly curated selection.

Slip dress

Staff party outfits slip dress

Choose a flowing slip dress in a high-quality fabric.

The simple design and luxurious material will highlight your femininity. Keep things simple and opt for a versatile black dress to enhance the mysterious and sophisticated vibes of your outfit.

Take a look at our extensive selection of sustainable slip dresses.

Little black dress

Staff party outfits little black dress

Black is an amazing color for professional contexts. It embodies simple elegance and no other color, no matter how beautiful, ever compares to it.

The little black dress is a fashion staple that should exist in every woman's wardrobe. It is chic, iconic, timeless, and versatile.

Why do we recommend it for a staff party? The little black dress is simple, yet mysterious and elegant. It exudes confidence without being too much and helps you look professional at all times. This choice will also save you a lot of mixing and matching time because black goes with anything!

Go for a knee-length cut because anything shorter can be regarded as unprofessional.

Here are the 20 best affordable and sustainable black dresses.


Staff party outfits shoes

The best shoes for a staff party are simple, elegant, and comfortable. Always prioritize comfort when it comes to spending many hours walking and dancing in the same shoes.

If you don't enjoy high heels, you can choose block heels, ballet flats, or Oxford shoes.

Check out the best ethical and vegan shoe companies.

Outfits for men

Staff party outfits for men

Men should also choose outfits that look elegant and professional. Jeans and a shirt are great for a more relaxed, daytime event.

For an evening event, you should go for a dressy look, and a suit is the perfect choice in this case.

Here are the best sustainable suits for women and men.


Staff party outfits avoid

It's time to talk about the things you should never wear to a staff party.
Avoid anything that's too revealing. Even if you're proud of your body and you love to showcase your beautiful shapes, you should dress professionally.

Staff party outfits avoid

Stay away from things that are uncomfortable and over-the-top.

Don't forget that when it comes to professional situations less is more. You can be elegant and stand out with simple designs.

Always choose clothes in the right size for your body because anything too big or too small will not be flattering.
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