Heading to the Citi Open promises a day filled with thrilling tennis matches, vibrant energy, and a perfect opportunity to showcase your stylish and fun outfits.

Whether you are soaking in the sun on the stands or exploring the lively atmosphere around the tournament grounds, choosing the right ensemble is key to making a statement.

From chic sundresses to sporty rompers, we have curated a list of 17 stylish and fun outfit items to inspire your Citi Open wardrobe. Each suggestion is here to help you envision the perfect blend of fashion and comfort for this exciting sporting event.

Let your personality shine through your attire as you immerse yourself in the world of tennis and entertainment at the Citi Open.

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Chic Sundress

Citi Open outfits sundress

Choose a flowing sundress with a vibrant floral pattern to capture the essence of summer.

The lightweight fabric will keep you cool in the sun, while the dress's elegant design allows you to effortlessly transition from a day of tennis to an evening out. Here are the 15 best affordable sundresses made in the USA. 

Shorts and Polo Shirt Combo

Citi Open outfits shorts and polo shirt

Opt for tailored shorts in a bold color paired with a classic polo shirt for a sophisticated yet relaxed look. This ensemble provides a perfect blend of comfort and style, ensuring you feel both polished and at ease as you enjoy the Citi Open festivities.

Make sure to check out the 15 best organic cotton shorts for women and men. 

Statement Jumpsuit

Citi Open outfits jumpsuit

Select a jumpsuit in a striking color or pattern to make a bold fashion statement. The one-piece outfit is not only trendy but also practical, offering both style and ease of movement as you navigate the tennis grounds. Discover the 15+ best amazing outfits to wear over a black jumpsuit. 

Athleisure Set

Citi Open outfits athleisure

Embrace the athleisure trend with a coordinated set featuring comfortable leggings and a matching crop top or hoodie. This stylish and sporty ensemble allows you to move freely while exuding a contemporary and on-point aesthetic.

For more inspiration, check out our extensive selection of the best affordable and sustainable yoga and gym leggings

Boho Maxi Skirt

Citi Open outfits skirt

Opt for a flowing boho-chic maxi skirt paired with a fitted tank top or off-shoulder blouse. This effortlessly stylish combination emanates laid-back vibes, perfect for a day of tennis and outdoor enjoyment. Here are the 15 best affordable and sustainable long maxi skirts

Classic White Pants and Statement Top

Citi Open outfits white pants and top

Elevate your look with the timeless combination of white pants and a striped top. The nautical-inspired ensemble exudes a touch of sophistication, making it an ideal choice for a day of watching tennis matches.

Do not forget to check out the 20 best affordable and sustainable white denim jeans

Tennis-inspired Mini Dress

Citi Open outfits mini dress

Show your passion for the game with a mini dress featuring tennis-themed prints such as rackets or balls. This playful and thematic outfit is sure to catch eyes and create a spirited atmosphere at Citi Open. Check out 15 amazing ways to wear a mini slip dress. 

Denim Overall Dress

Citi Open outfits denim dress

Choose a denim overall dress for a youthful and fun appearance. The versatile denim fabric makes it a practical choice for an outdoor event, while the dress's playful design adds a touch of whimsy to your outfit. For more inspiration, check out the 15 best affordable and sustainable denim dresses

Bold Graphic Tee with Culottes

Citi Open outfits graphic Tee and culottes

Express your personality through fashion by pairing a bold graphic tee with stylish culottes. This contemporary, trendy ensemble effortlessly combines comfort with self-expression for a standout look. Discover the 10 best affordable and sustainable graphic Tees

Romantic Off-Shoulder Blouse 

Citi Open outfits off-shoulder top

Create a romantic and elegant look with an off-shoulder blouse paired with wide-leg pants. This combination strikes the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication, making it suitable for a day of tennis and leisure.

For more inspiration, check out the 20 best sustainable wide-leg pants and jeans

Sporty Romper

Citi Open outfits romper

Opt for a sporty romper with a cinched waist to blend style and comfort seamlessly.

The one-piece outfit is both practical and fashionable, allowing you to move freely while maintaining a chic appearance. Here are the 15 best organic cotton rompers

Cute Midi Dress

Citi Open outfits midi dress

Embrace sophistication with a midi wrap dress that flatters your silhouette. The elegant design and moderate length make it an excellent choice for a day at the tennis tournament, offering both style and grace. Check out the 20 best affordable and sustainable black dresses

Tailored Blazer and Shorts Combo

Citi Open outfits shorts and blazer

Add a touch of business casual to your outfit with a tailored blazer paired with stylish shorts. This smart and polished look transitions seamlessly from the tennis court to other event activities, providing versatility and sophistication. Here are the 12 best recycled blazers for an elegant outfit. 

Patterned Pants with Tank Top

Citi Open outfits tank top

Opt for a boho-chic style with patterned palazzo pants and a simple tank top. This breezy and relaxed ensemble allows you to enjoy the outdoor event in comfort while making a stylish fashion statement. Make sure to check out the 20 best affordable and sustainable tank tops

Monochrome Set

Citi Open outfits monochrome

Embrace simplicity with a monochrome co-ord set in your preferred color. The coordinated pieces offer a polished and put-together appearance, making it easy to achieve a sophisticated look with minimal effort.

Denim Skirt and Sleeveless Top

Citi Open outfits denim skirt

Keep it casual yet stylish with a denim skirt paired with a sleeveless blouse. This versatile and comfortable outfit choice is perfect for a day of tennis, providing a laid-back and effortlessly chic vibe. Here are the 15 best affordable blouses for broad shoulders

From playful jumpsuits to chic maxi skirts, the curated list provides a diverse range of fashion inspiration for your day at the tournament.

So, embrace the spirit of the event, mix comfort with flair, and make your Citi Open experience not just about tennis but a celebration of style and excitement.

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