It is common knowledge that people dress for success and that first impressions are extremely important when it comes to interviews.

When attending a certified nursing assistant (CNA) interview, you are expected to wear formal, elegant clothes. You should avoid anything attention-grabbing and stick to simple and timeless colors and designs.

In this article, you will discover our ultimate guide to CNA interview outfits. You will learn about the best choices, as well as about the fashion mistakes you should avoid in order to be successful. Keep reading and craft an appropriate outfit that looks fantastic and feels comfortable.

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best CNA interview outfits suit

Wearing a suit for a CNA interview is a fantastic idea because suits always look elegant and professional.

If you don't own a suit already, you should consider purchasing one because they are a great investment in your wardrobe. Make sure to choose a dark, neutral color and a classic design that will stand the test of time.

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Choose a blazer

best CNA interview outfits blazer

Wear a blazer when attending a CNA interview. The classic combination of blazer and shirt will never fail with you when it comes to job interviews.

Choosing a blazer is one of the easiest ways to nail the perfect outfit and make a fantastic first impression with your fashion choices. Stay away from anything featuring very bright colors and large prints.

Complete your outfit with a pair of trousers or an elegant pencil skirt.

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Black trousers

best CNA interview outfits trousers

Black trousers are amazing when you want to craft formal outfits. They are extremely versatile and can be worn in casual surroundings as well, depending on what you choose to match them with.

Create the perfect CNA interview outfit with a beautiful pair of black trousers, a blouse, and a blazer.

Complete your look with a pair of dress shoes and a belt.

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Beautiful blouses

best CNA interview outfits blouses

Enhance your appearance with a beautiful and elegant blouse. You can wear it with a pencil skirt or a pair of trousers.

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Classic white shirt

best CNA interview outfits shirt

White shirts are timeless clothing items that are perfect for formal occasions.

Remember: There is no need to attempt a very complicated combination in order to make a great first impression. The classic white shirt and black trousers combo will always work wonders!

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Elegant dress

best CNA interview outfits dress

Choose an elegant dress that is practical and versatile. You can be both beautiful and professional, and an elegant dress is the perfect alternative to a shirt and trousers combination.

Complete your look with a black blazer.

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best CNA interview outfits colors

Let's talk about the colors you should choose to wear during a CNA interview.

Go for dark and neutral colors that are classy and timeless. Black, white, ivory, brown, dark blue, dark green, and gray are a few examples of colors that would work fantastic if worn during your interview.

When purchasing new clothes always think of the outfit combinations you can create with the clothes you already own, but also consider the quality of the fabrics.

Overproduction and overconsumption have a negative impact on the environment and on your wallet. If you make conscious wardrobe choices you will never end up with a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear!

Jewelry & makeup

best CNA interview outfits jewelry and makeup

To make an amazing first impression choose classy, delicate jewelry, and stay away from statement pieces because they can be attention-grabbing. Wearing no jewelry is another good option.

Choose clothing items that cover your tattoos if you have any, and go for modest makeup that highlights your best features.

Tone up your formality and professionalism with simple choices when it comes to your makeup and accessories!

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Classic style

best CNA interview outfits classic style

Always opt for classic clothing pieces that don't easily go out of style. This advice is great not only for your CNA interview but also in general because it can help you enhance your wardrobe.

Choose simple cuts, clean shapes, and classic silhouettes, always in the right size for your body. This way you will be able to enjoy your clothes for many years and you will always have something elegant to wear.

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Clean and ironed clothes

best CNA interview outfits clean clothes

The key to making a great first impression is to look neat and the first step to achieve this is to make sure the clothes you're wearing to the interview are clean and ironed.

Never wear clothes that are stained or look untidy in any other way!

Hair accessories

best CNA interview outfits hair

If you have long hair, you can tie it with some beautiful hair accessories. Make sure to stick to something simple that matches your clothes.

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No jeans

best CNA interview outfits no jeans

Don't wear jeans to a CNA interview!

Sometimes it's okay to wear jeans to work, especially if we are talking about a relaxing environment. You can dress jeans up with an elegant shirt and a blazer. However, jeans shouldn't be your first choice for interviews.

Instead go for a pencil skirt, a dress, or a pair of trousers for a more elegant look.

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best CNA interview outfits shoes

Wondering what the best footwear for CNA interviews is? Our advice is to choose a classy pair of dress shoes in a dark color.

Make sure they're elegant but also comfortable to walk in. If you want to wear heels, choose block heels for more balance and comfort.

Avoid open-toe designs, sports shoes, rubber boots, as well as old shoes that are no longer in good condition. Never forget that shoes are as important as your clothes!

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best CNA interview outfits bags

Complete your outfit with a beautiful and sustainable vegan leather bag in a neutral color.

A simple bag is very versatile and easy to integrate into many amazing outfits.


best CNA interview outfits avoid

best CNA interview outfits avoid

It's time to talk about the fashion mistakes you should avoid when attending a CNA interview.

Never wear flashy colors because they tend to look unprofessional.
Stay away from any other attention-grabbing details that will make your outfit look over the top, such as large prints or clothes that are too tight or oversized.

Never choose clothes that are too revealing, or makeup that is too bright.

Don't wear statement jewelry because it can be too much, and stick to minimalist designs instead.
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