Slouchy grey sweatpants are no longer reserved for lazing around the house. In fact, they are fast becoming one of fashion’s most versatile items, championed by celebs, fashionistas and trendsetters alike.

So not only can you be cozy and at ease, but you can look amazing too.

Below you can find some ways of pairing grey sweatpants with a wide range of items, to suit your own personal style and for a variety of occasions.

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Simple White Tee

style grey sweatpants white t shirt

In the case of pairing up grey sweatpants, simpler is better. A look that is adorned with effortless grace by both celebrities and normal people like you and me, it’s pretty hard to get this combo wrong.

Pairing one with your sweats is the perfect outfit for chilling with a guy, meeting friends for a casual coffee, or taking your dog for a walk.

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style grey sweatpants camisole

The camisole and sweatpants combo has been an iconic look for some time.

Not only are they versatile, cool and comfortable, but camisoles are also perfect for accentuating the female form. Convey chic and hot in this stripped-back casual look, that will have you feeling super cute.

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style grey sweatpants hoodie

This is an obvious choice to pair with grey sweatpants. And although this combo wouldn’t go amiss lounging around on your couch on a Sunday, the hoodie look can work just as well for being out and about. 

Coordinate with matching grey or jazz up your outfit with contrasting colors, such as teal, burgundy or mustard.

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Bright Sneakers 

style grey sweatpants bright sneakers

Grey sweatpants, as much as we love them, do have the potential to look dull and washed out if they're not put together with the right items. That is where the bold sneaker comes in!

Add a splash of contrast and color to an otherwise dull outfit with an eye-catching sneaker. There are so many styles to choose from, so depending on how casual or brave you want to be, there is something for everyone.

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Leather Jacket

style grey sweatpants leather jacket

Nobody can accuse you of looking sloppy if you have a leather jacket on, so sling one over your shoulders to look instantly cool – facts.

The grey sweatpants and leather jacket outfit is super hot and attainable. And the great news is vegan leather jackets are having a huge moment, so you can look on-trend and be ethical at the same time.

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Graphic Tee

style grey sweatpants slogan tee

Graphic T-shirts are making a comeback, and we girlies who lived through their popularity in the 90s could not be happier. 

Embrace the trend by pairing them with classic grey sweatpants, proving that no matter who you are, you can rock this look. With a variety of colors, slogans and vibes to choose from, you really can let your outfit do the talking. 

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style grey sweatpants turtleneck

Turtlenecks are warm, chic and stylish and will turn an otherwise casual look into something more than safe for work.

Experiment with smart accessories and you can have the best of both worlds, with a business vibe on the top and a chilled look on the bottom.

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Baggy Shirt

style grey sweatpants baggy shirt

Gone are the days of the oversized shirt being the uniform of redecorating your spare room. Thanks to the loose shapes, pairing your grey sweatpants with a baggy shirt will achieve a carefree effortless look. 

Whether you are going for a tomboy ensemble or a feminine fit, there are so many ways to style the oversized shirt to make you look and feel special.

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High Heels 

style grey sweatpants high heels

Both Kim Kardashian and Hayley Beiber have been known to pair high heels with baggy grey sweatpants. But you too can pull this outfit off.

Experiment by wearing oversized sweatpants – the baggier, the better. Top off your outfit with a plain Tee, so as not to distract from the fashion statement, and voila, you’re ready to roll. 

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Trench Coat 

style grey sweatpants trench coat

The trench coat is back. A camel trench coat will no longer make you look like a detective from a bad TV show – or worse, a flasher. Now they are a staple in every fashionista’s wardrobe. 

Pairing a trench coat with grey sweatpants will elevate a casual look, to something a little more special. With many colors to choose from, you are sure to find a style and tone that suits your individual look.

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Beanie Hat

style grey sweatpants beanie hat

When it comes to styling a beanie with grey sweatpants, you can create a relaxed and sporty look that exudes effortless cool. 

Complete the look with a pair of white sneakers or athletic shoes for a cohesive and laid-back ensemble, perfect for running errands, casual outings, or simply embracing a sporty aesthetic. 

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Crop Top

style grey sweatpants crop top

Create a playful and trendy style by pairing your grey sweatpants with a fashionable crop top. The cropped length of the top adds a touch of allure to the casual sweatpants, creating a fun and youthful outfit that's great for summer or warmer days.

Consider topping the look off with a chunky shoe for a top baddie attitude.

Here’s a list of some of the best affordable and sustainable crop tops around.

Denim Jacket 

style grey sweatpants denim jacket

Add a touch of casual coolness to your grey sweatpants by pairing them with a classic denim jacket. The combination of the relaxed sweatpants and the timeless denim jacket creates a laid-back and stylish outfit suitable for everyday wear.

You could pair with the aforementioned crop top, a tight tee, or even a bralette if you’re feeling daring. Whatever the look you choose, you are sure to look amazing with a denim jacket over it.

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Chunky Sweater

style grey sweatpants chunky sweater

Stay cozy and on-trend by wearing a chunky sweater with your grey sweatpants. The oversized and warm nature of the sweater complements the comfort of the sweatpants, creating a stylish and comfortable look that's perfect for cooler weather.

Experiment with contrasting colors to look on fleek.

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style grey sweatpants blazer

The back-to-school look was one of 2022’s hottest trends, and boy are we lucky, it’s still going strong. Elevate your grey sweatpants to a more sophisticated level by layering them with a tailored blazer. 

The blazer adds structure and a touch of refinement to the relaxed sweatpants, resulting in a stylish and modern look.

Here is our selection of the best recycled blazers.

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