Dressing well is all about playing into your natural strengths and features. If you’re a guy with an inverted triangle body shape, that means highlighting your broad, commanding shoulders and narrow waist. 

Plenty of techniques exist to build the best men’s outfit for inverted triangle body shapes. 

From mastering the art of layering to choosing the right cuts that balance your figure, we’ve got a lineup of stylish, comfortable outfits designed to make you look your best. 

Here are 15 tips, tricks, and outfit ideas for men with inverted triangle body shapes. 

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What is an Inverted Triangle Body Shape?

what is inverted triangle body shape

If someone has an inverted triangle body shape, their shoulders and chest are much broader than their waist and hips. 

This body shape is when the top half resembles an inverted triangle that tapers down to the hips and legs. 

Some people describe the inverted triangle body shape as “top heavy,” and there’s nothing wrong with that. The inverted triangle body shape is prevalent among men. There are many ways to dress to impress and accentuate your best features. 

Enhance Your Best Features

mens style enhance best features

Enhancing your best features is the key to dressing an inverted triangle body shape. 

This means something different for everyone. Some men love their broad shoulders and want to accentuate that. Others prefer to downplay their inverted triangle shape by bulking up their legs with certain clothing styles. 

It’s all a matter of personal preference. The key to the perfect inverted triangle body shape outfit is to wear what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and secure. 

A V-Neck T-Shirt 

inverted triangle mens style v-neck

Many men with inverted triangle body shapes prefer V-neck T-shirts over anything else. 

This shirt style is flattering for an inverted triangle body shape because the neckline draws the eyes away from the broad upper body. A V-neck also slims the neck and makes broad shoulders look smaller. 

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Relaxed or Straight-Leg Jeans

inverted triangle mens style jeans

Add volume and balance to your lower half with relaxed or straight-leg jeans. 

Avoid skinny jeans if you feel self-conscious about your legs and want them to appear more prominent. Wide-leg or straight-leg jeans are the way to go if you want to balance out your silhouette with your broad chest. 

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A Linen Button-Up Shirt

mens button-up inverted triangle style

Linen button-up shirts are excellent wardrobe staples for inverted triangle body shapes. The wide collar accentuates the shoulders, while the v-neck created by the buttons lengthens the torso. 

Create a light summer look with a light blue linen button-up, khaki shorts, and boat shoes. This look also works layered with a knit cardigan and dark-wash jeans. 

Learn more about the advantages of linen clothing before you invest in some high-quality pieces. 

A Colorful Knit Sweater & Khaki Pants

mens inverted triangle sweater khakis

A colorful knit sweater with a playful pattern works well for inverted triangle body shapes. You can wear Breton or horizontal stripes across the waistline to create the illusion of a wider torso. 

Pair a colorful sweater with straight-leg khaki pants for a casual fall or winter outfit. Sneakers, dress shoes, or slip-on Vans look great with this look. 

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An Oversized T-Shirt & Beanie

mens style inverted triangle oversized shirt

Oversized T-shirts are a fan favorite among men with inverted triangle body shapes. The broader fit of an oversized T-shirt downplays wide shoulders while balancing a slimmer waistline. 

Pair an oversized T-shirt with a trendy beanie and straight-leg jeans for a casual, timeless outfit that looks great for a date, a barbecue, or a kickback with friends. 

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A Flannel & Dark-Wash Jeans

mens style inverted triangle flannel

You can’t go wrong with a classic flannel and dark-wash jeans. 

For this classic men’s outfit, pick jeans with a wider leg, such as a bootcut or straight leg cut. Roll up the sleeves of your flannel to accentuate your arms and shoulders. 

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A Structured Blazer & Slacks

mens style inverted triangle suit

Shopping for a formal outfit with an inverted triangle body shape isn’t as complicated as you think. Look for a structured blazer with wider lapels and straight-leg slacks. 

Shop for a suit or blazer made of high-quality, sustainable fabric. The extra attention to detail shines through and makes you look effortlessly sharp. 

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An Oversized Graphic Tee & Cargo Pants 

mens style inverted triangle cargo pants

Inverted triangle body shapes look great in an oversized graphic tee and cargo pants. 

Cargo pants typically have a baggy fit and extra pockets, creating extra volume around the legs. The oversized fit of your favorite graphic tee creates a bulkier, balanced silhouette that works for all seasons. 

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An All-Black Outfit

mens style inverted triangle black outfit

An all-black outfit is slimming, edgy, and timeless. Wear a black-on-black look if you have an inverted triangle body shape and want to create a slimmer silhouette. 

Layer a black T-shirt with sustainable black jeans, a vegan leather jacket, and black sneakers. You can also wear a black dress shirt with slacks for a business casual look. 

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A Jean Jacket & Straight-Leg Jeans

mens style inverted triangle jean jacket

A jean jacket over a simple T-shirt with straight-leg jeans creates a layered, structured look. 

This outfit is perfect for inverted triangle body shapes because it creates dynamic lines that draw the eyes away from the shoulders and neck. Straight-leg jeans make the legs appear wider, creating a balanced silhouette. 

This simple yet stylish outfit creates a classic silhouette that works for every body type. 

A Cardigan & Khaki Pants

mens style inverted triangle cardigan

An unbuttoned cardigan creates vertical lines that help elongate the upper body while softening broad shoulders. 

Wear a simple cotton cardigan with a classic tee or a button-up shirt underneath. Complete your outfit with tapered or straight-leg khakis for a casual, put-together look. 

A Bomber Jacket & Dark-Wash Jeans

mens style inverted triangle bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are excellent for inverted triangle shapes because they typically end at the waist. Wear a bomber jacket with dark-wash jeans to emphasize and draw attention to your narrow waistline. 

Layer your bomber jacket with a hoodie or a plain black T-shirt. Have fun accessorizing your outfit with designer sneakers or classic slip-on shoes. 

A Polo Shirt & Chino Shorts

mens style inverted triangle polo

Polo shirts are a favorite among men with inverted triangle body shapes. Polo shirts help to create a balanced silhouette while emphasizing some of your best features. 

Go with a tapered-fit polo and chino shorts for an effortless look that turns heads. Tapered-fit polos accentuate an inverted triangle body shape’s narrow waistline, which some men want to bring attention to. 

If you’d rather not emphasize your broad shoulders, choose a polo shirt with a boxy, oversized fit to widen your lower body and create a balanced silhouette.  

Check out our guide to trendy men’s styles for more fashion ideas. 

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