Interior designers generally need to pay a lot of attention to their attire. Clients hire designers and pay for their creativity and eye for design. So, properly representing oneself and being up to date with the latest trends is key to attracting more clients and winning projects. 

Some interior designers are self-employed, yet some work for design firms or companies. If the company has a strict dress code, an interior designer’s wardrobe should be full of professional business outfits. In some modern design firms, the dress code is relaxed, and an interior designer might opt for trend-led fashion.

Are you an interior designer looking for outfit inspiration? Or just someone who wants to dress like an interior designer? Keep scrolling, and you will get inspired by our selection of 10 amazing professional outfits interior designers generally love to wear. 

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1. Business Suit 

Interior designer outfits business suit

Client presentations are a big part of any interior designer’s job. A business suit is a perfect outfit for such meetings. It is a professional outfit that makes you look sophisticated and presentable. 

An interior designer represents her firm or company, so appearing knowledgeable and wearing clothes that show it, is crucial. There are many color shades to choose from. A dark blue suit with a white shirt or blouse and high heels is an example of the ultimate business outfit for a successful meeting or presentation. 

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2. Elegant Jumpsuit 

Interior designer outfits elegant jumpsuit

Many interior designers wear elegant jumpsuits in offices that are more creative and do not have strict dress codes. 

An elegant jumpsuit is a brilliant outfit for team meetings, meetings with clients, presentations, etc. Jumpsuits allow mobility and are comfortable, especially on hectic days with lots to do.

A linen jumpsuit, for example, is perfect if an interior designer wants to visit a client at their home to go over the designs or discuss further details. An elegant yet comfortable jumpsuit paired with high heels or flats is the perfect outfit for such an occasion. 

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3. Tight Skirt and Shirt 

Interior designer outfits skirt and shirt

When pitching to a major client, a more corporate-style outfit is preferred. One example of such an outfit is a shirt and a tight skirt with heels. Some might even add a jacket for a more sophisticated and reserved look. 

All interior designers are a walking image of their firms and brands. So, the outfits should be on point to better reflect themselves and their companies. A tight skirt in darker shades and a white shirt can perfectly convey the message. 

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4. Long Coat

Interior designer outfits long coat

If the weather is chilly or the meeting with the client is on a café terrace or outdoor restaurant, put on an elegant long coat for the ultimate comfortable yet professional look. 

An elegant, well-fitting, long coat can improve your dressing style drastically. Darker shades or earthy tones help you look professional and well-dressed. Choose the color that best complements your outfit underneath. 

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5. Floaty Skirt and T-shirt

Interior designer outfits skirt and T-shirt

Shopping for client projects is part of an interior designer’s duty. A floaty skirt and an elegant T-shirt are great for shopping and help you look neat. You will spend a long time on your feet, so you need comfortable outfits that allow room for movement. 

Pair a monochrome pleated skirt or a floaty patterned skirt with an elegant Tee made of organic materials, and you will have an ultra-comfortable yet chic outfit. Add a pair of beautiful classic shoes to complete the look. 

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6. Blouse

Interior designer outfits blouse

Many interior designers work from home, even more so in the last few years. However, there are still a lot of online meetings and discussions to attend. They need to look professional and presentable even when working from home. An elegant, feminine blouse should do the trick. 

Choose light colors, like white, light blue, or pink, or colors that best complement your skin tone. 

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7. Sophisticated Dress

Interior designer outfits elegant dress

A sophisticated dress is versatile and broadly combinable with many outfit items. An interior designer should aim to have a smart and professional appearance. And an elegant, tight dress is an ideal way to convey it.

Interior design is a visual industry, and interior designers’ style and look can immediately impact the client’s impression of them.

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8. Jeans ­+ Shirt + Classic Blazer

Interior designer outfits jeans shirt and blazer

Combine dark jeans, a brightly colored shirt, and a classic blazer for the ultimate chic office look.

Whether it is a meeting with your team or with a client, this outfit will help you look professional and fashionable.

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9. Accessories 

Interior designer outfits accessories

Accessories can complement your look and elevate simple outfits. 

Pick an eye-catching necklace or earrings to give a final touch to your look. A watch is also a fantastic accessory for a professional look. 

You can elevate your outfit with an elegant scarf if you are not a jewelry lover. 

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10. Straight Pants and Turtleneck 

Interior designer outfits turtleneck sweater pants

Interior designers often visit construction sites to check on the progress. Although it is not an office environment, a designer needs to look good with professional flair.

Team straight pants with a soft turtleneck sweater to achieve this goal. Go for dark pants and creamy-colored or lighter shades of knitted turtlenecks. Wear tight sweaters instead of loose or oversize ones for the ultimate elegant look.

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