Football is a beautiful and fun sport, but it can also be pretty tough on your body. That's why you need to wear the right gear to football practice. It can significantly affect your safety, comfort, and performance.

You must wear the right clothing to football practice to play football well. Wearing the right gear can help you avoid injuries, stay cool and comfortable, and enhance your skills on the field.

In this guide, I will discuss items you should wear to football practice and explain why they are essential for your health and performance.

Let's dive in.

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sports bra football practice

Undergarments are one of the most important clothing items to wear to football practice. You wear these items underneath your pads and jersey, such as jockstraps, sports bras, compression shorts, etc.

Undergarments can protect you from chafing, support your muscles and joints, and wick away sweat. For instance, undergarments with Dri-FIT technology can help you stay dry and comfortable by moving moisture away from your skin.

Moreover, undergarments with compression can help reduce muscle vibration and fatigue and improve blood circulation and recovery.

For inspiration, check out these top underwear brands that offer affordable and sustainable underclothing.

Base layer with padding

layer with padding football practice

Another clothing item you should wear to football practice is a padded base layer. A base layer with padding is a shirt or pants with integrated thigh and hip pads that can cushion your impacts, prevent bruises and soreness, and keep you dry and light.

A base layer with padding can provide "a sustained, stable experiment" that can protect you from "punishing rep" during practice and games. Furthermore, a base layer with padding can also have moisture-wicking features that help you stay relaxed and comfortable in hot and sweaty conditions.


cleats for football practice

Cleats are another critical item to wear to football practice. These shoes are designed specifically for football with durable materials and traction features. Cleats can help you maintain stability, speed, and power on different surfaces and weather conditions.

Football cleats are more durable than cleats for other sports, meaning they can withstand wear and tear better. Football cleats have special traction features that can help you grip the ground better, such as a cleat that lines up with your big toe for pushing off the line.


socks for football practice

Socks may seem like a trivial clothing item, but they are very important for football practice. Socks can help you prevent blisters, fatigue, and sliding inside your shoes. The socks should fit well and have cushioning and non-slip technology.

These features can help you keep your feet comfortable and secure during long and intense practices. Moreover, socks can also have moisture-wicking and breathable properties that can help you stay cool and dry.

Here is our selection of the best affordable and organic sock brands.


shorts for football practice

Shorts are essential for football practice, especially in hot and humid conditions. They can help you stay cool, comfortable, and agile during long and hot practices. The shorts should be breathable, flexible, and lightweight.

These features can help you regulate your body temperature, move freely and reduce drag. The shorts can also have pockets or zippers to help you store your essentials, such as keys or phones. As such, wearing shorts can help you enhance your mobility and convenience on the field.

Here are the 15 best ethical and cheap sweat shorts you'll love.


Jersey for football practice

A good jersey will help you withstand wear and tear, identify yourself and your teammates, and express your style and personality. It should also be visible, personalized, and durable.

These features can help you resist abrasion, stand out on the field, and show your name and number. Also, the right jersey for football practice should have ventilation  and stretch properties that can help you stay cool

and comfortable.


football gloves for practice

You should wear gloves to football practice, especially if you play a position that involves catching or blocking. Gloves can help you catch passes, stop opponents, and avoid hand injuries. The right football gloves should suit your position and have grip and protection features.

These will help you improve your ball control, reduce friction and impact, and prevent cuts and bruises. Moreover, gloves can also have moisture-wicking and breathable properties that help keep your hands dry and comfortable.

Mouth guard

mouthguard for football practice

A mouth guard helps you protect your teeth, reduce head injuries, and breathe easier during football practice. That is why I strongly recommend you go for a mouth guard that fits well and has shock absorption and breathability features.

These features can help you prevent dental damage, lower the risk of concussion, and enhance your oxygen intake. Also, a mouth guard should have antimicrobial and flavor properties to help prevent infections and bad breath.


knee braces football practice

Braces are essential for people with a history of ankle or knee injuries. They help you prevent sprains or strains, recover from injuries faster, and make cuts or pivots more confidently during football practice.

The right braces should support your ankles or knees and have stability and mobility features. These features can help you stabilize your joints, limit excessive movement, and allow a normal range of motion. They should also have compression and heat retention properties that can help you reduce swelling and pain.


headgear football practice wear

Headgear is a clothing item you should wear to football practice, as it is the most essential protective equipment. Headgear can help you avoid concussions or scalp irritation and keep your hair out of your eyes or face mask. These allow you to cushion your blows, prevent skin infections, and improve your vision and ventilation.

Happy practice!

In summary, wearing the proper clothing to football practice can significantly impact your health and performance. As this guide has shown, undergarments, base layers with padding, cleats, socks, shorts, jersey, gloves, mouth guard, braces, and headgear are all essential items you should wear to football practice.

These items can help you avoid injuries, stay calm and comfortable, and enhance your skills on the field. So, you should always have these items ready before heading to practice. By wearing the right gear, you can show your passion for football and enjoy the game more.

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