Pack comfortable yet stylish clothes to look your best while exploring South Korea.

Korean people pay special attention to their appearance. They put a lot of thinking into their outfits, hair, and make-up. They are masters at looking well-groomed and effortlessly stylish.

To blend in with the locals, wear neat clothes that are versatile and easy to layer. The Korean fashion scene is creative and eclectic, so do not be afraid to experiment.

But keep in mind that Koreans are a little conservative about revealing clothes. As a general rule of thumb, showing your legs is okay. But the chest area is off-limits. Avoid low-cut tops, strapless dresses, and backless apparel.

Here is our selection of the trendiest fashion items in South Korea to help you look fabulous walking around the streets of Seoul.

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Loose t-shirts

what wear south korea tee

Korean women love to wear t-shirts that are one or two sizes above their own. When tucked in high-waist mom jeans or tailored loose pants, they give off a modern and casual vibe. 


Choose a lightweight natural fabric for summertime. Layer with a hoodie for the cold days of winter.


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Romantic blouses


blouse what wear south korea

Add a feminine touch to your outfit with a romantic blouse. You can go all out on frills, prints, and bright colors. But remember to pick a design that covers your chest and shoulders.


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Long sleeves


what wear south korea shirt

Long sleeve tops are a staple of Korean fashion. Koreans make a point of protecting their skin from sunlight even in hot weather. Choose a natural fabric like cotton to regulate your body temperature. You can wear your top tucked in your waistline or layered under a pretty dress. 


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Crop tops


crop top south korea outfit

Crop tops have been a huge hit these past few years in South Korea, especially in youthful neighborhoods like Hongdae. As long as you cover your shoulder and chest area, there will be no problem showing a little belly skin. Pull off a fantastic look by combining your crop top with jeans, stylish sneakers, and a unique blazer.


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Oversized hoodies


what wear south korea hoodie

Oversized hoodies are very popular with Koreans. They love to mix sportswear with their everyday outfits. You can layer them on a dress, on fitted shorts, or tuck them in the waistline of your skirt. Style them with a shirt, a pair of jeans, and colorful sneakers to achieve a comfortable and effortless look. 


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Dresses layered with tops


dress what wear south korea

Korean women rarely show cleavage. But they love wearing cute low-cut dresses with thin straps. How do they combine both? They craft a 90's style outfit by layering their dresses with a top underneath. Create a unique look with a t-shirt, a long sleeve top, or a ruffle blouse. Mix and match your wardrobe items to find your favorite combination.


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Mini-skirts and mini-shorts


what wear south korea shorts

Enjoy showing off your legs as much as you want in South Korea. Mini-bottoms are very common. They balance long sleeve shirts or loose-fitting tops for a casual and trendy outfit. If you are going to a restaurant, bring a scarf to put on your knees as the locals do. 


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High-waisted loose pants


loose pants south korea outfit

High-waisted pants with a loose cut are very popular in South Korea. Craft a modern and comfortable outfit with wide-legged dress pants, boyfriend jeans, or pleated trousers.


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Ripped Jeans


what wear south korea jeans

Koreans are always well-groomed and never wear worn-out clothing. Yet ripped jeans may be the only exception to that rule. They are everywhere in the streets of Seoul. Keep it casual with a tucked-in simple t-shirt, or wear a loose dress shirt for a more polished look.


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Stylish sneakers


sneakers what wear south korea

Koreans have adopted sneakers as a statement piece to elevate their outfits. Select a stylish pair that will look good with any outfit. You can style them with feminine dresses, boyfriend jeans, or tailored pants. They will be perfect for walking around during your trip.


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Low heels


heels what wear south korea

Low heels add the perfect feminine touch to an outfit while still being comfortable. Korean women love heels, especially slingbacks and platform shoes. If you are tall or expect to walk a lot, flats will also look fantastic as long as you choose a trendy design. 


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Cute hats


what wear south korea hat

Take your outfit to the next level with a beanie, a beret, a baseball cap, or a bucket hat. A cute hat will add a little extra to your look and protect you from the sun.


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Neutral and pastel colors


what wear south korea pastel

south korea outfit neutral colors

Consider packing neutral and pastel colors for your trip. They make a versatile and easy-to-wear wardrobe.


Koreans love wearing pastel colors on warm days. They give off a youthful and casual summer vibe and they are a perfect fit for the Korean aesthetic.


Prefer neutral colors like white, black, brown, or grey during the fall and winter seasons.


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Seasonal clothing


what wear south korea summer

what wear south korea winter

Summer is very hot in South Korea, especially in large cities like Seoul. Prefer lightweight natural fabrics, loose tops, short bottoms, and hats. Remember to avoid low-cut tops even in high temperatures. 


Winter can be very cold and dry. Pack a warm jacket, thick layers, scarves, and beanies. 


During spring and autumn, the weather is very unpredictable. Layered outfits are the best way to look fabulous and adapt to changing temperatures.

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