You have decided to embark on an exciting adventure trip to Israel. A brilliant decision! Our post is here to help you pack the right outfits to make your trip stylish and unforgettable. 

Israel is a middle eastern country, but contrary to popular belief, it is modern and progressive. So, depending on your destination, it is crucial to wear the right clothes. Make sure to pack modest outfits if you plan to visit religious sites or spend most of your time in and around Jerusalem or Nazareth. There is a strict dress code when visiting holy sites. Most importantly, one must cover their legs and shoulders. The rest of the country is very relaxed, so you can wear whatever you want. 

Even though locals in Israel dress very casually, even on business occasions or during events, in some cities, especially in Tel Aviv and Haifa, they do dress stylishly and fashionably. 

Israel is a diverse country and has a lot to offer. It doesn't matter if you are a nature lover, a party animal, or just a city trip enthusiast, our selection of items has you covered. 

Discover 20 stunning outfit ideas to make your trip even more special and help you feel unique and beautiful.

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1. Floral Dress

floral dress, fashion, attractive

If you want a breathtaking photoshoot experience in the alleyways of old Jaffa or Jerusalem, opt for a floral dress.

You could pair it with sunglasses and a hat to create a beautiful summery outfit. This combination is also perfect if you find yourself in one of the massive shopping malls in Tel Aviv or Eilat.

A floral dress underlines your femininity and can look great on people of all body shapes.

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2. Denim Shorts

woman, denim, shorts, travel

Denim shorts are perfect for a trip to Israel. You can pair them with cute, crocheted tops, white blouses, or oversize T-shirts.

You can wear denim shorts when shopping, having lunch at a beach bar, or just out in the city having fun or clubbing. These shorts are also perfect for a stroll on the beach, as you can get suntanned during the walk. 

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3. Crop Top

crop top, outfit, fashion

Crop tops are light and can make up a stunning outfit, as they go great with anything, be it with pants, shorts, or skirts. You can wear a cute, crocheted crop top or an organic cotton one for a perfect day trip.

Endless combinations allow you to create beautiful outfits by pairing them with blazers or cardigans. 

Crop tops are tiny and do not weigh much, which is an excellent opportunity for you to pack a couple of cute ones or more beautiful outfits with you. 

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4. Sandals 

sandals, summer, fashion style

The climate varies in Israel. Summers are hot, while winters are mild. If you want to go there in the summer, do not forget to pack a pair of sandals. Instead of flip-flops, you could opt for sandals as they make you look trendier and more feminine. 

Sandals are perfect for lunch at a beach bar or a restaurant, paired with a short dress, denim shorts, or a sundress.

To construct a more unique and eye-pleasing look, color-match the sandals with a cute beach bag or a lovely summer scarf. 

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5. Bikini

woman, bikini, on the beach, swimwear

A bikini is a must for your trip to Israel. 

To the west of Israel is the Mediterranean Sea, and it has a small coastline on the south, and the border between Israel and Jordan runs through the famous Dead Sea.

Israel offers perfect opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, or relaxing on the beach. 

Whether you are going to swim in the Red Sea or the Mediterranean or spend hours floating in the salty waters of the Dead Sea, wearing a cute bikini can make the experience more memorable and help you look great in the photos. 

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6. Short Black Dress

black, short dress, sexy, night out

Tel Aviv is known as the party capital of the Middle East and has a renowned nightlife and 24-hour culture. Girls' night out? Romantic date night? Just out partying? Packing a short black dress can go a long way toward making your night special.

Cute little black dresses will make you feel confident, powerful, and sexy at the same time. 

Feel free to pair it with high heels and a clutch for an ultimate trendy look. If you are going for a comfortable night out, pairing it with flats or sandals is also a great alternative. 

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7. Sunglasses

sunglasses, summer, travel, fashion

A cute pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes from dangerous UVB and UVA rays and make you look trendy and cool in your travel pics. 

Make sure to select sunglasses that compliment your facial features. The right eyewear will help you look beautiful and chic and create a timeless appearance. 

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8. Trainers 

trainers, comfort travel, sport, fashion

Israel has much to offer, ranging from sandy beaches and lakes to deserts and canyons. Everyone can find someplace interesting to visit.

If you plan on doing active tourism or spending hours walking in Jerusalem, having a pair of comfortable trainers with you will be handy.

Having comfortable footwear is essential. You want to enjoy the trip and avoid getting exhausted quickly. You can create attractive outfits by pairing these with tight jeans or short dresses. 

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9. Leggings 

sport, fashion, leggings, comfort travel

Whether you take a bus or train or just rent a car and leisurely drive through Israel, bringing a pair of comfortable leggings with you can go a long way. 

Pack a pair of cute, breathable leggings for your trip. Leggings or yoga pants are great when traveling because they are comfortable, soft, and great outfit items.  

Leggings are also perfect when visiting religious sites. Just ensure to wear a long T-shirt with it that covers your shoulders. 

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10. Sunhat

hat, cool accessories, fashion style

Just like sunglasses, a must-have item when visiting Israel during the hot season.

Wear a hat when you are out strolling in the cobblestone alleyways of ancient cities. Or when you opt for a relaxing day on the beach. It is advantageous to your health and your style. 

Choose a pretty sunhat to pair nicely with your dresses for a unique outfit and more enchanting photos. Pick a hat that goes great with your sunglasses for an ultimate cool look.

11. Long Skirt

long skirt, woman, fashion style

Israel is one of the most significant religious centers in the world. Female visitors should pack a long skirt, which will be crucial when visiting holy sites, churches, and synagogues.

Modesty is key in religious parts of the country, especially in Jerusalem.

When visiting in the summer, bring a light and breezy skirt to keep cool. Pair it with adorable sandals or a simple Tee made from organic materials.

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12. Windproof Jacket 

windproof jacket, sport, fashion, travel

The Negev desert dominates the southern parts of Israel. If you plan on visiting the desert and having an adventurous hike through the canyons and gorges, or riding a quad, go ahead and pack a windproof jacket. 

The weather can change abruptly, and it can be windy and cold in the evenings in the desert, especially after the sun sets. The last thing you want on your trip is to get sick and spoil your holiday. 

13. Knitted Cardigan

warm cardigan, stylish, comfort travel

A knitted cardigan is a timeless item that will keep you warm on the one hand and make you look chic on the other. You could pair it with jeans or loose pants and create a uniquely comfortable look. 

Knitted cardigans will especially come in handy when you go for a stroll in the evenings or enjoy a splendid sunrise in the early hours of the day. Choose a soft material for an ultimate comfort feeling. 

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14. Loose-fitting Pants

pants, loose-fitting, lifestyle, fashion

Loose-fitting pants are a great option when visiting Israel in the summer. It is usually rather hot, and walking around in loose-fitting pants could be both comfortable and practical.

Opt for breathable fabrics to allow yourself to enjoy the trip to the max without worrying about sweating or feeling uncomfortable. These pants are perfect to pair with a light T-shirt or a casual blouse. 

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15. Light Sweater

light sweater, cool outfit, comfort travel

Pack one or two light sweaters to layer with T-shirts. A light sweater is ideal during days of mixed temperatures. Sometimes it is warm during the day and cool when the sun goes down. 

Combine it with a cute pair of jeans or loose-fitting pants. Alternatively, use it for layering with your floral dress or summer dress. 

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16. Sundress 

sundress, lifestyle, summer, fashion

A sundress is perfect for spending the day on the beach. It is light, breezy, and an enjoyable outfit during the warm hours of the day.

You can chill on the beach and let an engaging book or a delicious cocktail help sweep away all your worries and troubles. Sundress is also a great option if you are there with your partner and want to get cute pictures together. 

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17. Scarf or Shawl

shawl, comfort travel, fashion

A scarf or a shawl will be endlessly convenient when traveling in Israel, as it is versatile. Use it for layering purposes, or as a head or shoulder cover when entering religious sites.

Tying into a skirt to cover your knees or using it as a swimsuit cover-up on the beach, the functions are diverse.

It is stylish, portable, and breezy. You will not regret bringing one or two with you on the trip.

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18. Jeans 

jeans, denim, fashion style, travel

For your trip to Israel, it is crucial to pack jeans, a pair or two should suffice. 

Jeans are perfect as they are combinable with so many items. You could also wear your jeans to holy sites in Jerusalem or while shopping in Eilat.

Pair them with a light sweater or a cute blouse for an enjoyable evening with friends. 

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19. Ballet Flats 


ballet flats, comfort travel, cool style

Lovers of active tourism should anticipate a lot of walking while in Israel, especially in cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

You will want stylish, comfortable shoes that look appropriate to your outfit and offer a lot of comfort at the same time.

Ballet flats are versatile and are great for a night out if you do not want to wear high heels. Flats are also a perfect pairable item for a casual look. 

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20. Sexy Jumpsuit 

jumpsuit, sexy, night out, fashion

Israelis are notoriously trendy, especially in big cities like Tel Aviv and Haifa, so you will want to fit in. For a fun girls’ night out or a date in higher-end restaurants, choose a sexy jumpsuit.

It is a great outfit and an inexpensive option as well. You can pair a jumpsuit with exceptional jewelry and heels that show you are confident and prepared to have a great time. 

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Choosing the right outfit to travel to another country can be exhausting. Our selection aims to inspire and encourage you to pick and pack items that will make you look confident and stunning and make your trip to Israel an unforgettable experience filled with beautiful photos and even more beautiful memories. 

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