Are you heading to a Lumineers concert and wondering what to wear? You're not alone! 

Choosing the perfect outfit to listen to your favorite indie folk band can be challenging. You want to hit the right combination of casual and cute. 

From boho-chic ensembles to edgy, comfortable looks, we’ve got you covered with original, fun outfit ideas for that upcoming Lumineers concert. 

Think laid-back denim, wide-brim hats, and plenty of boho florals. 

Here are 15 effortlessly cool outfits to wear to a Lumineers concert. 


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A Boho Maxi Dress

lumineers outfit maxi dress

lumineers outfits floral maxi dress

A boho maxi dress is the perfect vibe for a Lumineers concert. It’s flowy, free, and fabulous. 

Wear a lightweight floral maxi dress with a wide-brim hat, sandals, and a crossbody bag for the ultimate concert outfit. 

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A Denim Jacket & Midi Skirt

lumineers concert outfit denim jacket

Create a casual, cool concert look with a denim jacket and A-line midi skirt. 

This look is perfect for outdoor concerts or festivals. The skirt gives you plenty of room to dance, and the denim jacket will keep you warm under the stars. 

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A Slip Dress & Chunky Cardigan

lumineers concert outfit slip dress

Combine formal and casual vibes when you wear a slip dress and chunky cardigan. 

This outfit is perfect for a romantic concert date. For a 2010s indie vibe, complete your look with a vintage pearl necklace and chunky black flats. 

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A Prairie Dress & Ankle Boots

lumineers concert outfit prairie dress

Capture the indie folk vibe of the Lumineers with a prairie dress and ankle boots. 

A boho dress with cap sleeves and an earthy pattern will do the trick. Remember to layer your ankle boots with cute socks.

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A Graphic Tee & Faux Leather Skirt

lumineers concert outfit vegan leather

Try a graphic tee tucked into a faux leather skirt for an edgier concert look. 

Layer your outfit with sheer tights, ankle boots, and a duster cardigan for a cozy evening look. 

Choose a skirt made of sustainable vegan leather for an eco-friendly, timeless, edgy look. Check out our handy guide to learn more about the difference between real and polyurethane leather.

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A Crop Top & High-Waisted Jeans

lumineers concert outfit crop top

You can’t go wrong with a crop top and jeans. It’s the best, most simple concert look that never fails. 

Wear your favorite high-waisted denim with a black crop top, boots, and a denim jacket for an effortless look worthy of the front row. 

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A Plaid Shirt & Vintage Ripped Jeans

lumineers concert outfits flannel

A plaid flannel shirt and ripped jeans go great together. This is a perfect Lumineers concert outfit for men and women alike. 

You’ll fit right into the indie folk crowd with a plaid flannel. Accessorize with sneakers or boots, and you’re good to go. 

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A Vegan Leather Jacket & Wide-Brim Hat

lumineers concert outfit hat jacket

No Lumineers concert outfit is complete without a wide-brim hat. Pair one with a sleek vegan leather jacket for an outdoor concert look. 

A vegan leather jacket with wide-leg pants and a classic white tee looks great on anyone and everyone. 

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A Casual Utility Jacket & Black Jeans

lumineers concert outfit jacket jeans

A Lumineers concert is casual and fun. Reflect that energy in an olive green utility jacket and black jeans. 

This look is versatile, classic, and comfortable. Wear sneakers or flats and a lightweight scarf if the weather is chilly.

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A Long-Sleeve Crop Top & Floral Midi Skirt

lumineers concert outfit skirt

A long-sleeve crop top and midi skirt are the perfect pair. This indie-inspired look is the perfect balance of boho and folk. 

This casual and feminine outfit is perfect for a concert date or an outdoor summer show. 

Wear a high-waisted floral skirt with a long-sleeve white crop top, platform sneakers, and a wicker crossbody bag. Oh, and don’t forget your film camera!

A Boho Mini Dress & Denim Jacket

lumineers concert oufit mini dress

A boho mini dress is a classic, comfortable Lumineers concert outfit. 

Wear a delicate floral mini dress layered with a vintage denim jacket for a fun, feminine look. 

Complete your outfit with fun slip-on sneakers or flats. You’ll be on your feet all night, so you might as well make sure you are comfortable. 

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A Corduroy Skirt & Blouse

lumineers concert outfit corduroy skirt

Infuse some dark academia into your Lumineers concert outfit with a corduroy skirt and voluminous blouse. 

Layer your corduroy skirt with semi-sheer tights, ankle boots, and a chic hat. 

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An Oversized Sweater & Leggings

lumineers concert outfit oversized sweater

An oversized sweater and black leggings create an effortlessly cool concert look. 

You can wear any kind of oversized sweater, from a vintage men’s wool pullover to a chunky knit cardigan. 

Make sure your sweater hits right below the hip for the best silhouette and most comfortable fit. 

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A Front-Tie Blouse & Jeans

lumineers concert outfit front-tie shirt

This Lumineers concert outfit is perfect for you if you have an old button-up shirt lying around. 

Tie up a dress shirt in the front for a clever crop top look. 

Wear your upcycled shirt with your favorite pair of denim jeans, and you’re all set to sing along to your favorite songs. 

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A Sundress & Sneakers

lumineers concert outfit sneakers sundress

While heels at a concert are usually inconvenient for most people, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up! Wear your favorite dress with comfy sneakers. 

Wear your favorite summer sundress with casual sneakers for a laid-back vibe. 

This look is feminine, cute, and easy to wear. Most importantly, it’s extremely comfortable. 

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