Punk fashion style involves wearing bold, statement clothes.

It may sound and look complicated, but we're here to help you improve - or even create from scratch- your own punk fashion-style wardrobe!

Keep reading to discover fantastic outfits!

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Vegan leather jackets

Punk fashion style vegan leather jacket

Such an item is mandatory in a punk fashion-style wardrobe!
You can wear your jacket in many stunning combinations, so buying one is a great investment.

Punk lovers used to wear real leather jackets, but you can now switch to the guilt-free alternative, and here is our article about vegan leather jackets.

Denim jackets

Punk fashion style denim jacket

Another great option is wearing a beautiful denim jacket. They are perfect for very relaxed occasions.

Here is our article about sustainable denim jackets.

Denim vests

Punk fashion style denim vest

Denim vests are great for summer mornings and afternoons when it is a bit colder than during the day, but not cold enough to wear a jacket.

They also look extremely stylish and can be personalized with accessories such as badges or DIY prints.

Discover eco-friendly denim vests, made by sustainable brands.


Punk fashion style shirts

Shirts can be great clothing items in any person's wardrobe, and punk fashion-style attire is no exception!

If you want a smart-casual outfit, a shirt is a great option to consider.

Take a look at our highly curated sustainable recommendations.

Stud belts

Punk fashion style stud belts

If we're talking about accessories, stud belts are a must.

They can be integrated into almost any punk fashion style outfit and you can now choose an ethically made one that comes from a sustainable brand.


Punk fashion style T-shirts

Basic T-shirts are important clothing items that can be used in countless combinations.

It is a great idea to buy a few high-quality ones that you can use whenever you need them. They are so comfortable!

Take a look at our article if you need shopping inspiration.

Printed T-shirts

Punk fashion style printed T-shirt

If you like a certain punk band, you can show your deep admiration by wearing a T-shirt with a printed picture of the band or of something related to the band.

You can find awesome punk apparel if you shop vintage, and here are some online stores we recommend.

Tank tops

Punk fashion style tank top

Tank tops are great for summer. They are timeless pieces that will never go out of style and they provide breathability and comfort, so do not hesitate to wear one.

Check out our sustainable recommendations in this article.

Crop tops

Punk fashion style crop tops

Showcase your abs, or your belly button piercing if you have one, by wearing a cute crop top. You will not go unnoticed!

Here are the 15 best affordable and sustainable crop tops you can buy.

Combat boots

Punk fashion style combat boots

Combat boots are key items in your punk fashion style wardrobe.
Both men and women can wear them, and some people choose to wear them all year round, as a statement.

Great news! You can now purchase sustainable combat boots!

Skinny jeans

Punk fashion style jeans

Skinny jeans are universally loved for many reasons: they look great on all body types, and they are versatile and comfortable.
You can wear them with any top you like and your outfit is ready in no time.

Make your choice sustainable and purchase your next pair of jeans from a sustainable brand.


Punk fashion style leggings

Leggings are probably the most comfortable bottoms you can wear, especially if you go for high-quality materials.

They are breathable and allow unrestricted movement by design - being initially sold as gym wear and only after adopted as streetwear due to celebrities.
Wear them with a loose band T-shirt and a denim jacket.

Here is our selection of beautiful and sustainable leggings.

Printed trousers

Punk fashion style trousers

Printed trousers are among punk rockers' favorites! That is because they are bold and vibrant.
You can find unimagined color and print combinations that you'll love!

Take a look at these sustainable brands and buy from one of them!

Mini skirts

Punk fashion style skirts

Mini skirts are extremely attractive.

Take a look at our sustainable skirt recommendations.

Tulle skirts

Punk fashion style tulle skirts

Flirty and fun, tulle skirts can make your entire outfit unique!
Wear them with combat boots and a vegan leather jacket.

Buy yours from a sustainable brand.


Punk fashion style coats

During the colder months, you will need to replace your vegan leather jacket with a coat.

Nothing to worry about, you can find many sustainable, awesome, and timeless options that you can enjoy for many years.

Flannel shirts

Punk fashion style flannel shirt

Flannel shirts are fantastic clothing items both women and men can enjoy. Your punk fashion style wardrobe should have at least one.

They come in many beautiful colors and you can now make your choice sustainable.

Fishnet tights

Punk fashion style tights

Fishnet tights are included in many alternative fashion styles and that is because they have a slightly erotic vibe that makes them inappropriate for standard elegant outfits - this way we can say they are rather the outcasts of the tights world, and only someone with a brave enough fashion style can wear them.

Do not hesitate to rock a pair of sustainable fishnet tights with your favorite skirt.


Punk fashion style hoodies

Choose a versatile and comfortable hoodie to keep you warm during colder days.

Here are our ethically made recommendations.


Punk fashion style beanie

Beanies do more than protect your head against low temperatures - they look cool!
Check out our article about sustainable beanies.

Union Jack prints

Punk fashion style union jack

Punk rockers started using Union Jack prints as a symbol of anarchy, but later it became fashionable, and more and more people started wearing the print.

However, it will always look great in a punk fashion-style outfit!

If you want one, avoid fast-fashion brands and buy it from a vintage shop. Here are some vintage apps we recommend.


Punk fashion style badge

You can accessorize a lot of your clothing items with a badge, including your jacket, your beanie, your bag, and your hoodie. They're the ultimate stylish accessories for punk fashion style attire!

Buy them from sustainable brands or the vintage market.

Summing up

Punk fashion style conclusion

The punk fashion style combines comfortable and edgy clothing items and it is less restrictive than other fashion styles. You can bring a lot of your favorite clothes and create outfits that include them, even when they are not specific to this fashion style.

If you are looking to improve your existing wardrobe, try on multiple combinations in front of the mirror, see what you like, declutter what you don't like, and make a list if there are any items that you need, then cross it with the outfit suggested in this article.

If you are starting from scratch, you do not have to buy everything at once. Start with two or three items - for example a vegan leather jacket, a couple of T-shirts, and some badges and slowly work your way up, allowing yourself time to discover what feels best to you. You will save a lot of money instead of spending them on items that might not be the perfect choice for you.
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