Are you planning to take a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) course and wondering what to wear to a CPR class? Relax! We got you covered. When going for a CPR class, dress as comfortably as possible. The class entails a lot of physical activities; hence ensure you wear loose-fitting attire that enables you to move freely.

Don’t wear tight clothing, dresses, or skirts that may hinder your movements or actions. Besides, wear protective shoes like closed-toes shoes and avoid heels since they may make standing or moving around difficult.

Here are some of the outfit ideas of what to wear when attending a CPR class:


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Athletic attire

athletic attire cpr class wear

Athletic outfits are the most appropriate clothing to wear to a CPR class. They are comfortable and skin-friendly and will keep you warm when it’s cold. They are also breathable, lightweight, and designed to wick sweat, keeping your body cool and dry during the class.

In addition, athletic attire like these 15 best affordable sweatpants fit snugly and can’t snag on objects or catch on equipment, thus avoiding falling or tripping. Pair your athletic apparel with a watch and closed-toe athletic shoes.


A breathable t-shirt

breathable t-shirt cpr class wear 

A breathable t-shirt is another perfect option to wear to a CPR class. It is ideal to wear during summer as it will help regulate your body temperature and prevent overheating during strenuous activity. Match a safe and effective CPR lesson with a comfortable, flexible t-shirt, patterned pants, and sneakers.


A polo shirt

polo shirt cpr class wear

If you want a classic yet comfortable outfit for a CPR class, a polo shirt is the best choice. It is comfortable and versatile, allowing you to move freely during the class’s activities.

A polo shirt is also breathable and offers better upper body coverage. Pair your polo shirt with comfortable slacks, athletic pants, cargo pants, and closed-toe athletic shoes.



Leggings cpr class wear

Leggings are a popular choice for a CPR class since they are flexible, comfortable, and give you ease of mobility during the session’s physical demands. They are also stretchy for a snug fit and breathable to control your body temperature during class.

Match the leggings with a breathable top tank or t-shirt, a lightweight sweatshirt or jacket, and sneakers.

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Yoga pants

Yoga pants cpr class wear

Yoga pants are an excellent option for a CPR class. They are flexible, comfortable, lightweight, and offers a full range of motion during CPR practical.

Yoga pants will also keep you cool and dry throughout the session as they are breathable and stretchy. Pair the pants with a loose t-shirt, a tank top, and running shoes for a more relaxed outfit.


Cargo pants

Cargo pants cpr class wear

Cargo pants are perfect for students who want to remain trendy but comfortable during CPR class. They have pockets ideal for carrying CPR-related materials such as masks, gloves, or scissors.

For instance, these affordable and sustainable cargo pants are also comfortable to wear all day since they are breathable. They are also inexpensive, comfortable, fashionable, and ethically made from eco-friendly fabrics.

Match it with a lightweight t-shirt, a jacket, and cross-training shoes for support and safety during the CPR lesson.



Jeans cpr class wear

Jeans are a suitable and popular option for many students who attend CPR lessons. Most jeans are durable and comfortable to walk with. However, ensure you wear jeans that are not too tight or restricting, as this can hinder movement and make performing CPR more difficult. Pair them with a breathable t-shirt, a denim jacket, and running shoes.



Jumpsuit cpr class wear

You can also wear a jumpsuit to a CPR class. However, choose a loose-fitting jumpsuit made of breathable materials for ease of movement and comfort during the session’s physical activity. Pair your jumpsuit with sneakers and a lightweight sweatshirt or jacket on a chilly day.

Here are the best organic cotton jumpsuits to look fashionable and feel comfortable in a CPR class.


A Hooded sweatshirt

Hooded sweatshirt cpr class wear

A hooded sweatshirt is another great outfit to wear when attending CPR class. It is ideal to wear during cooler weather or winter since it provides warmth and upper body protection. The sweatshirt also helps to cover your neck and head as well.

Pair it with a lightweight tank top, t-shirt, jeans, leggings, yoga pants, sweatpants, and closed-toe athletic shoes for a complete and comfortable look.


A racerback tank top

racerback tank top cpr class

A racerback tank top is a fantastic choice for a CPR class because it allows for a complete range of motion in the arms and shoulders, which is necessary during the session’s physical activities.

Furthermore, racerback tank tops are breathable and wick moisture, keeping your body cool throughout the class. Match your racerback tank top with leggings for ease of movement in the legs and a pair of sneakers for ideal support and safety during the class.



Sweatpants cpr class wear

Sweatpants are a versatile and comfortable alternative for a CPR session. They are loose-fitting and enable you to move freely during the class’s physical activity. Sweatpants are mostly made of lightweight, breathable materials that help control your body temperature and prevent overheating during class.

Match them with a breathable tank top, t-shirt, and closed-toe athletic shoes for a relaxed look. Layer a jacket for extra warmth during the winter months.


Breathable shoes

Breathable shoes  cpr class wear

Whenever you want to attend a CPR class, wear breathable shoes. These shoes allow for optimal ventilation and air circulation, reducing discomfort and sweating while performing physical activities.

Furthermore, breathable shoes are lightweight and flexible materials that might aid in movement and comfort during class. You can pair them with appropriate clothing like light leggings, jeans, cargo pants, sweatpants, and a breathable t-shirt or top.


A lightweight zip-up Jacket

zip up Jacket cpr class wear

A lightweight zip-up jacket is ideal if you want something comfortable to keep you warm throughout the CPR class. The zipper allows easy jacket removal if it becomes too warm during the class. Pair it with jeans, leggings, sweatpants, cargo pants, a t-shirt, a tank top, and sneakers.



When attending a CPR class, ensure you put your comfort first. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that will not limit your movements. Also, make sure you don’t wear any clothing or accessories, such as loose jewelry or constricting clothing, that may interfere with the efficiency of CPR. It’s good to dress per the class requirements and for your safety and comfort.


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