Enrolled in belly dance classes but not quite sure what to wear to your classes?

You are in the right place. We have put together 10 amazing outfit ideas to inspire and guide you to look your best in classes.

Belly dance is an oriental dance that includes a lot of belly movement. So, choosing the right-fitting clothing is crucial if you want to look the part and enjoy the dancing experience to the max.

Scroll down to discover the 10 essential outfit items, tips, and much more.

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Harem Pants

belly dance class outfits harem pants

Harem pants are perfect for belly dance practice. When buying harem pants, pay attention to the waistline.

Belly dancing, as the name itself suggests, includes moving your belly a lot, so wearing comfortable bottoms is crucial.

You can wear the harem pants with crop tops, special bras with coins, fitted tank tops, etc.

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Crop Top

belly dance class outfits crop top

Crop tops are terrific options for belly dance classes. Crop tops allow your teacher to see whether your moves are correct or not and give you feedback.

Pair them with flowy skirts, shorts, and leggings. For a more oriental look, go for crop tops with coins or decorations.

We have carefully put together the 15 best affordable and sustainable crop tops to help your choice easier.

Beautiful Skirt

belly dance class outfits skirt

A flowy, well-fitting skirt is another great outfit item for your belly dance classes. For instance, a midi skirt with fringes could be a brilliant option. 

You can buy specially decorated and designed skirts for belly dancing. In the beginning, it is, however, not necessary.

A cute, stylish skirt paired with a crop top or a fitted tank top is the ultimate outfit for belly dancing.

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Soft Leggings

belly dance class outfits leggings

Some claim you should not wear pants to a belly dance class. There is no such requirement, and it is fine to wear leggings or pants to the classes. You should wear what makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

Pick leggings made of soft materials that fit comfortably. Your outfit should not restrict your moves, especially at your waist and hips. Add a hip scarf with coins for an additional oriental flair.

Here is our selection of the 20 best affordable and sustainable yoga and gym leggings. Pick one or two and create comfortable and adorable outfits for your belly dance classes.

Special Belly Dance Bra

belly dance class outfits bra

A special, designy bra with beads or coins is a terrific choice for your classes.

It is not required by dance studios to wear special clothing in general. But if you want to look the part and immerse yourself in the dancing spirit, get a cute, beaded bra or one with coins or patterns.

When choosing a bra, make sure to pick one that sits well and is not so tight that restricts your moves. Pair it with a skirt or harem pants for the ultimate belly dancer look.

Alternatively, wear a sports bra if you are not into beads and coins. Again, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and enjoy the dance.

While on the topic, learn how to easily dispose of old underwear and bras.

Stylish Dress

belly dance class outfits dress

A cute, stylish dress is another brilliant outfit for belly dancing. If you want to look the part but are not comfortable with a bra and skirt, a dress could be your best bet.

They come in all forms, with beads, jewels, coins, etc. A plain dress is, surely, an option too. It all depends on your style. Pick one that you feel comfortable in and best expresses your style and personality. 

Avoid dresses that are too loose, your instructor should be able to see your moves. So, avoid bulky clothes or clothes that are too loose. 

Here is our selection to inspire you to create the best outfits.

Ballet Slippers

belly dance class outfits ballet slippers

Ballet slippers are a terrific option if you are not into dancing barefoot. Some instructors recommend dancing barefoot, but ballet slippers, jazz shoes, or socks are also great options.

When buying ballet slippers, pay attention to their size and how well they sit on your feet.

There are many options and colors to choose from, so pick one that is most to your taste or goes well with your outfits.


belly dance class outfits shorts

Have a pair of nicely fitting shorts at hand. Knee movements are crucial in belly dancing. Wear shorts so your instructor can see your knee moves and your progress. You can also see it yourself in the mirrors.

Wearing shorts that sit right at the waistline is crucial, we cannot stress it enough. The shorts can be tight or loose, as long as they are comfy and make you look beautiful.

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Hip Scarf

belly dance class outfits hip scarf

It is not required but highly recommended to have one. You can pair the scarf with virtually any outfit. Color match or mix and match them; let the creative juices run.

You can find these scarves in many colors and designs. Pick one that suits you and your outfit best.

Probably you are wondering whether it has to be a hip scarf. No, you can get creative with other scarves as well. A hip scarf can help you as a beginner to make sure your hip movements are correct.

Fitted Tank Top  

belly dance class outfits tank top

A fitted tank top is a terrific outfit idea if you want to cover your belly. It is tight and allows the dance instructor to see your moves and help you correct them.

Pair your tank top with leggings, pants, or skirts for cute dance practice outfits. You can color-match your tank top with socks or ballet slippers. There is a lot of room to get creative and have cute outfits for your dance practice.

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