When it comes to relationships, communication is key.

In general, it is wrong for your boyfriend to tell you what to wear, as everyone should be able to decide for themselves. However, it is very important to see the difference between a controlling boyfriend who repeatedly tries to influence your fashion choices and a concerned boyfriend who offers honest and well-intended fashion advice. Even if you find yourself in the second situation, it should still be up to you to take his advice or not.

In this article, we will look at the reasons why people feel entitled to offer their opinions about other people's fashion choices, the best ways to react when this happens, as well as a capsule wardrobe that can help you look gorgeous in any situation. 

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Should my boyfriend tell me what to wear? Why?

Let's begin by reinforcing the idea that everyone should be able to express themselves through their fashion choices. It is neither normal nor healthy for your boyfriend to tell you what to wear.

There are many reasons why he might be doing that. It can be a cultural thing, you might have a controlling boyfriend, or he might just be well-intended, trying to help you with his advice.

The most important thing you can do is to try to determine if your boyfriend is controlling.

It is a major red flag if he humiliates or insults you because of your fashion choices and demands you to wear certain clothes.

Social norms

Should my boyfriend tell me what to wear? Social norms

Should my boyfriend tell me what to wear? social norms

Even if you are the only one who should have authority over how you dress, there are certain social norms to follow to ensure your outfits are always appropriate for the situation.

Think of completely different occasions. For example, jogging in the park, a job interview, a party, and a funeral will all require different outfits. Dressing according to social norms can help you make a great impression.

How to react

Should my boyfriend tell me what to wear? how to react

The best thing to do when your boyfriend tells you what to wear is to let him know how you feel about this. Don't forget that good communication doesn't mean arguing and can always be done respectfully.

Determining if your boyfriend is controlling or just wants to offer advice can help you decide whether you want to continue your relationship or not. It is up to you if you want to wait and see if it happens again after you communicate about your feelings.

To be well dressed you should find your style and build a versatile wardrobe with clothing items that you love.

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Special occasion dress

Should my boyfriend tell me what to wear? special occasion dress

Every woman should own at least one special occasion dress.

Whether you attend a formal dinner or a wedding as a guest, you need a beautiful and elegant dress that highlights your best features.

Here are the 20 best affordable and sustainable bridesmaid dresses.

Day dress

Should my boyfriend tell me what to wear? day dress

A simple dress that is intended to be worn during the day is a must-have! It can help you look effortlessly pretty and it is suitable for a large variety of occasions.

Don't forget to purchase yours from a sustainable brand.

Cocktail dress

Should my boyfriend tell me what to wear? cocktail dress

Suitable for smart social occasions, cocktail dresses can help you look attractive at any party. Complete your outfit with heels and beautiful jewelry.

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White shirt

Should my boyfriend tell me what to wear? white shirt

White shirts are the epitome of elegance. They can help you craft professional outfits in no time.

You can wear them with pants, pencil skirts, or dark jeans.

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Should my boyfriend tell me what to wear? jeans

Jeans are classic clothing items. They are stylish and versatile and will never go out of fashion.

You can wear them all year round in different combinations. Jeans are available in a wide variety of designs to suit any silhouette.

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Midi skirt

Should my boyfriend tell me what to wear? midi skirt

Midi skirts are perfect for many situations.

You can wear them to work, when going out with your friends, running errands, or on a date. They pair well with tank tops, T-shirts, cute blouses, shirts, and sweaters.

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Vegan leather jacket

Should my boyfriend tell me what to wear? vegan leather jacket

If you want to create a versatile wardrobe with a variety of clothing items that can help you look and feel fantastic, you need a vegan leather jacket.

It will add a touch of edginess to your outfits, making them interesting and fashionable.

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Should my boyfriend tell me what to wear? blazer

No capsule wardrobe is complete without a blazer.

No matter what dressing style you prefer, a blazer can help you instantly look more polished. You can wear it with formal clothes, but also with casual clothes for an extra touch of elegance.

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Basic top

Should my boyfriend tell me what to wear? basics

Basic clothes are very important because they are the foundation of a timeless and versatile wardrobe. They can come in handy whenever you don't know what to wear and don't have much time to create a fancy combination.

You can wear basic tops with jeans, shorts, or skirts.

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Should my boyfriend tell me what to wear? turtleneck

Turtlenecks are classic clothing items that should exist in everyone's wardrobe.

They are very easy to match with a variety of bottoms and they can easily be dressed up or down with the right accessories.

Thankfully, you can now purchase beautiful turtlenecks made from high-quality materials.

Are revealing clothes ok?

Should my boyfriend tell me what to wear? revealing clothes

When a guy has something to say about his girlfriend's fashion choices, it is often about revealing clothes. No matter if your boyfriend tells you to wear or to avoid revealing clothes, the final decision should always be yours.

However, you should keep in mind that wearing revealing clothes is not always appropriate. They are great for parties, but not for work environments.

Don't forget that you can look hot even if you are wearing simple, casual clothes.

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Flattering designs

Should my boyfriend tell me what to wear? flattering designs

If you want to be well dressed, apart from having a versatile wardrobe, you need to make sure that your clothes are in the right size for your body. Stay away from anything too tight or too large.

Simple designs are always the best. Avoid fast fashion trends that go out of style after one season and stick to timeless designs that you can enjoy for many years.

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