The 1950s fashion is famous for its feminine clothing, inspired by the biggest fashion designers of that time, such as Christian Dior.

Nowadays, this decade is one of the vintage style lovers' favorites (together with the 1940s) and a lot of them dress like they've time traveled. If you love the 50s elegance but still want to dress modern, we have the best ideas for you.

Keep reading to discover amazing outfits, inspired by your favorite fashion decade!

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1950 fashion in 2023 stripes

From naval uniforms to fashion staples, stripes have a long and interesting history.

They gained a lot of popularity in the '50s, and this is one trend that you can easily combine with many clothes.

Any clothing item you can think of is available in a striped print, and it doesn't matter if you prefer a sporty or an elegant fashion style - stripes are so versatile!
Even better, you can now buy your new favorite print from a sustainable brand, that works under very high standards.

Let this list of 200 European ethical brands inspire you before making a new purchase.


1950 fashion in 2023 pants

Women did wear pants in 1950 and you can honor the decade's fashion style by wearing them too.

Choose a pair of slim pants in a neutral color and wear them with a slightly oversized shirt, to have an outfit that balances both vintage and modern elements.

Discover beautiful pants made by sustainable brands.


1950 fashion in 2023 jewelry

Accessorize your outfit with beautiful jewelry that women in the '50s loved too - brooches, pearls, earrings.

The best jewelry brands produce eco-friendly bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other amazing accessories that will add a final stylish touch to your outfit.

Check them out here.

Vintage dresses

1950 fashion in 2023 dresses

One of the best ways to bring the 1950s vibes this year is to wear an original dress from 1950. This is not as hard as it sounds.

With the modern technology available nowadays, that connects sellers and buyers, you can shop fashion from the past.

You never know what unique item you're going to find, so keep an eye on these apps that sell vintage, second-hand, and even brand-new clothes for a fraction of the store price.


1950 fashion in 2023 bolero

Instead of a light jacket or cardigan, wear a bolero over your dress.
They're stylish 1950s-inspired items that will protect you when chilly, while adding a vintage touch to your whole look.

Buy your bolero from a sustainable brand.

Midi dresses

1950 fashion in 2023 midi dress

The midi length looks flattering on any body type and is extremely versatile. You can wear it on multiple occasions and you can transform it from office attire into party wear with the right accessories.

They can be worn all year round, and in winter you can add a beautiful jacket and a pair of tights to keep you warm.

Check out these amazing midi dresses that come from sustainable brands.


1950 fashion in 2023 belts

In 1950 women used to wear dresses that were tight around the waist, to accentuate their silhouette. Obtain the same effect by wearing a dress and a belt.

You can now buy vegan leather belts that are both long-lasting and cruelty-free.

Midi skirts

1950 fashion in 2023 skirts

Not unlike a midi dress, the midi skirt is versatile and looks flattering on any body type.

A bell-shaped midi skirt will accentuate your waist and will make it look thinner. Wear it with shirts, blouses or jumpers.

Discover our sustainable selection of midi skirts.

Floral prints

1950 fashion in 2023 floral prints

If you want a feminine, vintage outfit, floral prints are great options!
They instantly add a nostalgic vibe to your outfit, and with the right cuts and fabrics, you can easily bring 1950 into the present.

Many sustainable brands sell clothes with amazing floral prints nowadays, so check them out if you want to purchase high-quality, eco-friendly items.

Sweetheart necklines

1950 fashion in 2023 sweetheart necklines

Sweetheart necklines are very cute and if you love the romantic fashion style, you should consider adding blouses and dresses with such a neckline to your wardrobe.

Wear a beautiful sweetheart neckline top with a flared midi skirt if you want to be true to the '50s style. If, on the other hand, you want a very modern outfit, that only keeps a few key details from your favorite fashion decade, we recommend wearing a mini dress with a sweetheart neckline.

Buy ethically made clothes from sustainable brands.

Pencil skirts

1950 fashion in 2023 pencil skirts

Pencil skirts are very stylish and they never go out of fashion. In the '50s, pencil skirts were used by working women as work uniforms.

Over the years they kept this status and even today, they're perfect for the office. That is because they look very professional and they can be worn with elegant blouses and shirts.

Purchase yours from a sustainable brand.

Skirt suits

1950 fashion in 2023 skirt suits

If you love the elegant fashion style, a skirt suit is a no-brainer. Fashionable in 1950 but also today, skirt suits are very easy to wear because they save you a lot of time that is usually spent choosing your outfit.

You can wear a vintage-style suit, with a print that is similar to what was modern in 1950.

For a classy outfit, choose to buy a beautiful suit from a sustainable brand.


1950 fashion in 2023 hats

Accessorize your outfit with a big hat that resembles those worn in the'50s.

Let yourself be inspired by the 15 best affordable and sustainable hats and beanies recommended in our article.

Stylish scarves

1950 fashion in 2023 scarves

Another great way to accessorize your outfit in the '50s style is wearing a beautiful scarf.

Make your choice sustainable and let it be the pop of color your attire needs.

Polka dots

1950 fashion in 2023 polka dot dress

A symbol of energy and positivity, polka dots are fun to wear and they have the power to make any outfit more interesting.

They were very fashionable in 1950 and you can bring the trend to life by choosing a beautiful polka dot dress with a vintage vibe.

Check out our article about sustainable brands if you want to avoid fast fashion consumerism and buy high-quality items instead.

Pin-up style

1950 fashion in 2023 pin up

The pin-up style is a daring, feminine style that uses fashion to highlight the seductive and charismatic side of a woman.

It started in the '40s but continued to be popular in the next decade as well, and many women love this trend even today because it is versatile and eye-catching.

For affordable vintage, you can visit thrift stores.

Summing up

1950 fashion in 2023 summing up

There are two ways to bring 1950s fashion to life today.

The first one is to wear fully vintage outfits that you can buy from thrift stores. Try to replace as few items as possible with modern ones if you want an authentic outfit. This is more of a lifestyle than a trend and we recommend it only if it is your true hobby or in case you have to recreate the '50s atmosphere for an art project.

The second (and easier) way to bring the '50 style this year is to learn what the key trends were back then and try to mix and match them with your existing outfits. This way you will have a modern outfit with vintage touches that is beautiful and easy to wear.
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