Getting a spray tan is a popular way to achieve a sun-kissed, glowing look without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. However, the process of getting a spray tan can be tricky. One of the most important things to consider is what to wear before and after the spray tan.

Now, when determining what to wear before and after a spray tan session, it's a good idea to go for loose-fitting clothing that will not rub your skin. Think of flowy dresses, maxi skirts, and baggy pants/shirts in dark colors. Avoid any clothing that clings to the skin.

I researched to find the best clothes to wear when using tanning products. And today, I'm here to advise and assist you in selecting the finest clothes for your spray tanning session. 

Read on.

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Before Spray Tan Outfits


Naked spray tan wear

Yes, you read that correctly! When getting a spray tan, it is not a must you wear anything. You may feel more at ease with this option if you know the individual who's spray tanning you. Before you make this decision, be sure you're comfortable with it. This method works since there will be no tan lines.

Sports bra and shorts

Sports bra shorts spray tan wear

You can go for a sports bra and shorts if you want clothing with some coverage. The caveat is that they should be more on the tight clothes scale than the loose clothing scale.

This is a terrific method to obtain the coverage you want while still getting the shine you want from a spray tan. There are several options for sports bras and shorts; select ones that work for you. Remember, it's all about getting the ideal tan.

Here are some of the best affordable and sustainable sports bras.


Loose, dark-Colored clothing

dark-colored spray tan wear

dark-colored spray tan clothing

As mentioned earlier, Wearing loose, dark-colored clothes is critical when getting a spray tan. The tan will not rub off on your clothes if you wear loose clothing, and the dark hues will disguise any random streaks or spots. Choose breathable textiles such as sustainable organic cotton or linen.

Maxi dress

Maxi dress spray tan wear

For various reasons, a maxi dress is an excellent option for a spray tan session. It's comfortable, loose-fitting, and doesn't cling to your skin. Go for a lightweight fabric like chiffon or cotton to keep yourself calm and comfortable.

Here is our selection of the best affordable and loose-fitting maxi dresses for wearing before a spray tan session.


Loose shorts and a tank top

Loose shorts tank top spray tan wear

Opt for loose shorts and a tank top for a more casual look. This outfit will keep you cool and comfortable during your spray tan appointment while allowing the tanning solution to dry appropriately.

Check out our selection of the top 20 affordable and sustainable tank tops. They are lightweight, breathable, and can help you keep cool.


Romper spray tan wear

A romper is another excellent option for a spray tan appointment. It's comfortable, lightweight, and easy to slip on and off. Look for a romper made from a breathable fabric like cotton or linen.

Here is our selection of the most adorable, comfortable, and affordable organic cotton rompers for babies and adults.

Swimsuit and cover-up

Swimsuit cover-up spray tan wear

This is what I usually wear before I get a spray tan. Actually, I like to put on the bathing suit that I typically wear to the pool. I prefer it since I know where the tan lines will be. If this is your first session, the spray mixture will be drenched in your swimming suit.

My swimming suit occasionally turns orange, so I advise you to wash it when you return home. It's just something to remember since you don't want your swimming suit to get wrecked.

Also, wearing a swimmer and cover-up to your spray tan session is a terrific idea if you're going on a beach excursion. It allows you to check how the tan appears with your swimmers and eliminates the need to change into a swimmer after the treatment.

If you consider this for your next spray tan session, check out these 15 best-recycled bikinis and swimsuits you'll love.

Buttonless shirt and lose pants

Buttonless shirt spray tan wear 

Consider wearing a button-less shirt and loose pants to your spray tan appointment for a more professional look. This outfit will keep you covered and comfortable while allowing the tanning solution to dry correctly.

They are also perfect for a spray tan session since they are easy to put on and take off whenever needed.

For inspiration, check out these sustainable and ethical button-up shirts.


Flip-flops spray tan wear

Go for comfortable, loose-fitting footwear that allows your feet to breathe freely and avoid streaks. The rule of thumb here is that the fewer the straps, the better. It will prevent streaks and tan lines from forming on your feet. And then, when you go home, walk barefoot to allow the tan to settle evenly on your feet.

Here is our selection of the best affordable and sustainable flip flops.


 Thong spray tan wear

If you want underwear, wear something minimal (like a thong) to prevent patches. The great thing about a thong is that you won't get any big tan liner. It's a great option when figuring out what to wear during a spray tan. 

Wear a black thong in case some of the tan gets on your undergarments. The tan will wash out easier from dark fabric.

Hairnet or shower cap

shower cap spray tan wear

Wear a hairnet or shower hat to protect your hair, but keep your ears open (despite how goofy it may seem). Most spas give disposable hairnets that you may wear and discard at home and adhesive pads to put on your feet to prevent imperfections on the bottom parts of your feet.


Barefoot spray tan wear

What should you wear during a spray tan on your feet? Nothing! Although the tan technician will most likely tell you, this but the best option is to go barefoot. My buddy once spray-tanned in slippers and got lines on her toes. Just be mindful of the areas you don't want visible tan lines on your body.

After Spray Tan Outfits

Loose, dark-colored clothing

dark clothing spray tan wear

Dark colored clothing is not only important before the session, it also crucial to continue wearing loose, dark-colored clothing for the first few hours after the spray tan. This will prevent the tan from rubbing off onto your clothes and bedding and help the tanning solution fully absorb into your skin.


Sundress spray tan wear

A sundress is excellent to wear after a spray tan session. It's loose-fitting, comfortable, and won't rub against your skin. Choose a lightweight fabric like cotton or linen to keep yourself cool and comfortable.

Here are some of the best affordable sundresses made in the USA.

Loose shorts

Loose shorts spray tan wear

Opt for loose shorts and a tank top after your spray tan appointment if you prefer a casual look. This outfit will keep you cool and comfortable, allowing the tanning solution to absorb correctly.

Oversized T-shirt

Oversized T-shirt spray tan wear

Consider wearing loose pants and an oversized t-shirt after your spray tan session for a more relaxed look. This outfit will keep you covered and comfortable while allowing the tanning solution to absorb into your skin thoroughly.

They also allow for more significant movement and air circulation, making them far more comfortable in many conditions than their strictly fitting counterparts. They're beautifully unfussy and exude sartorial confidence. 

Not sure of how to wear an oversized tee and still look beautiful? Don't sweat. Check out these outfit ideas to wear oversized clothes and look attractive.



Kaftan after spray tan wear

A kaftan top is breezy and light, keeping your body at ease. This lets you wear kaftans to nearly any event, including after a spray tan session. In fact, it is the comfort and breezy feature that makes kaftan tops a viable candidate for an after-spray tan session.

Loose jumpsuit

jumpsuit spray tan wear

A loose jumpsuit is another option to wear after a spray tan session. It's comfortable, easy to wear, and won't rub against your skin. For extra comfort, go for pieces made of light and soft, sustainable materials like cotton.

Here are the best organic cotton jumpsuits. Some are loose fitting and include elasticated cuffs and drawstring waist for comfort. They are great for looking stylish and comfortable without affecting how the tan settles on your skin.

Wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants are another chic and comfortable outfit after a spray tan appointment. This outfit will keep you covered and comfortable while also allowing you to show off your tan.

The wide trouser legs enhance your body by readily disguising lumps, bumps, and other minor flaws. The culottes, on the other hand, make your legs appear longer by exposing your ankles.

A soft v-neck top

 v-neck spray tan wear

A soft V-neck t-shirt is ideal for over-the-head styling. For a lovely ensemble, pair it with a flowy maxi skirt. It will not affect your tan. Then add a stylish scarf to the front for a little more coverage. Nobody will ever know you're not wearing a bra!


Soft pants with elastic waistbands

Soft pants spray tan wear

You can pick loose harem pants, slouch pants, or jogging pants. Whatever you go for, ensure the waistband is not digging a line into your skin and that the material around the legs is loose. Avoid leggings, jeans, or any tight attire until the tan settles.

Loose pajama pants

Pajama pants after spray tan wear

Are you wondering what to sleep in after your spray tan? Go for clothing options that do not have inseams that can rub your skin. This way, you won't wake up with black markings or streaks on your body.

Use a long-sleeve t-shirt with a loose neckline or a hoodie to avoid wrinkles around your neck. Loose pajama bottoms are also appropriate. They cover your legs and arms so you don't sleep with your hands on your tan, allowing the spray tan to move to your palms.

It also reduces skin-to-skin contact so you do not create inconsistent areas as the tan develops. Check out our selection for the best affordable and sustainable pajamas made under high standards.

What you should not wear after a spray tan session

Avoid wearing too-tight items like tight shirts, stockings,  tight strips, leggings, half-boots, or jeans. Tight garments tend to tighten up against your skin and smear the sprayed tan out of position, causing unwanted seam lines and making your skin seem two-toned and quite awful.

Additional tips

Now that you know what to wear before and after getting a spray tan, ensure your spray tan care continues after your appointment. Here are quick tips for taking care of your skin after the session:

  • Avoid socks: They can absorb the tan and make your feet sweat, leading to streaking. If you must wear socks, then go for loose cotton socks. Avoid strappy sandals, pumps, boots, or other footwear that can run against your ankles and feet.
  • Avoid exfoliation: Don't rub off your fresh spray tan unless you want to get a new one.
  • Avoid moisture: If you want to wash or work out, wait a few hours until the spray tan mixture soaks into your skin. Avoid sweating, bathing, swimming, saunas, and any other activity that produces moisture.
  • Don't Wear Jewelry After A Spray Tan: Watches, bracelets, and necklaces can rub lines into your fresh tan.
  • Reduce skin-to-skin contact: If you cross your legs or arms often, restrict these poses to avoid smearing your spray tan. Avoid harsh chemicals
  • Avoid chemicals: Chemicals such as chlorine and acids and any skincare products meant to peel or exfoliate the skin might remove the spray tan.
  • Avoid body lotions: They might interfere with how your self-tanner settles, so avoid using them before and after the session.
  • Do not wear a bra for at least 5 hours after the session: Wait until after your shower and the tan is completely absorbed (typically 4-6 hours after the tan). The straps may dig into your sides and back, resulting in streaking or black spots.

Happy spray tanning, everyone!

Spray tanning is a fantastic way to maintain your healthy glow while lowering your risk of skin cancer. However, it is critical to wear proper loose clothing to keep the fresh spray intact and enable it to grow as effectively as possible.

 It's essential to wear loose, dark-colored clothing before the appointment to prevent the tan from rubbing off onto your clothes and to wear loose, breathable clothing after the session to allow the tanning solution to absorb into your skin thoroughly. With these ideas, you can feel comfortable and confident in your new sun-kissed glow.

Happy spray tanning.

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