As a mom you're always in a hurry, always busy, and more often than not there is no time left for you to spend choosing your outfit.
We're here to help, and we have a gorgeous selection for you. Keep reading to discover amazing and versatile outfits to wear in winter!

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Knit dresses

Cute mom outfits for winter knit dresses

You can look feminine and feel fantastic even when it is cold outside!

Choose a beautiful knit dress. They look great on any body type, they keep you warm, and you can always accessorize if you feel like making your outfit even more interesting.

Here is our selection of affordable ethically-made knit dresses.

Sweater vests

Cute mom outfits for winter vests

You can turn any cute blouse or shirt into winter attire by adding a sweater vest.

They look great, they are very cozy and they are available in many colors.
Another advantage is that sweater vests usually have a relaxed fit that allows plenty of movement.

Do not hesitate to wear a cute and sustainable sweater vest!

Trench coats

Cute mom outfits for winter trench coats

When winter begins, as well as when it ends, depending on where you live, temperatures may not be that low, and it is the perfect time to wear a trench coat.

Trench coats are very stylish, they go well with both elegant and casual outfits, and they are perfect for moms because of their versatility.

Take a look at the best affordable and sustainable trench coats.

Winter coats

Cute mom outfits for winter winter coats

If it's cold, complete any outfit with a winter coat to protect you from the cold temperatures.

They look gorgeous, and they will allow you to feel comfortable while outside with your kids.

Check out our sustainable recommendations.


Cute mom outfits for winter sweaters

Sweaters are versatile, they can be worn casually with jeans or trousers, or you can integrate them into more elegant outfits.

Choose a sustainable sweater in the color you love!


Cute mom outfits for winter turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are classy clothing items that never go out of fashion. They are the perfect cute and practical top for a comfy outfit. You will be cozy and warm, and scarves will no longer be needed!

Fantastic news: turtlenecks can now be sustainable, and they're also affordable!

Cute basics

Cute mom outfits for winter basics

T-shirts, bodysuits, and tank tops in neutral colors are always great additions to any wardrobe.

That's because basics are the foundation of great outfits, and since in winter you need to layer a lot of clothes, they're great pieces!

Discover amazing Scandinavian brands for the cutest sustainable basics!


Cute mom outfits for winter sweatshirts

Wear a sweatshirt as everyday wear when running errands or playing with your kids.

You can choose a cute color, such as pink, and you can wear it with jeans, trousers or sweatpants.

Check out these beautiful and practical ethically-made sweatshirts.


Cute mom outfits for winter jeans

Jens are no-brainers when it comes to relaxed, but cute outfits.

You can wear them in many combinations, and you can also wear them all year round - that is why you should invest in a high-quality pair, that is in the right size for your body.

Here are our eco-friendly recommendations.


Cute mom outfits for winter leggings

Leggings became part of fashion in 1960 and because they are so comfortable and easy to wear they've been trendy ever since!

Wear them with sweaters, cardigans, and sweatshirts for a cute and comfy look.
Check out our article about sustainable leggings.


Cute mom outfits for winter skirts

Skirts are beautiful and can be both elegant and laid back. They're available in thicker materials that are just perfect for cold days!

You can create amazing and comfortable outfits by adding turtlenecks or sweaters, tights, and boots.

Take a look at our sustainable selection.


Cute mom outfits for winter scarves

Scarves are very practical during winter because they protect your neck and chest from the cold.

They can also be the spot of color your outfit needs and they're super fun to wear!

Take a look at these affordable and sustainable scarves!


Cute mom outfits for winter boots

The best shoes to wear during winter as a mom are, by far, boots. They are comfortable, easy to match with any outfit and they also allow you a lot of freedom to play and walk.

They will also protect your feet in the rain and snow.

If you need shopping suggestions, we've got you covered!


Cute mom outfits for winter beanies

Beanies protect your head and they also look cool!

You can choose to wear one that matches the colors of your outfit, or you can go for a very bright color. Either way, beanies are cute, and they're of great use for moms because we all know how much kids love staying outside!

Your beanie can now be eco-friendly and sustainable.


Cute mom outfits for winter backpacks

Backpacks need no introduction!

They are great because you can fit a lot of things in them. They also allow your hands to be free.

Discover beautiful backpacks that are both vegan and affordable.

Cute party dresses

Cute mom outfits for winter party dress

We can't talk about winter outfits without remembering that it is the holiday season and most of us attend at least one party.

You should be ready both for a kids' party and for an adults' party.
You can rock the same dress on both occasions if you choose it carefully.
Make sure your dress is in the right size for your body.

Choose a flattering cut that is not too tight, because this way it will allow more movement and airflow. And last but not least, go for a color that is easy to match with your other clothes - in winter you will have to add extra layers, such as cardigans, coats, and tights, that is why the color of your dress is very important!

Take a look at our sustainable selection.

Cute mom-to-be maternity dresses

Cute mom outfits for winter maternity dress

You can now look and feel cute in one of these sustainable maternity dresses.

They have amazing prints, inspired by African fashion, and you can wear them in winter too. Just add your favorite sweater or cardigan and you've got a super cute outfit!


Cute mom outfits for winter tights

Tights are mandatory in a cute mom's wardrobe. They allow you to wear your favorite skirts and dresses during the cold season without worrying about the temperatures.

These supportive, comfy, and eco-friendly clothing items can also have a fashionable purpose - choose colorful tights that will make your outfit more stylish!

Summing up

Cute mom outfits for winter summing up

You can be a cool mom who has the cutest outfits, and it is easier than it sounds!

Make sure you have a capsule wardrobe made of basics that you can rotate to create different outfits. You should then have a few pieces that reflect your style and personality - maybe a colorful scarf, a pair of distressed jeans, some accessories, or a pair of colorful tights.

Play with them until you find the combinations that feel best! Share this article with your friends if you like our tips!

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