Are you going to attend a concert on date night? The best outfit you can wear depends a lot on the type of concert - while some of them allow a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing your clothes, others are strict and may even have a dress code.
Nothing to worry about, we're here to help! Keep reading to discover the best concert date night outfits, no matter if your date is taking you to a music festival or the opera.

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Concert date night outfit jeans

Jeans are usually an awesome idea for concert date night, the exceptions being going to the opera or the philharmonic.

For all other concerts, wearing a beautiful pair of jeans and a nice top or T-shirt can be the perfect, cute, and comfortable outfit that will allow you to feel great!
Choose a flattering pair of jeans that highlights your best features.

Discover amazing sustainable jeans that are also affordable.

Denim shorts

Concert date night outfit denim shorts

Is it too hot for jeans?

Wear an attractive pair of denim shorts instead! They will allow unrestricted movement and your boyfriend will love your outfit!

Denim shorts, not unlike jeans, can be worn with T-shirts, tank tops, or blouses.

Take a look at our sustainable recommendations.

Denim skirts

Concert date night outfit skirts

If you love denim, but you also want a girly outfit, then the right choice for you is a beautiful denim skirt.
Always choose one in the right size for your body and wear it with a flattering top or T-shirt.

Check out our article about the best affordable and sustainable denim skirts.

Tank tops

Concert date night outfit tank tops

Tank tops are amazing! You can wear them on a lot of occasions, and they are super flattering and stylish. You can also create many combinations - wear a skirt, jeans, trousers, or shorts, and add a cardigan or a hoodie if it is chilly.

Discover the most beautiful and ethically made tank tops.

Basic T-shirts

Concert date night outfit basic T-shirts

Basic T-shirts should be part of everyone's wardrobe. They are more than just items we wear when we don't know what to wear (although they help a lot in this way).

Pop, rock, indie, and hip-hop concerts are great occasions to wear one, and if you want to add a special touch to your versatile outfit you can always accessorize!

For sustainable T-shirt recommendations, check out our article here.

Band T-shirts

Concert date night outfit band T-shirts

If you are a big fan of the band you are going to see on stage, you can wear a T-shirt or a tank top that shows your admiration for them.
Your boyfriend will certainly notice your passion!

The best way to buy sustainable band T-shirts is via online vintage shops and here are a few apps that sell vintage fashion that we recommend.

Crop tops

Concert date night outfit crop tops

Crop tops showcase your upper body features in a very attractive way and guys love them.
Wear one with a pair of jeans or denim shorts on your concert date night.

Here are our best sustainable recommendations.

Cute dresses

Concert date night outfit dresses

Cute dresses are feminine and versatile. They make amazing concert date night outfits and allow you to feel beautiful and confident.

Wear a sustainable dress that will not go unnoticed!

Cargo pants

Concert date night outfit cargo pants

Cargo pants are stylish and celebrity-approved. They are amazing for carrying extra items while leaving your hands free.

Wear yours with a tank top or a T-shirt.

Here is our article about the top 15 best affordable and sustainable cargo pants.

Flannel shirts

Concert date night outfit flannel shirts

Wear a beautiful flannel shirt for a relaxed, but super cool outfit!

Buy an ethically made, high-quality, and timeless flannel shirt that you can enjoy for many years.

Vegan leather jackets

Concert date night outfit jacket

Vegan leather jackets can help you put together an edgy look that both you and your boyfriend will love. You can wear such a jacket either with basic clothes or with something elegant - both ways are fantastic!

Discover the best vegan leather jackets you can buy in 2023.


Concert date night outfit sweatpants

Create a beautiful and stylish look by mixing elegance and street style. Choose a cute and feminine top and wear it with a pair of comfortable sweatpants. You will look and feel gorgeous!

Take a look at our article about sustainable sweatpants if you need shopping inspiration.


Concert date night outfit trousers

A pair of beautiful trousers is another great idea for your concert date night outfit.

You can choose either a tight pair that will showcase your body lines or a slightly oversized one that will feel more comfortable.

Check out our sustainable recommendations.

Fishnet tights

Concert date night outfit fishnet tights

Choose a pair of fishnet tights if you are going to a rock or goth concert. They carry an erotic touch, which makes them highly attractive, and you can wear them with dresses, skirts, or shorts.

And they can now be sustainable!

Opera and philharmonic concerts

Concert date night outfit opera

If you are going to the opera or a symphonic concert you should always dress elegant. Take the time to check the dress code of the place you are going to attend, and if there is none, follow our suggestions.

An elegant dress, in black or another dark color, is the best choice for such an occasion. Your dress should be midi or maxi, never mini! You can accessorize your outfit with beautiful jewelry.

Concert date night outfit elegant

One of the best tips for being well dressed when attending a symphonic concert is avoiding casual clothes (such as T-shirts, jeans, sweatpants, leggings, shorts, flip flops, or sports shoes). Always take inspiration from the performing artists' attire - classy, elegant, and sober. This way you can have a beautiful and appropriate outfit that will impress your boyfriend!

A lot of brands make affordable and sustainable formal dresses, so take a look at our article to learn more!

Summing up

Concert date night outfit conclusion

Concert date night outfits are extremely easy to choose if you pay attention to the details.

Keep in mind the type of concert you are going to attend. This is the most relevant information that should help you decide what kind of outfit to wear.
If you are going to a relaxed and informal event, you should choose beautiful but relaxed clothes that will allow you to move unrestrictedly and feel great. In general, denim clothes are great in this context!

If, on the other hand, your attire needs to be elegant, choose a flattering dress that is not too revealing and wear beautiful jewelry to accessorize.

Always purchase clothes in the right size for your body - this way you can avoid unaesthetic outfits.
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