When the thermometer hits 30 Degrees Celsius, we talk about summer temperatures.

We enjoy summer and sunny days, but not everyone can cope with high temperatures. Any temperature above 26°C requires more body energy for temperature regulation. Our bodies produce sweat which helps us to cool down. This process gets even more difficult in humid climates.

There are two main areas that you have to consider when selecting what to wear on hot days. The first is fabric choice - as not all fabrics are suitable for hot weather and the second is the cut of the clothes, as some outfit shapes will help you feel more ventilated than others.

Continue reading and find out our 15 best outfit ideas to make you feel comfortable, fresh, and less sticky when temperatures rise.

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1. Choose natural and breathable fabrics

 Girl wearing linen summer set and holding flowers

Choosing appropriate fabrics is essential during the summer because this will allow your body to breathe. Some textiles may look “lightweight” at first sight but might be inadequate for the hot climate. Lightweight and breathable are not synonymous. Viscose and polyester, for instance, are very lightweight but are also very insulating.

Choose cotton fabrics when temperatures rise to 30°C. There are three types of cotton: cotton voile - a semi-transparent fabric; cotton piqué – cellular, subtle texture; and seersucker – a thin, puckered fabric - all three suitable for the summer season. These fabrics are highly breathable and very pleasant to wear.

Another great idea is linen. Linen is highly absorbent and breathable. It keeps the moisture away from our bodies. Plus, we bet you don’t know, linen is lint-free, non-static, non-allergenic, naturally insect-repellent, and gives UV protection.

Other fabric choices for the summer are bamboo and jute. Both fabrics have anti-static properties and moderate moisture retention. They are an excellent choice for the summer.

2. Wear a kimono style dress

 A couple wearing kimono style dresses

Whether you choose a kimono maxi dress or a shorter style, a kimono style dress is the best choice for the summer season. They are light and breathable and usually have beautiful bright colors.

Without a doubt, this is the dress you need for the hot season. Just make sure that it is made of natural fabrics!

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3. Slip dress are more than comfortable

 Two women wearing beige slip summer dresses

A slip dress gives you a sensation of freshness and freedom. It is very lightweight but, again, opt for natural fabrics. Style it with sandals or white sneakers for a more sports look.

4. Short jumpsuit

A girl wearing short jumpsuit with pockets 

Jumpsuits are not only incredibly stylish, but they are also comfortable and very suitable for hot temperatures.

Choose short jumpsuits or baggy-style jumpsuits for maximum comfort and a feeling of freshness.

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5. Crochet clothes will make your skin breathe

Girl wearing a crochet crop top over bikini and holding a mirror 

Open-weave crocheted clothes let the skin breathe because the air goes effortlessly through the fabric. From crochet dresses and tops to swimsuits, crochet clothes are eye-catching.

They will give you a bohemian look and make a great choice during the hot days.

6. Crop and tube tops are trendy and versatile

 Girl on bike wearing a sports crop top

Crop and tank tops are very suitable for the hot season and temperatures around 30°C. We suggest you go for cotton and linen tops as they have a pleasant touch. You can style them with long pants, shorts, and skirts.

Loose crop tops and workout tank tops are easy to wear on hot days because they allow the passage of air and moisture. Suitable for both men and women.

7. Shorts

 White t-shirt with striped shorts

Shorts have been around for more than a century. With ups and downs in fashion trends, they have adopted different shapes and lengths. Today they are the favorite clothing during the hot season.

There are so many styles of short pants for both men and women that you will not find it hard to choose which best suits your style and body.

For slimmer legs look, wear a wider top over smaller shorts. High-waisted shorts look good with crop, tube, and tank tops. This style will make your waist look skinny.

8. Wear backless dresses and tops

 Korean girl wearing a backless top over white pants

Backless dresses and tops are elegant and chic. They first appeared in the 90s as a staple of the club era.

Today backless tops and dresses are designed to suit every occasion, from elegant to casual. One important thing to remember when wearing backless clothes is to keep your underwear invisible.

Your everyday look will be chic and modern if you wear backless tops with jeans or loose linen pants. Avoid pairing backless tops with shorts or mini skirts, as this will be too much skin-showing.

9. Loose clothes will make you feel fresh

 Woman in a tiffany colored loose dress

The silhouette of the garment you choose for the hot season is essential if you want to prevent the feeling of discomfort and overheating in your body. Tight clothing restricts airflow, whereas loose clothes will allow you to feel the freshness of every breeze.

10. Must-have accessories

 Woman in yellow jumpsuit and wide brim hat

Accessories add a unique and personalized touch to your look. Some are essential during hot and sunny days as they will protect your body and give you some comfort as well.

Use a cotton bucket or wide-brim straw hat to protect your face, scalp, and hair from the sun. Pork pie straw hat for men looks stylish and perfectly matches elegant and casual outfits.

Do not forget to wear sunscreen and sunglasses, as the sun's ultraviolet rays can cause damage to the skin, eyes, and immune system.

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11. Sun-protective clothing will keep your skin safe

 Two women choosing summer clothes

Sun-protective clothing is the best way to stay safe from harmful UV radiation. Unbleached cotton, for example, contains natural lignin that act as UV absorbers.

Other fabrics are specifically made to block UV rays. They usually have UPF labels, which indicate exactly how much of the sun’s rays the garment can shield.

12. Dress in white

 Woman wearing a white dress

Black color absorbs heat. Black and dark clothes will increase the body temperature and make you sweat even more.

Choose white clothes when temperatures strike 30°C. And when the sun shines, a good idea will be to wear clothes with very high levels of reflectivity – pink, yellow, and shiny fabrics.

13. Wear sandals and open shoes

 Girl posing with summer striped dress and white open toe sandals

When the temperatures hit 30 degrees C, choose open shoes, sandals, or shoes from natural light materials.

Espadrilles and clogs are particularly suitable during hot days.

If you want to achieve a semi-casual look, boat shoe loafers are great for both men and women.

14. Opt for minimal jewelry

 Minimallist jewelry

We are all familiar with the unpleasant sensation of something sticky to our hot and sweaty skin. Heavy chunky jewelry has this capability during the summer.

Metal gets heavy and sticky quickly in the heat. Select delicate jewelry during the summer.

15. Men's summer outfits

 A man in blue shirt and shorts talking on the phone

Also, men can mix plenty of style combinations during the hot season.

You can wear chinos with a simple t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look. Or dress up your shorts with a shirt for a smart-casual approach.

Yes, to fresh prints, but use them wisely. Wear them as a statement piece and keep the rest simple.

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