Picking the right outfit when going out with your boyfriend can be tricky. You have to balance the occasion, comfort, and looking cute. But you don’t have to worry about all that. I have compiled a variety of fancy, casual, gorgeous ,and sustainable outfit ideas that you can use to amaze your lover and ensure he is always attracted to you.


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A t-shirt and jeans

A t-shirt and jeans

A t-shirt and jeans will give you a classic look when going out, especially if you don’t have big plans for the day. The t-shirt is suitable for summer since it is lightweight and comfortable to wear all day.

Pair this attire with a chain necklace, earrings, sneakers, and a small handbag for a complete look. If this style is too plain, dress it up with a puffy jacket or a crew neck.

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Summer dress

Summer dress

If you are going out on a hot day, pull out a flowing summer dress from your wardrobe and show off your cute legs. Your boyfriend will be glued by the extra skin you are displaying. Choose a summer dress that impresses you since they are available in different designs and shapes.

Add a couple of bracelets, a thin necklace, a handbag, a pair of sunglasses, and sandals for a simple yet elegant look. You can keep it simple with a bright but solid color or make a statement with patterns. A summer dress is ideal for picnics, lunch, beach visits, vacations, or strolling in the park.

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Crotchet fashion

Crotchet fashion for going out with boyfriend

Crotchet fashion for going out with boyfriend

Crotchet fashion for going out with boyfriend

Whether you want to add a bit of texture to your outfit or keep up with 2023's hot trends, now is the time to dive into the colorful crochet style. Crochet, which was popular in the 1970s, has made a resurgence, with designers and shops alike reworking the old method and presenting a fresh new twist.

Various sustainable crochet pieces are made under high standards to inspire your style, ranging from crocheted dresses and bucket hats to purses and skirts.


A blouse and a straight-leg dress pant

a flowy blouse and straight-leg pants

Another outfit to wear when hanging out with your boyfriend is a flowy blouse and straight-leg pants. The outfit is also perfect when meeting the parents, heading to a party, or dinner.

Pair it with a long trench coat, a necklace, a bangle, stud earrings, pinkish lipstick, and a pair of ballet mules or flats for a put-together look. Carry a small clutch to put your essentials.

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A pair of shorts and an off-shoulder top

A pair of shorts and an off-shoulder top

Create a romantic atmosphere while displaying your neckline with this outfit. Wearing an off-shoulder top can help you balance revealing some skin and leaving room for your lover to imagine. Ensure you choose ribbed cotton material that conforms to your body’s shape for a sexier look.

Put on a pair of high-waist shorts with a charming design and a black sleeveless top for a retro appearance that’s a cross between “music festival” and “dating night.” Add a thin necklace, a hat, a bangle, a handbag, and heels or flats.


Denim dress

Denim dress

This style is ideal for a daytime date. If you are heading to a park or the zoo, wear a denim dress that touches the mid-shin. Pair it with long earrings, silvery bangles, a small designer handbag, a hat, and sandals for a lovely look while remaining comfortable.

Put on an anklet to attract more attention to your legs. You can replace your sandals with knee-high boots or heels to switch from day to night.

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Cropped pants and a sweater

Cropped pants  for going out

Wear cropped pants and an oversized sweater to hang out with your boyfriend and his friends. Ensure you match the sweater and pants colors well for a balanced and cohesive look.

Pair the outfit with a small handbag, a bangle, earrings, flashy rings, and sneakers or flats for a complete look. Besides, you can have French braids, messy bun hairstyles, and velvet matte lipstick.


Romper or jumpsuit

Romper or jumpsuit for going out with boyfriend

A romper or jumpsuit is a perfect outfit for a lunch date. If you plan to take some sandwiches or mimosas in town with your boyfriend, put on your favorite jumpsuit, and you are ready to go. Most jumpsuits are comfortable to wear all day long.

You can add a belt to accentuate your waist even more. Match it with bracelets, a necklace, pinkish lipstick, earrings, a small backpack, and sneakers for a complete vintage look.

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Cami dress

Cami dress

If you want to show off your beautiful body curves, wear this Cami dress. It’s a trendy bodycon dress for ladies and girls, and it is stretchy and comfortable to wear all day long. Match it with long earrings, a statement necklace, a bracelet, a long-layered hairstyle, a pop of reddish lipstick, and knee-high boots.

If it is on a chilly day, put on a pair of black tights. Wear this outfit when heading to the theater, posh restaurant, club, cocktail, party, photo shoot, night out, and beach. The dress is suitable for spring, fall, and summer.


Long sleeve jogger pants

Long sleeve jogger pants

Do you want to stand out while going out with your boyfriend? Throw in these long sleeve jogger pants. You can spend the whole day in this outfit since it is comfortable while looking more beautiful and energetic.

Pair it with a watch, stud earrings, a thin necklace, a jaw-dropping long hairstyle, and sports shoes. The outfit is ideal for going to the beach, nightclub, and any vacation. Wear it during winter, fall, and spring.

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A band t-shirt and shorts

A band t-shirt and shorts

Another super cute outfit to wear when hanging out with your boyfriend is a pair of shorts and a band t-shirt. It's a laid-back ensemble that gives you a great, easygoing look.

It keeps you cool and fresh all day long. Match the outfit with sneakers, a bangle, a love heart pendant necklace, a bucket hat, a small handbag, and mid-length curls for a complete classic look.


A mini skirt and an off-shoulder drawstring crop top

mini skirt and an off-shoulder drawstring crop top

A mini skirt and an off-shoulder drawstring crop top are perfect for going out with your boyfriend. The attire will impress your lover and ensure his eyes are always glued to you. Pair it with a pearl strand necklace, a bracelet, dangly earrings, high-shine lipstick, black sunglasses, a long blonde hairstyle, and white sandals.

If you don’t like wearing sandals, match your outfit with a pair of knee-high boots or kitten heels. Put your stuff in a crossbody bag and carry it all night. The outfit is ideal for going to the beach, concert, nightclub, pool, vacation, and cruise.

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Turtleneck dress

Turtleneck dress 

If you want to look sexy and beautiful, wear a turtleneck mini dress. The dress gives you a striking and hot silhouette, making you stand out in a crowd. It is perfect for winter, spring, and fall. Wear your favorite turtleneck mini dress for a cocktail, nightclub, vacation beach, party, or stroll in the park.

Combine it with heeled booties, sheer black tights, hoop earrings, a statement necklace, some bracelets, high-pigment lip gloss, and a cute fall hairstyle for a complete look. If it's cold, layer the outfit with a long trench coat.


Heels and skater skirt

Heels and skater skirt

Heels and a flowy skirt skater will make you look gorgeous for a date night. Match it with a flowing blouse, a t-shirt, or a camisole on top. Add a striking necklace, a bangle, drop earrings, matte lipstick, a designer handbag, and a pair of black sunglasses to look charming and elegant. You can also wear sheer black or patterned tights for a unique, classic look.


Athleisure and leggings

Athleisure and leggings

Leggings will ensure you stay cozy while flaunting your lower body shape. It is stretchy and comfortable to wear all day long. Pair your leggings with a crop top or a tee shirt. If it is chilly, layer the outfit with a hoodie, bomber jacket, or chunky knit sweater.

Add a thin necklace, stud earrings, a watch, a messy bun hairstyle, a small handbag, fuzzy socks, and leather ankle booties. The outfit is ideal for going to the zoo, strolling in the park, picnicking, going to the beach, and party.

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Oversized hoodie and pants

An oversized hoodie, a tee top, and your favorite pants

Would you like to keep warm all day while still looking elegant? Worry not! Put on an oversized hoodie and your favorite tee shirt and pants, and you are ready to hang out with your boyfriend. You can also match your hoodie with leggings and boots or heels.

 If you prefer a more tailored and sophisticated look, tuck the shirt in, belt it, and wear ankle boots. Accessorize your outfit with a messy hairstyle, crème lipstick, a lariat necklace, a bracelet, and a baseball cap.

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Bodycon tank dress

Bodycon tank dress

Wear a bodycon tank dress if you want a charming and unique look. It will make you look sexy and comfy since it is very stretchy. A bodycon accentuates your physique while leaving your boyfriend salivating. Wear your bodycon dress, lace-up boots, and anorak jacket for a casual look.

Match your bodycon dress with high heels and a denim jacket for a trendy, cool-girl style. Beautify your attire with a collar necklace, a few bracelets, a small handbag, hoop earrings, and lip gloss lipstick.


Mini skirt and a denim jacket

Mini skirt and a denim jacket

A mini skirt and denim jacket are also perfect for going out with your boyfriend. It will give you a classic look as you remain cozy the entire day. Match it with a blouse, camisole, t-shirt, tank top, and high-knee booties or heels. Add a thin necklace, cluster earrings, a bangle, a small designer handbag, and a jaw-dropping long hairstyle for a complete vintage look.


Evening maxi dress

maxi dress

Wear an evening maxi dress if you are heading to an evening party, concert, or cocktail with your boyfriend. The side slit makes the dress more stunning and sexier. You will rock this dress since it's trendy and comfortable.

Style it with a love heart pendant necklace, velvet matte lipstick, stud earrings, a watch, a handbag, a long curly hairstyle, and high heels. Layer your evening maxi dress with an open-front cardigan if it's cold.

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Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans

Pull out your favorite skinny jeans from your closet if you have a date with your boyfriend. The skinny jean is trendy and gives you a fantastic look. It is comfortable to wear since it is stretchy and lets you show off your curves. Match it with a tank top, tee shirt, or a flowy blouse for a versatile look.

Spice it up with a few bracelets, a solid silver necklace, stud earrings, a small handbag, a messy bun hairstyle, and heels or flats.

Monochrome black clothing

Monochrome black clothing

Another stylish and elegant outfit to go out with your boyfriend is throwing out monochrome black clothing. The attire is cozy, pleasant, and suitable for going to the beach, park, nightclub, dinner, and party.

The drawstring waistband ensures all-day comfort. Accessorize it with stud earrings, matte lipstick, a thin silvery necklace, a watch, a handbag, a long curly hairstyle, and white sports shoes or open flats. You can layer the outfit with a denim jacket or sweater on a chilly day.


Dress shirt

Short sleeve dress shirts

The dress shirt will give you an attractive and classic look. You will also look sexy by exposing your thighs, making your boyfriend attracted to you always. The loose design makes the outfit comfier. Style it with a few bracelets, a chain necklace, lip cream and stain lipstick, hoop earrings, a long straight hairstyle, and sneakers.


Fitting cargo pants

Fitting cargo pants

Wear your favorite ripped denim pants for a romantic date with your boyfriend. It is cute, sexy, and comfortable to wear all day long. The outfit offers a perfect fit and shows off your curves and figure. It is suitable for going to a fancy restaurant, night out, party, beach, or stroll around the park.

Pair this outfit with a full-neck top, a flowy blouse, a tee shirt, a tank top, and a denim jacket and sweater. Style it with a pendant necklace, a bangle, high-shine lipstick, drop earrings, a cute fall hairstyle, and high-knee heels or booties.

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Let the party begin!


When going out with your boyfriend, you must dress up elegantly to attract him. It's good to be creative with the way you dress. Look for trendy clothes and ensure you mix and match your outfit depending on the weather and occasion. Besides, make sure you are comfortable with your outfit, especially when going for a picnic or a walk in the park.


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