For women over 60, fall is the perfect time to update your wardrobe and embrace new, sustainable trends.

Fall is all about warmth and richness. You want your autumnal wardrobe to reflect that. The perfect fall outfits for women over 60 are cozy ensembles that make you feel comfortable and effortlessly chic.

A big part of building a sustainable fall capsule wardrobe is focusing on transitional pieces. Items like blazers, turtlenecks, and jeans are perfect for layering in the unpredictable fall temperatures. 

Whether you’re looking for a warm outfit to wear on a leisurely walk through the park or an ensemble for a weekend brunch, we've got you covered with styles that promise to keep you looking fabulous all season long.

Here are 15+ essential fall outfits for women over 60.

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A Cozy Sweater & Tailored Trousers

fall outfit over 60 sweater trousers

A soft, sustainably made sweater paired with well-fitting trousers offers warmth and sophistication for any fall day. 

Sweaters in neutral tones work well because they are versatile, elegant, and understated.

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A Trendy Trench Coat & Jeans

fall outfit over 60 trench coat

Layer a classic trench coat over dark-wash jeans for a chic, everyday look. 

This look is versatile for fall because you can layer, mix, and match according to the weather. 

Add ankle boots and a chic handbag for a touch of elegance.

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A Knit Dress & Tights

fall outfit over 60 knit dress

A cozy knit dress paired with opaque tights and knee-high boots is stylish and comfortable.

A knit dress will keep you warm but effortlessly chic when fall temperatures drop. 

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A Sweater Vest & Button-Down Shirt

fall outfit over 60 sweater vest

A sweater vest over a crisp button-down shirt is a cozy outfit option that looks put-together and professional. 

A sweater vest is a creative way to add some flair to your fall wardrobe. Complete your look with tailored trousers or a midi skirt. 

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A Denim Jacket & Midi Dress

fall outfit over 60 denim jacket

Add some youthful energy to your fall wardrobe with a denim jacket and midi dress. 

This look is fun, casual, and perfect for the transitional weather of autumn. Dress up this cute outfit with ballet flats and a lightweight scarf. 

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A Wrap Dress & Knee-High Boots

fall outfit over 60 wrap dress
fall outfit over 60 boots

A wrap dress is a timeless, classic staple every woman over 60 should have in her closet. 

A wrap dress looks fantastic on every body type. Plus, its comfortable silhouette is an excellent choice for any occasion. 

Complete this fall outfit with knee-high boots, tights, and a blazer. 

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A Tweed Blazer & Black Jeans

fall outfit over 60 blazer

A tweed blazer adds a fun twist to a wardrobe classic. Layer a scholarly tweed blazer with black jeans and an elegant blouse. 

A blazer is perfect for fall because it provides warmth but is still lightweight enough for warmer days. Black jeans add a neutral touch of class to this chic look. 

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A Warm Sweater & Comfortable Joggers

fall outfit over 60 sweater joggers

Get cozy on a fall night with a pullover sweater and comfortable joggers. 

A fleece sweater and joggers are perfect for autumn days spent lounging around the house or doing yard work. 

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A Boat-Neck Sweater & Classic Jeans

fall outfit over 60 boatneck sweater

A boat-neck sweater with classic jeans is an easy way to stay chic and warm this fall. 

A boat-neck sweater adds a European flair to any outfit. Layer your look with a scarf, ankle boots, and dark-wash denim. 

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A Vibrant Shawl & Matching Blouse

fall outfit over 60 scarf shawl

Add a pop of color to your fall wardrobe with a vibrant shawl and color-coordinated blouse. 

Layering a colorful shawl over your favorite outfit is a great way to incorporate your favorite colors into an outfit. 

Wear a floral fringe shawl over a neutral blouse or a watercolor scarf over a pastel button-up. 

A Loose Blouse & Plaid Pants

fall outfit over 60 blouse

A fall wardrobe for women over 60 is all about transitional pieces. Wear a loose, breezy blouse with plaid pants and boots. 

This outfit is easily layered with a blazer or sweater if necessary, but it stands on its own as a cozy, relaxed outfit. 

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Play with Patterns

colorful fall outfits over 60

Women over 60 shouldn’t be afraid to incorporate bold patterns and bright colors into their wardrobe. 

Add fun patterns like florals, plaid, and polka dots to your fall outfits. An easy way to do this is by building an outfit around one piece with a bold pattern or bright color. 

For example, wear a bright blue dress with a neutral cardigan and black ballet flats. Pair a loose black blouse with plaid trousers or a gray knit dress with a bright floral scarf. The possibilities are endless. 

A Sweater & Cargo Pants

fall outfit over 60 cargo pants

Who says the latest trends are only for kids? A pair of slim-fit cargo pants are perfect for the more daring among us. 

Look for a pair of cargo pants that are slim-fit, tailored, and hemmed at the ankle. A subtle camouflage print paired with a cream pullover sweater is the perfect match. 

This fall outfit is an easy way to update your wardrobe while remaining comfortable and age-appropriate.

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A Shift Dress & Statement Jewelry

fall outfit over 60 jewelry dress

Show your creative side with a classic shift dress paired with a statement necklace or bold earrings. 

You can wear a shift dress with a colorful pattern or stick with neutrals to really make your statement jewelry pop. This look is all about self-expression. 

A Turtleneck & Pencil Skirt

fall outfit over 60 turtleneck

For a classy, dressed-up look, go with a warm turtleneck and pencil skirt. 

This classic silhouette is perfect for date nights, semi-formal dinners, and holidays. Complete your look with low heels and a coat. 

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A Black Long-Sleeve Tee & Relaxed Jeans

fall outfit over 60 black shirt

A black long-sleeve t-shirt and jeans make an excellent casual fall outfit. 

Accessorize this outfit with a crossbody bag, sneakers, and simple earrings. You’ll be ready for anything, from running errands to park parties with the grandkids. 

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A Puffer Jacket & Leggings

fall outfit over 60 puffer jacket

A puffer jacket is perfect if you’re sensitive to chilly fall weather. 

Create a casual and comfortable outfit with black leggings and a stretchy T-shirt. You are guaranteed to look put-together while remaining comfortable. 

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