40-degree Fahrenheit weather is quite cold, that is why you should focus on clothes that look stylish but keep your body warm. Keep in mind that during evenings and early mornings, the temperature will be even lower, and try to have clothes that you can easily remove and then add back again.

In this article, we're going to show you the best clothing items you can choose, and we're also going to talk about textures and colors, so keep reading to discover your best 40-degree Fahrenheit outfit!

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Basic clothes

40 degree Fahrenheit weather outfits basics

The foundation of any wardrobe, basic clothes are essential if you want to have a beautiful and comfortable outfit.

In the cold weather, you are going to wear a lot of layers, but the basic T-shirts and tank tops that always come under cardigans and sweaters are extremely important as they are in direct contact with your skin. They should be soft, keep you warm, but also be breathable.

Make sure to buy from brands that work under very high standards, so you can feel comfortable the whole day and enjoy your basic items for a long time.


40 degree Fahrenheit weather outfits sweater

Sweaters are one of the best things you can wear during cold weather.

They come in a lot of beautiful colors and you can wear them in many combinations.

We recommend wearing your favorite sweater with a nice pair of jeans.
Take a look at our article about affordable and sustainable sweaters.


40 degree Fahrenheit weather outfits scarves

Scarves are great items that you can easily remove and add back whenever needed.

They keep your upper body warm and they look extremely stylish.

You can now buy versatile, affordable, and comfortable scarves from eco-friendly brands.


40 degree Fahrenheit weather outfits turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are very stylish and easy to wear with jeans or trousers. If you choose a neutral color, it will be even easier to wear it with almost any coat.

They look great on both men and women.

Check out our article to discover ethically made, beautiful turtlenecks.


40 degree Fahrenheit weather outfits jeans

You should have at least one pair of beautiful jeans in your wardrobe.

They are so easy to wear in countless combinations and they also look great on any body type! Make sure to buy jeans in the right size, as too thin ones are uncomfortable, while too large ones look very bulky.

During 40-degree Fahrenheit weather, with your jeans, you can wear any kind of top you want - such as sweatshirts, T-shirts, jumpers, and cardigans.

Discover affordable and sustainable jeans made by ethical brands.


40 degree Fahrenheit weather outfits trousers

If you work in a more formal environment or you just don't like wearing jeans, you can wear a nice pair of trousers.

Here is our article about cute, affordable, and durable trousers made by sustainable brands.

Knit dresses

40 degree Fahrenheit weather outfits knit dress

If you love to be stylish and your outfits always have a touch of elegance, you could wear an amazing knit dress in 40-degree Fahrenheit weather.

It will keep you warm, while you look gorgeous!
Take a look at these beautiful and sustainable options.

Knit skirts

40 degree Fahrenheit weather outfits skirt

Choose a thick skirt that will keep your legs warm.

You can wear it with tights and boots, to add even more protection against the cold temperatures.

Make your choice sustainable and buy from an ethical brand.


40 degree Fahrenheit weather outfits tights

If you want to wear skirts and dresses during low temperatures, you should consider adding an extra layer of protection to your legs. The best way to do that is to wear thick tights.

There are now plenty of beautiful, affordable, and sustainable alternatives to fast fashion tights available.


40 degree Fahrenheit weather outfits sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are extremely comfortable.

They are great for 40-degree Fahrenheit temperatures because of their thickness. Under yours, you can wear a basic T-shirt or a tank top.

Discover our article about sustainable Canadian sweatshirts.


40 degree Fahrenheit weather outfits sweatpants

In your free time, we encourage you to wear a pair of sustainable sweatpants . You will not regret it because they are the most comfortable bottoms that will also keep your lower body warm.

Sweatpants have gained a lot of popularity, especially because a lot of celebrities wear them and they are now considered very fashionable.

You can wear sweatpants with a sweatshirt, as a set, or with a jumper.


40 degree Fahrenheit weather outfits coats

Probably the most important part of your cold-weather clothing piece is your coat. It has to be a high-quality one, made from materials that will offer protection and comfort throughout the wear.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the right coat, but there are now some beautiful and sustainable options that are multifunctional and versatile and could be your next favorite purchase.

Check them out in this article.

Puffer jackets

40 degree Fahrenheit weather outfits puffer jacket

If you love the sporty style, a puffer jacket is the right thing to wear during 40-degree Fahrenheit weather!

Stay warm without breaking the bank with these affordable and sustainable options!


40 degree Fahrenheit weather outfits boots

Boots are the ideal footwear for cold days.

They can protect your legs and provide a lot of comfort. Choose wisely, because you do have to spend many consecutive hours wearing your boots, which can cause a lot of damage to the health of your feet if you use poor-quality footwear!

We've got you covered with an article about the best vegan and cruelty-free boots available in 2023.


40 degree Fahrenheit weather outfits socks

Taking care of your feet also means wearing proper socks.

You should always choose soft, naturally breathable, and long-lasting fabrics that will allow you to feel super comfortable.

Take a look at our article about the best sustainable socks.


40 degree Fahrenheit weather outfits beanies

Protect your head by wearing a cute beanie! They are super stylish and never go out of fashion, so buying one is a long-term investment.

And now they can also be sustainable!

Bright colors

40 degree Fahrenheit weather outfits bright colors

Cold weather comes with fewer daylight hours, which can cause our mood to be a bit low.

If you want to add a joyful and uplifting vibe to your look, you can try some bold colors. You'll certainly make a statement! There are many brands focused on sustainable fashion that produce amazing colorful clothes.

Summing up

40 degree Fahrenheit weather outfits summing up

40-degree Fahrenheit weather is cold, but that doesn't mean your outfit can't be cute and fashionable!

You can choose neutral colors that are easy to match, but also vibrant, bright colors that will add a stylish final touch to your beautiful outfit.

Make sure you add layers to your attire and never forget the little accessories, such as scarves and beanies, that can save the day by allowing your body to maintain a warmer temperature.

Always buy sustainable clothes in the right size for your body.

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