When undergoing a hip or chest X-ray, wearing appropriate clothes for accurate imaging and personal comfort is crucial. Make sure you remove metallic objects with metal elements, like jewelry and clothing.

Choose comfortable attire that allows unrestricted movement during position-holding and grants easy access to the targeted areas. This allows healthcare professionals to capture the necessary images efficiently.

Here you will learn the best outfits to wear during these vital procedures.

Let's dive in.

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A loose, flowy blouse

blouse chest x-ray outfit

A loose, flowy blouse provides easy access to the examined areas while maintaining comfort and privacy. It can be unbuttoned or pulled aside as needed for a chest X-ray examination.

Pair it with loose-fitting pants or a skirt with an elastic waistband to ensure unrestricted movement and a relaxed fit during the procedure.

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Joggers are ideal for hip or chest X-rays due to their comfort and flexibility. Their relaxed fit and elastic waistband allow for ease of movement during the procedure.

Joggers provide the necessary freedom to hold specific positions without constriction. You can pair them with a soft, stretchy t-shirt for a convenient and practical outfit. Layer a comfortable hoodie if it’s cold.

Here are the best sustainable sweatpants and joggers.


A button-up dress

button-up dress

A lightweight, button-up dress is another perfect option for a hip or chest X-ray since it is versatile and convenient. The button-down feature allows easy access to the targeted area while keeping your privacy. The lightweight fabric ensures breathability during the procedure.

Match the dress with comfortable slip-on shoes for easy removal and minimal interference. You can layer a cardigan or sweater to help you stay warm in case the medical facility is cooler.


Loose-fitting pants

Loose-fitting pants

You can wear loose-fitting pants for a hip X-ray because they are comfortable and flexible. They allow for easy access to the hip area being examined and ease of movement.

Pair the loose-fitting pants with a comfortable, stretchy t-shirt or tank top for optimal comfort during the procedure. Consider wearing slip-on shoes or sneakers for convenience and easy removal.


A loose-fitting t-shirt

loose-fitting t-shirt

A loose-fitting t-shirt is suitable for a chest X-ray due to its ease of access and comfort. It allows healthcare professionals to pull it down easily, facilitating clear imaging of the chest area.

Pairing the loose-fitting t-shirt with comfortable, loose pants or shorts gives you easy movement during the procedure. Opt for slip-on shoes to ensure convenience and quick removal if necessary.


A flowy maxi dress

flowy maxi dress

A flowy maxi dress with a front button closure lets you have a smooth and efficient hip or chest X-ray. The front button closure allows easy opening and ensures the targeted area can be exposed for imaging.

The flowy design of the dress provides comfort and freedom of movement during the procedure. You can pair it with comfortable slip-on shoes or sandals for easy removal and minimal interference.

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Button-up shirt

Button-up shirt

An oversized button-up shirt is a practical option to wear to a chest X-ray. The buttons allow healthcare professionals to expose the chest area for accurate imaging.

Match it with comfortable, loose-fitting pants or a skirt with an elastic waistband for easy movement. Besides, wear sandals for more convenience.

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Loose-fitting shorts

Loose-fitting shorts

Loose-fitting shorts enable a seamless hip X-ray, letting the healthcare professionals position you accurately. They are comfortable and allow for unrestricted mobility during the procedure. Pair them with a soft, breathable t-shirt or tank top for optimal comfort. Put on slip-on shoes or sneakers for easy removal.

A loose tank top

loose tank top

A loose tank top ensures an efficient hip or chest X-ray while prioritizing your comfort. It allows the healthcare professional to access the targeted area without interfering with privacy.

You can match it with loose-fitting pants or shorts with an elastic waistband and slip-on shoes for easy movement.


Comfy sweatpants

sweatpants xray outfits

Comfy sweatpants give you a comfortable experience during the hip X-ray examination. They provide ample room for movement and positioning during the procedure. Pairing them with a soft, loose-fitting t-shirt, hoodie, and slip-on shoes guarantees ultimate comfort.


A loose-fitting tunic top

fitting tunic top

The loose-fitting tunic top provides great flexibility needed during a hip or chest X-ray. The loose fit of a tunic top enables effortless access to the targeted area without compromising your privacy. Pair it with comfortable, loose-fitting pants or leggings for easy movement and convenience.


A loose-fitting skirt

loose-fitting skirt

A loose-fitting skirt with an elastic waistband is ideal for a hip X-ray due to its comfort and ease of access. It allows unrestricted movement and lets healthcare professionals position you accurately.

Match it with a soft, breathable blouse or a loose-fitting t-shirt for optimal comfort. Wear comfortable slip-on shoes or sandals.

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Dungarees  xray outfit

You can also wear a dungaree for a hip or chest X-ray, as they are versatile and convenient. They offer easy access to the targeted area while ensuring you are comfortable. Pair them with a soft, breathable t-shirt or a fitted top for a balanced look. Put on sneakers or slip-on shoes for convenience.



Culottes hip chest xray wear

Culottes offers a practical and comfortable outfit for a seamless hip X-ray. They are flexible and ensures the healthcare professional position you well for efficient imaging.

Pairing them with a loose, lightweight blouse or a relaxed-fit t-shirt ensures you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. Opt for comfortable sandals or slip-on shoes for more convenience.


A stretchy, ribbed dress

ribbed dress hip chest xray

A stretchy, ribbed dress is the perfect hip or chest X-ray choice due to its comfort and flexibility. It allows for easy movement and provides a form-fitting yet breathable option. Match it with comfortable slip-on shoes or sandals for convenience and ease of removal.


Bottom line

A hip and chest X-ray are crucial procedures requiring accurate and clear images. Therefore, you must choose appropriate attires that won’t hinder the procedure. Select comfortable outfits that offer easy access to the targeted areas while observing your privacy.

Loose-fitting clothing allows unrestricted movement, while soft and breathable materials promote comfort during the procedure. Avoid bras with metal components or underwires, as they can interfere with imaging.

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