Gothic fashion is dark, romantic, and has a dramatic effect. There are a lot of variations to the Gothic style, and while some Goths prefer a more traditional Gothic aesthetic, others go towards the cyber, the Victorian, or the Lolita style. Therefore, your attire can combine a large number of styles and still be Goth. It is up to you to choose what feels good, but with this article, we aim to provide guidance regarding the perfect Goth outfits for a date, no matter which type of Goth style you love.

You can now shop environmentally friendly Goth fashion. You can buy your clothes from brands that do exclusively alternative fashion, but also from regular brands - if you are patient enough to scroll through their products, you can find hidden gems that will make your outfit unique.

Take inspiration from our beautiful outfit suggestions that your date partner will love!

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White blouses

goth date outfit blouse

A white blouse should be in everyone's wardrobe. It is a classic piece that can often come in handy, and the occasion of a date is no exception.

You can go for a Victorian-inspired one, with added lace details.

Buy your next blouse from an ethical brand!

Mini skirts

goth date outfit skirt

You can create a very attractive outfit that shows off your legs by wearing a miniskirt.

Add your favorite top and accessories and you are good to go!

Check out these eco-friendly options.

Maxi skirts

goth date outfit maxi skirt

If mini skirts are not your thing, then you should consider wearing a maxi skirt on your date. It will give you a sophisticated air and can be perfect for a walk.

Take a look at our beautiful recommendations here.

Tulle dresses

goth date outfit tulle dress

Tulle dresses are a great choice if you want to stand out.

goth date outfit dress

You can wear them with boots or with heels, and a cool jacket, either made from denim or eco-leather.

Check out these brands that make affordable dresses for special occasions.

T-shirt dresses

goth date outfit t-shirt dress

If being comfortable is your main priority and you are going for a more relaxed look, a T-shirt dress is your ideal Goth date outfit!

You can easily match it with your favorite footwear and jacket, and your outfit is ready!

We recommend shopping for an organic cotton T-shirt dress.

Bodycon dresses

goth date outfit bodycon dress

Bodycon dresses are great if you want to show confidence in very sexy attire. This is a daring choice.

Just make sure to pick the right size for your body, to avoid a baggy or very constrictive look.

Shop for fair trade dresses from these beautiful brands.

Off-shoulder tops

goth date outfit off-shoulder top

They are extremely flattering for any body type and very modern. They look fantastic with shorts or skirts and are ideal if you want to be sexy without showing too much of your body.

goth date outfit top

You can now buy a high-quality top made responsibly out of hemp.

Crop tops

goth date outfit crop top

The definition of non-formal and modern, crop tops are gorgeous easy grabs for your summer date outfit.

You can wear them with low or high-waist jeans or skirts, depending on how much skin you want to show. Both choices are great and will create a feminine outfit!

Here you have our selection of affordable, eco-friendly crop tops.


goth date outfit jeans

Jeans are some of the most versatile clothing pieces ever.
They look very attractive and you can wear them almost no matter where your date is taking you.

Buy a pair of organic cotton jeans made with high standards, that will last you a long time. As for the color, we recommend a black or gray pair that will be an easy match for most of your tops and blouses.

Band tank tops

goth date outfit band top

Goths have band T-shirts in their wardrobe and a date is a perfect occasion to wear yours.

They can even be a conversation starter during the date.

To be sustainable, buy yours second-hand. Here are some great apps for awesome vintage clothing.


goth date outfit hoodie

They are stylish, help you stay warm, and create a relaxed look. For your date outfit, you can wear a hoodie and a mini skirt, plus your favorite accessories.

Get your sustainable and affordable hoodie from one of these brands.

Contrast color collars

goth date outfit collar

A black top or dress with a round white collar is a very elegant option, that will accentuate your best facial features and make-up if you decide to wear any.

They look stylish and require minimal effort.

Take a look at these alternative ethical brands to find yours!


goth date outfit leggings

Yes, you can wear leggings as a Goth.

If you are going to spend time in nature and you need your legs to be protected, a pair of beautiful leggings will show off your best features while allowing you to feel great!

Here is a link to our article about sustainable leggings.

Fishnet tights

goth date outfit tights

Fishnet tights are a must in a Goth girl's wardrobe!

They add a final touch to your entire outfit and can be worn with almost anything - dresses, skirts, denim shorts, or cut-out jeans.

Great news! Your tights can now be eco-friendly. Check out our recommended brands here.

Cinch belts

goth date outfit belt

Another item that can complete your Goth looks perfectly is a cinch belt. Wear yours with a dress, tights, and boots!

Here are some vegan belt brands from which you can shop.

Black boots

goth date outfit boots

You can successfully rock a pair of black boots on your date. No matter if you choose a dress, a skirt, or even shorts, they will perfectly integrate into your outfit.

goth date outfit flat boots

You can go for chunky heeled boots or utility ones, depending on how comfortable you feel wearing them. We recommend prioritizing comfort, especially if you have to walk a lot since you will spend a few good hours in your footwear during the date.

Shop vegan leather boots from one of these eco-friendly brands.


goth date outfit hat

Accessorize your awesome outfit with a black hat that will add elegance and mystery to your look!

Check out some of the best environmentally friendly brands here.


goth date outfit jewelry

Don't be shy and wear jewelry! A statement necklace and some beautiful earrings will make your outfit complete and will show that you put a lot of effort into choosing your date attire.

goth date outfit earrings

Buy sustainable jewelry from brands that care about the environment.

Hair accessories

goth date outfit hair accessory

As a girl, your hair is very important, and wearing the right accessories can make a big difference.

You can choose some cute hair clips, a hair bow, or a statement floral headpiece.

Make your choice sustainable and shop from one of these brands.

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