Pole dancing is an activity that requires a lot of strength and practice. In the past, it was considered degrading and only associated with the sex industry. Today it is a widely practiced dance by both men and women in studios and gyms.

If you have decided to give pole dancing a go, we have selected amazing outfits and essential tips to help you.

Scroll down to discover the 10 amazing outfits that you will be needing. We have carefully selected items for beginners as well as advanced dancers. Discover our ultimate tips and recommendations and enjoy pole dancing.  

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Lovely Shorts

pole dance classes outfits shorts

Shorts are great for pole dancing. Usually, instructors do not recommend wearing long pants. Because you will be using your legs to grip the pole. This means that your bare skin will help you hold onto the pole and stop you from slipping.

So, shorts are ideal. Pick shorts that are not tight or restrictive. Remember that pole dancing requires flexibility. You should be able to freely move your legs, stretch them, hold them onto the pole, etc.

You can wear denim shorts, as long as they are comfortable. Shorts made of soft materials are terrific options too. Dance shorts or sports shorts are also perfect for pole dancing.

Cute Crop Top

pole dance classes outfits crop top

A cute crop top is a necessity when pole dancing. There are many designs and materials to choose from.

Pick stretchy materials that absorb sweat. Pole dancing requires a lot of physical strength, and you will surely sweat a lot.

You can color-match your crop top with your shorts for a monotone cool look. Alternatively, go for darker tops and lighter shorts or vice versa for more exciting looks.

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Sports Bra

pole dance classes outfits sports bra

A sports bra can be a great addition to your pole dancing wardrobe. When buying a sports bra, make sure it is stretchy and your exact size.

Nothing should restrict your moves when pole dancing. There are various designs to choose from. You can create beautiful and sensual outfits with sports bras. You can mix and match them with your dance shorts or denim shorts.

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Pole Dancing Shoes

pole dance class outfits dancing shoes

Pole dancing shoes are shoes with high platforms and heels. They come in all forms and designs.

If you are a beginner pole dancer, it is not necessary to buy these shoes. But with time and your improved style, you could buy a pair and try dancing in them.

Pole dancing shoes come in many forms, such as ankle-length ones, open-toe sandals, closed-toe sandals, etc.

You will need a pair of these shoes, especially if you want to try a more sensual style of pole dancing.

Pair the pole dancing shoes with your crop top and shorts. You can even add some accessories if you want to look the part.

High-Waist Dance Shorts

pole dance class outfits dance shorts

Dance shorts are a must for your classes. These are comfortable and versatile pieces. Combine them with cute tops for the ultimate outfits for your pole dancing classes.

When buying these shorts, ensure to get ones with a well-fitting waistline. You will not want to feel restricted or pain in your belly while dancing. It should nicely and cozily hug your waist.

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Cool Loose Shirt

pole dance classes outfits loose shirt

A cute loose shirt is another valuable addition to your wardrobe for pole dancing classes. It is not only a lovely item to help you create lovely dance outfits. It is also a comfy piece that you will need during the breaks.

Make sure to always have a loose long-sleeve shirt in your dance bag. You can go for striped ones, flannel shirts, or monochrome cotton shirts. There is, indeed, a big variety to choose from. Pick one that best suits you and makes you feel comfortable.

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Tank Top

pole dance classes outfits tank top

Tank tops are perfect for pole dancing class especially if you are tired of wearing crop tops. Or just want to have options to create varying and beautiful outfits.

You can create lovely looks for your classes by matching your tank tops with your shorts. Wear a black or dark blue bra and a see-through tank top over it for a more sensual look.  

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Comfy Ballet Slippers

pole dancing class outfits ballet slippers

Ballet slippers are perfect if you do not want to be barefoot. Buy a pair of comfy ballet slippers, especially if you are new to pole dancing.

When buying ballet slippers, pay attention to the size and how they sit on your feet. You should feel comfortable in them to enhance your dancing experience.

Flowy Dress

pole dance classes outfits dress

A flowy dress is perfect if you want to feel artsy and fully immersed in the dancing. However, the dress should not get in the way of your dancing and distract you.

So, pick a dress with slits to allow your legs to move freely and grip the pole when necessary.

Go for a beautiful tight dress and snug at the top with slits from the waist down. Wear a pair of comfy shorts underneath and you will have a great outfit for your dance practice.

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Long-sleeve Crop Top

pole dance classes outfits long-sleeve crop top

Long sleeve crop top is perfect for your classes. Especially if you want to create varying and fun outfits as opposed to wearing the same outfit every time.

Buy a set of high-waist shorts and a long-sleeve crop top for a matching look. Alternatively, opt for darker shorts and colorful long-sleeve crop tops for fun outfit options.

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