If you're wondering what to wear to a fundraising event, you are in the right place!

First and foremost it is extremely important to know the type of event you are going to attend because they often require completely different outfits. For example, a gala is a fantastic opportunity to wear a gown, while an outdoor event requires more relaxed attire.

Sounds complicated, doesn't it?! Nothing to worry about! In this article, we cover a variety of options so that you can be the best dress at any fundraiser party. Keep reading to discover our best tips.

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Fundraiser party outfits shirt

Shirts are great for any type of fundraiser party.

If you will attend an outdoor party, for example, a garden party, you should go for a more relaxed design. For an upscale, evening event you can choose a crisp white shirt.

It's very important to remember to choose high-quality and sustainable materials that are gentle with your skin and allow you to have a fantastic time.

Check out our sustainable recommendations.

Polo shirt

Fundraiser party outfits polo shirt

For outdoor parties, comfy polo shirts can be great options. You can wear them with jeans or trousers.

Polo shirts are comfortable and easy to wear. They can come in handy if you need a breathable and cozy outfit that also looks cool.

Let yourself be inspired by these sustainable brands.


Fundraiser party outfits jeans

Last but not least, for relaxed environments, jeans are fabulous. They are available in a variety of colors and designs and it is extremely easy to find a pair of jeans that looks flattering on your silhouette.

Stick to simple designs and avoid acid-washed and distressed jeans. Dress your jeans up with a beautiful shirt.

Discover the best affordable and sustainable jeans.

Dressy blouses

Fundraiser party outfits blouses

We've talked about outdoor fundraising events. Now we need to focus on upscale locations that require a more elegant attire.

A cute, dressy blouse is a fantastic option for a beautiful and timeless look. Keep it simple and don't go for blouses featuring loud prints. A monochrome blouse is always more elegant and easier to match with your other clothing items.

Complete your outfit with a pencil skirt or a pair of pants.

For more fashion inspiration, check out the 15 best affordable and ethical blouses.

Contrast collar

Fundraiser party outfits contrast collar

Choose a top featuring a contrast collar if you want to be stylish.

The classy black-and-white combination is an amazing way to craft a beautiful and versatile outfit.

Let yourself be inspired by these affordable and timeless clothing brands.


Fundraiser party outfits pants

Pants should be one of your go-to options when it comes to elegant attire. That's because you can't go wrong with a well-fitted pair of pants and a shirt.

For a fundraiser party, we recommend adding a blazer as well.

Discover the cutest, comfiest, and cheapest organic cotton pants.


Fundraiser party outfits suits

Both men and women can wear a suit to a fundraiser party. This conservative and spotless look is perfect for formal events.

Great news! You can now purchase high-quality suits made entirely from durable and ethically sourced materials.

When buying a new suit, you should think of its versatility. Don't purchase one with just the fundraiser party in mind.

Shop smart and think of the many future occasions when you will be able to wear your suit. Choose colors and designs that can be worn in many situations and that don't easily go out of fashion.

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Fundraiser party outfits white clothes

Dress to impress in a stylish all-white outfit! You can wear a white maxi dress, or a combination made from a cute top and a pair of pants.

All-white outfits are great for daytime events. You don't need complicated designs to look fantastic.

Always go for high-quality materials that are soft and breathable.

If you want to learn more about eco-friendly fabrics, read our article.

Midi dresses

Fundraiser party outfits midi dress

Midi dresses flatter any type of silhouette and any height. They are easy to wear and accessorize, allowing you endless styling options.

Get ready to shine at the party with a beautiful and sustainable midi dress.


Fundraiser party outfits gowns

If the fundraiser party is taking place in a high-end establishment, women should wear a gown.

If you don't own a gown yet, we encourage you to purchase one because they are perfect for a wide variety of formal events and this means you'll be covered whenever you have to attend one. Moreover, gowns can easily be altered to the wearer's specific needs.

Make sure to choose a well-fitted gown that feels comfortable and gives you a confidence boost. Remember: No matter how beautiful a dress is, if it's uncomfortable it will show!

Discover the 10 best recycled dresses and gowns for unique looks.

Slip dress

Fundraiser party outfits slip dress

Choose a maxi slip dress for a sophisticated look. Complete your outfit with statement jewelry and beautiful heels.

Here are the 20 best sustainable slip dresses.

Black dresses

Fundraiser party outfits black dress

Black is probably the most versatile color. It adds a mysterious vibe to your outfit, it is extremely elegant and it will never go out of style.

Fundraising events should be all about raising awareness and donations to support a mission. This is why, although your outfit should be elegant, it shouldn't be anything over the top.

You can easily achieve a fabulous, yet simple look with a black dress.
Even better, you can make your choice sustainable!


Fundraiser party outfits jewelry

Accessorize your party outfit with beautiful jewelry. Many sustainable brands create amazing pieces from eco-responsible materials.

Discover our favorites right away.


Fundraiser party outfits sandals

If you choose to wear an elegant outfit, you need a pair of shoes or sandals that beautifully complete it.

If you aren't comfortable with high heels, try block heels instead because they provide more balance.

The best heels are stylish, affordable, and eco-friendly.

For outdoor events stick to fashionable and comfortable flats.


Fundraiser party outfits don'ts

Never overdo it when it comes to fundraiser parties. Avoid wearing bright makeup, big prints, visible brand logos, and revealing clothes.

Your outfit should highlight your best qualities and boost your confidence, but it shouldn't feature any excessive details.

Try to mix conservative fashion with modern trends to obtain an appropriate look that you love. If you like this article, share it with your friends!

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