A pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in the care of children. As a professional, it is best to dress accordingly. Pediatricians generally appear well-dressed in corporate attire, scrubs, or lab coats.

Most pair their outfits with colorful and attractive accessories to help their younger patients feel comfortable. What they wear to work, however, depends on the setting in which they work.

In this article, we will discuss the work outfits and accessories that pediatricians put on.

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Male Pediatrician Work Outfits

Male pediatricians usually appear neat and professional. It helps to build self-confidence. It also gives him a high sense of esteem that he looks the part.

Some work outfits for male pediatricians include:

Button-down Shirts and Plain Trousers

pediatrician work outfit shirt

It is a go-to outfit for many male pediatricians. Some may complement this with a suit, a tie, or both.

This outfit is best for office settings where consultations occur. Some pediatricians put on colorful pins and ties to attract the attention of younger patients.

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pediatrician work outfit scrub

The scrub is quite common among male pediatricians. Scrubs are comfortable and preferred in a hospital setting. It is usually a uniform and protective wear to prevent occupational stains on their regular clothes.

Most pediatricians wear colorful scrubs to make younger patients feel comfortable around them.

Lab Coats

pediatrician work outfit coat

The lab coat, also called the ward coat, is one of the oldest outfits worn by doctors. It is usually white and best worn over casual wear, corporate wear, or scrubs.

Lab coats also serve as protective wear to prevent fluids (like blood) from touching their clothes or skin.

Female Pediatrician Work Outfits

Female Pediatricians, like the males, dress as professionals. They also appear corporate and well-organized. Looking good as a female pediatrician is paramount, as it helps build a sense of professionalism when seeing patients at work.

Some work outfits for female pediatricians include:

Blouse and Slacks

pediatrician work outfit blouse

This outfit is very formal and elegant. It works for most Female Pediatricians to give off a confident and professional look. Some may pair this outfit with a blazer, scarf, or both.

It is a power combo that makes your patients and colleagues feel confident in you. This look is best suitable for female pediatricians working in an office setting.

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Blouse and Skirt

pediatrician work outfit skirt

This outfit is quite similar to the Blouse and Slacks look. This look is pretty, professional, and feminine. It is best suitable for an office setting as well.

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Corporate Dresses

pediatrician work outfit dress

Dresses are also good options for work outfits. Formal dresses are for the workplace. This look is easy to put together with no need to worry about color combinations.

These dresses look professional and feminine. They are the top choice for most female pediatricians.

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pediatrician work outfit scrub

Scrubs are comfortable options for female pediatricians in their workplaces.

This outfit is best suitable for hospital settings. Scrubs protect your regular clothes from occupational stains (e.g. patient’s bodily fluids) and also as a uniform.

Some pediatricians prefer colorful scrubs as it is attractive to younger patients.

Lab Coat

pediatrician work outfit coat

The lab coat is a traditional uniform for doctors. Over the years, the lab coat had been one of the symbols used to identify doctors.

Female pediatricians may wear a lab coat over their regular clothes or scrubs at work. It also serves as protection from occupational stains such as blood stains.

Shoes Worn by Pediatricians

Pediatricians wear different kinds of shoes to work for various reasons. The main focus when selecting work shoes for a pediatrician should be comfort. Wearing uncomfortable shoes at work will only slow them down as the profession requires some form of movement to examine patients.

Common shoe choices for male pediatricians include the following:

Dress shoes

pediatrician work outfit shoes

Dress shoes are popular work shoes among male pediatricians. This shoe is formal and best to pair with a button-up shirt and trousers. It is a good option if you’re working in an office setting and want to look as professional as possible.


loafers pediatrician work outfit

These are more casual options for work. They are usually comfortable and sleek. Loafers are top choices amongst male pediatricians. They are versatile and paired with a variety of outfits.


sneakers pediatrician work outfit

Sneakers are great options for comfort and style. Male pediatricians often go for this to give a more casual appearance. Sneakers are versatile and are great with formal or casual outfits and even scrubs.

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pediatrician work outfit crocs

Crocs are comfortable footwear doctors wear while in the hospital. They are best with scrubs. It is said to help them move faster, easier, and unhindered. This footwear is best suited for the hospital setting.

Common shoe worn by female pediatricians include the following:


pediatrician work outfit heels

Heels are classy, elegant, and perfect on all formal wear. Heels look professional and match with several corporate and even casual wear. Most Female Pediatricians go for more comfortable heels due to the nature of their job.

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pediatrician work outfit flats

Flats are more comfortable alternatives to heels. With this footwear, you don’t need to worry about balance or foot pain after standing for a while. Flats are also very versatile and are great with different outfits.

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sneakers pediatrician work outfit

Sneakers are great options for comfort and style. They are versatile and are good with several outfits. Sneakers are best with scrubs.


crocs pediatrician work outfit

Crocs are great options for comfort and easy movement. It is best with scrubs.

Accessories Pediatricians Use

Pediatricians have tools or accessories they carry around their workplace. Some of these accessories include:

The stethoscope

pediatrician work outfit stethoscope

The Stethoscope is a tool used to listen to body sounds like the heartbeat, breathing, etc.

Pediatricians usually hang this around their necks or place it on their tables. It is a good tool for pediatricians. Some pediatricians may attach colorful stickers or toys to their stethoscopes to attract the attention of younger patients.

Other accessories

Other accessories pediatricians use are: otoscopes, wooden tongue depressors, patella hammers, blood pressure cuffs, etc.

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