Bastille Day is celebrated on the 14th of July each year and it represents the national day of France.

As you prepare for this celebration, crafting a stylish and well-fitted outfit is essential to ensure you are ready to have a great time. It is very important to take the location of the party, as well as the time of the day, into consideration when choosing your clothes. This way, you can make sure your outfit is appropriate.

From breathable sundresses to elegant outfits, in this article, we will discuss your best options when it comes to fashion. Moreover, we will also highlight the items that you should avoid if you want to be well-dressed.

Keep reading to discover our best tips.

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Striped dress

Bastille day party outfits striped dress

Stripes are a beautiful pattern that will never go out of fashion and that is a staple in French women's wardrobes.

Let yourself be inspired by their classy choices and go for a striped dress featuring white and blue.

Complete your look with a pair of comfortable shoes. You will feel pretty and comfortable with this amazing outfit.

Here are the 20 best cute and cheap summer dresses for you.


Bastille day party outfits cardigan

Although the celebration takes place in July, which means you should expect very warm weather, if you are planning on staying out late, a cardigan can be of great help.

Make sure to choose a high-quality, lightweight material that promotes breathability and comfort.

Check out our selection of sustainable cardigans.

Midi skirt

Bastille day party outfits midi skirt

Midi skirts are extremely versatile: They can be a great daytime choice, but also an elegant and classy option for a night out.

Easily craft the perfect Bastille Day party outfit with a beautiful midi skirt and a tank top. Make your look complete with a purse and a pair of sandals.

The best midi skirts are fashionable, affordable, and ethically made from eco-friendly fabrics.

Purchase one of these 15 best midi skirts and have fun creating fabulous outfits with it.

Romantic blouse

Bastille day party outfits romantic dress

Put together an amazing outfit suitable for the sophisticated atmosphere of France with a beautiful blouse inspired by the romantic fashion style.

Ruffles, puff sleeves, sweetheart necklines, lightweight materials, and pretty colors - there is a lot to choose from if you want to create a charming and feminine look.

Start with a beautiful blouse and wear it with a cute midi skirt.

Take a peek at the 15 best affordable and sustainable blouses.


Bastille day party outfits shirt

You can't go wrong with a classic shirt. Don't make the mistake of thinking that shirts can only be worn in professional contexts.

You can create a fabulous outfit for the Bastille Day party with a simple shirt. If your goal is a relaxed look, then wear it with a pair of white jeans, and if you're looking to achieve a more sophisticated evening outfit go for a skirt and some statement accessories.

Select a beautiful shirt from our list of sustainable recommendations.

Special occasion dress

Bastille day party outfits special occasion dress

If you want to look elegant and put-together you can achieve this with a beautiful special occasion dress. This is the perfect outfit for any upscale location.

Make sure to purchase a flattering dress in the right size for your body.

Because special occasion dresses can only be worn now and then, you should be very careful and choose a timeless design that you can enjoy for many years.

Let yourself be inspired by these slow fashion brands.


Bastille day party outfits sundress

Bastille Day takes place during summer, which makes a sundress one of the best available options when it comes to fashion.

Enjoy the celebration and explore France in a beautiful and comfortable sundress. This is the perfect outfit to wear if you want to watch the parade.

Browse through our selection of sustainable sundresses.

Casual dress

Bastille day party outfits casual dress

A casual dress allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable without sacrificing style. It is perfect for many occasions, including a Bastille Day party.

Discover the best affordable and sexy casual summer dresses.


Bastille day party outfits colors

The best colors to wear to a Bastille Day party depend on the type of party and the location.

For daytime events, you can wear a sundress or a shirt and pants combination in a light color. For evening events, choose clothing items that are more sophisticated and elegant, and colors such as red, dark blue, or black.

The flag of France features red, white, and blue and many people choose to wear these colors to the Bastille Day celebration to honor their country.

If you aren't sure about wearing all these colors, you can choose a monochrome outfit in a neutral color and accessorize it with jewelry featuring the colors of the French flag.

For more fashion inspiration, check out these eco-friendly brands from Paris.


Bastille day party outfits pants

Outfits with pants are practical and stylish. While they are often worn in casual surroundings, they can also be fantastic for a Bastille Day party. Pants can easily be dressed up or down.

They are also very versatile and easy to wear in many combinations.

Purchase a fashionable and ethically made pair of pants and complete your outfit with comfortable shoes and a shirt. Add a belt to make this combination look put-together.


Bastille day party outfits shoes

If you plan on doing lots of walking, a pair of loafers or ballet flats are the perfect footwear choice for you. Stylish and versatile, flat shoes will look great with a striped dress, a sundress, or a casual dress.

For a fancy party, you need a special occasion dress and a pair of heels.
Outfits with pants look great with sports shoes or flat shoes.

Here are the 30 best ethical and vegan shoe companies that work under very high social and environmental standards.

Outfits for guys

Bastille day party outfits for guys

In order to make the best fashion choices, men should also mind the place they are going to attend.

As a general rule, a smart casual outfit featuring a classy pair of pants, a shirt, and eventually a blazer will work great!

Have a look at our favorite affordable and ethical men's clothing brands.

Do's and don'ts

Bastille day party outfits do's and don'ts

It's time to talk about what you shouldn't wear to a Bastille Day party.

We understand the urge to wear French-inspired fashion. An outfit that features the colors of the French flag sounds great. However, wearing clothes or accessories that are inappropriate for the weather should be avoided: For example, there's no need to wear a beret during the July heat, just because it's French.

You should also avoid overdoing it. Red lipstick, hair bows, stripes, ballet flats, cute bags, and berets scream French style. If you wear too many of them together it will look like you are trying too hard. Don't forget that sometimes less is more!

Stay away from anything uncomfortable that can prevent you from having an amazing time.
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