A mother and son photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to commemorate the sweet love you share with your little one.

Picking the perfect outfit for you and your child is essential. You both want to look your best!

From charming, coordinated looks to outfits that perfectly capture your unique bond, we've got you covered. 

So, whether you're striking a pose in the park or stealing the show in your living room, we’ve got 10+ outfit ideas for a mother and son photoshoot that are extra stylish and oh-so-cute.

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A Prairie Dress & Long-Sleeve Shirt

mother son photoshoot boho dress

A flowy prairie dress for you and a long-sleeve shirt for your little one are excellent photoshoot outfits. It’s easy, breezy, and just the right amount of dressed-up.

Wear a boho-inspired maxi dress with sandals or ankle boots. Your son can feel comfortable in a relaxed cotton long-sleeved shirt and khakis. 

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A Coordinated Outfit

coordinated mother son photoshoot outfits

A coordinated mother-son outfit is always a classic choice for a photoshoot. 

You two can wear completely identical outfits or wear matching colors or patterns for a more subtle look. 

A dress and shirt with a matching color or pattern is always a safe, comfortable choice.

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Matching Neutral Colors

mother son photoshoot neutral colors

Neutral colors are always a safe go-to for mother and son photoshoots. Colors like black, tan, and beige never go out of style, so your photos won’t look dated.

Wear a cream-colored dress, shirt, or pants to match your little one’s outfit. Fabrics like linen and cotton are excellent choices if you want a timeless feel to your photos.

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Jeans & Casual Shirts

mother son photoshoot shirt jeans

Mother and son photoshoots don’t always have to be formal. You and your son can wear jeans and a casual t-shirt for a laid-back vibe.

Wear your favorite pair of sustainable denim with a loose-fitting shirt. Your son’s jeans can be the same shade of denim if you want a coordinated look. 

No matter what you choose, you will both feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

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Cozy Knitwear

mother son photoshoot knitwear

Cozy knitwear is an excellent choice for a fall or winter photoshoot. You and your son can wear cozy cardigans, chunky pullover sweaters, or sleek ribbed knits. 

Warm, earthy colors are fantastic for outdoor photoshoots. Plus, you’ll stay warm while outside in the chilly winter air. 

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Button-Up Shirts

mother son photoshoot button-ups

A button-up shirt is an easy way for you and your son to look dressed up while feeling comfortable and relaxed.

You can’t go wrong with a button-up shirt, whether it’s a long or short-sleeve style. Pair your button-ups with slacks, leggings, or jeans, and you’re good to go.

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A Floral Dress & Overalls

mother son photoshoot overalls dress

A floral dress and overalls are excellent for a relaxed, fun mother-son photoshoot. Plus, there’s nothing cuter than a little kid in overalls.

Wear a flowy, boho-inspired dress with sneakers and a sunhat. Your son can wear overalls over a flannel, t-shirt, or any other style that makes him feel comfortable.

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A Nice Sweater & Skirt

mother son photoshoot sweater skirt

A nice sweater, midi skirt, and boots are a go-to mom outfit. Why not wear it for your mother and son photoshoot?

This outfit looks great on any body type. Plus, it’s easy to match outfits. Have your son wear a coordinated sweater with jeans. Your photos are bound to be adorable.

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A Relaxed Pantsuit

mother son photoshoots pantsuit

Becoming a mother doesn’t mean you have to give up your career or entire identity. Wear a pantsuit to give your mother and son photoshoot a professional edge. 

A pantsuit is an excellent outfit idea if you want a polished and professional vibe for your photoshoot. 

While any mom can wear one, a pantsuit can be especially great for professionals like lawyers, business owners, or others who are proud of their careers. What better way to show how you seamlessly juggle your career and motherhood?

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A Casual Look

casual mother son photoshoot outfits

Every mother and son relationship is different. For those of you with a more fun-loving, carefree vibe, wear something casual. 

This casual look can be anything from a t-shirt and jeans to matching pajamas. Have fun with your photoshoot outfit, and make sure it reflects who you two truly are.

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A Sweater Dress & Matching Shirt

mother son photoshoot sweater dress

A sweater dress and matching shirt make great mother and son photoshoot outfits. 

A sweater dress gives off a cozy vibe, so you can’t go wrong with this outfit during fall or winter. It’s an especially fitting outfit if you plan on an outdoor, woodsy photoshoot with your son. 

Pair your sweater dress with boots, tights, and a wide-brim hat for a winter wonderland feel. Have your son wear a color-coordinated shirt, and you’ll be ready for your close-up in no time.

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A Cotton Onesie

mother son photoshoot cotton onesie

Are you planning a photoshoot with your newborn baby boy? You can’t go wrong with a breathable cotton onesie. 

Cotton onesies are comfortable outfits for babies, so your little one will feel cozy while in front of the camera.

Wear an outfit that matches the color or pattern of your baby’s onesie for a cute, coordinated look.

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Dress Up & Have Fun

mother son photoshoot outfits fun

A mother and son photoshoot is your opportunity to shine. Your family will look back on these precious photos for years to come, so it’s essential to look your best. 

However, don’t let the pressure get to you. Choosing your outfits is all about having fun and letting your individual personalities shine through. 

Don’t pick an outfit just because it looks nice. Make sure you and your son feel comfortable, confident, and easy-going in your outfits before the photoshoot begins. 

Most importantly, remember to have fun while the photographer is snapping away behind the camera!

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