O'ave is a German activewear brand founded by Sören Romboy and Pia Steffens in Hamburg in 2019. It creates environmentally friendly sportswear from ocean waste.

The label believes in exercise, in a healthy lifestyle, and the power of the ocean. It launched a unique collection of shirts, leggings, and tops for men and women.

O'ave wants to make a difference and solve fashion's pollution. It uses natural aesthetics developed from the idea of a more conscious lifestyle, inspired by the variety of the ocean.

The sportswear brand deeply cares about the environment and don't want to produce any more waste. It promotes recycling, waste management, and ethical production in Germany.

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Sustainability Rating: 6/10

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Category: Clothing

For: Women, men

Type: Sportswear

Style: Casual

Quality: Medium

Price: $$

Sizes: S-XL, 6-18 (US), 10-22 (UK), 36-48 (EU)

Fabrics: Nylon, spandex

100% Organic: No

100% Vegan: No

Ethical & Fair: Yes

Recycling: Yes

Producing country: Germany

Certifications: EU Ecolabel, OEKO-TEX, FSC, UL

Sustainability Practices

"Our ecological and sustainable performance focuses on responsible and environmentally friendly production. In this context, the support of European textile companies, short delivery routes, and an energy and resource-saving production process are of enormous importance to us."

O'ave aims to reduce the ecological footprint of the fashion industry. Through its business activities, it aims to increase consumer awareness and environmentally friendly production.

Its vision is to make fashion more sustainable by questioning buying decisions and developing the circular economy. It uses alternative and innovative resources to bring simplicity into everyday life and ecological responsibility.

O'ave uses a large proportion of recycled materials such as regenerated nylon. It has partnered with Econyl, made entirely from ocean waste and landfill waste, such as industrial plastic, fabric scraps, and old carpets.

O'ave manufactures its clothes in Germany to ensure responsible and environmentally friendly production. However, it doesn't state if audits are conducted to ensure social standards, good working conditions, and identify potential risk areas.

O'ave doesn't sell any clothing made from animal-derived materials at the moment but doesn't affirm that the brand is 100% vegan either.

Sustainability Goals

O'ave doesn't show any measurement of its greenhouse gas emissions, water, land, and energy use, pollution, and waste across its supply chain. It doesn't have any clear sustainability goal or timeline to improve in the future either.

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