Volleyball is a recreational sport requiring extensive jumping, running, and swift motions. Therefore, during volleyball practice, you must wear attire that won’t hinder your movements or lead to overheating. Choose breathable and lightweight clothes that don’t trap sweat. Besides, consider wearing a headband or sweatband to prevent your hair from obstructing your vision. Here you will learn the best practical outfits to wear to volleyball practice.


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Shorts volleyball practice wear

Choosing the appropriate shorts for volleyball practice is crucial for optimal comfort and performance. Select shorts that are not loose or tight to allow a full range of motion, like these affordable and organic bamboo bike shorts. Quick-drying or mesh fabrics are ideal, as they keep you cool during intense gameplay.

Additionally, ensure that the shorts provide sufficient coverage and support for your legs. Some players may opt for shorter shorts that offer greater mobility, while others prefer longer shorts extending to the knee, depending on individual preferences and styles. However, regardless of your type, prioritize your comfort.



T-shirts volleyball practice wear

T-shirts are crucial volleyball outfits, whether during practice sessions or actual competitions. You should wear a fitted shirt for unrestricted shoulder and arm movement. Loose-fitting shirts can interfere with intense movements and impede performance. Also, too tight shirts can restrict breathing and lead to discomfort.

Select a t-shirt made of moisture-wicking organic material as it helps to draw moisture away from the body, keeping players cool and dry throughout a lengthy practice session.

In addition, breathable shirts are an optimal choice since they prevent bothersome chafing and skin irritation during vigorous physical activity. Short sleeves t-shirts are ideal for players who want improved air circulation, while long sleeves shirts offer more sun protection.

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sneakers volleyball practice wear

Choosing the appropriate footwear for volleyball practice is significant for your overall safety and performance. Your volleyball shoes should provide excellent stability, support, and traction on the court.

They should be flexible and lightweight to reduce the foot burden and allow swift movements. Look for shoes that provide good ventilation to keep the feet cool and comfortable throughout the practice session.

Proper airflow helps prevent excessive sweating, discomfort, and the development of odor-causing bacteria. Besides, select well-cushioned shoes to absorb impact and minimize the risk of injuries, like these latest Nike sneakers pushing toward zero waste.

Furthermore, volleyball shoes must be equipped with non-marking soles, ensuring they do not leave any marks or scuff the court surface.



Socks volleyball practice wear

Socks are another essential volleyball practice attire. They help to absorb moisture and sweat from your feet, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the practice session. Socks also assist in protecting your feet from injuries and preventing blisters.

Opt for socks that provide a snug fit without being overly tight. A proper fit ensures the socks stay in place and reduces the chances of friction or slippage that can lead to blisters. You can choose knee or ankle-length socks to support your feet during intense movements.

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Warm-up suits

Warm-up suits volleyball practice

You should have an athletic suit to wear during the warm-up session before any practice. This helps improve flexibility and efficiency during gameplay. Choose appropriate attire for warm-ups to ensure comfort and ease of movement.

Do not wear your practice outfits during warm-up sessions. Instead, they opt for lightweight jogger pants, a tank top, and a sweat jacket if the weather is cold.


Sports bra

Sports bra volleyball practice wear

Sports bras are crucial volleyball attire for ladies during volleyball practice and matches. Unlike regular bras, sports bras are designed to provide optimal support and minimize breast movement during physical activity.

Volleyball involves various dynamic movements, such as diving, jumping, and lateral movements, which can strain the breasts. Sports bras offer firmer support, reducing discomfort and potential damage to breast tissue.

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Leggings volleyball practice

Nowadays, many volleyball players wear leggings instead of shorts during volleyball practice. Leggings provide enhanced protection compared to shorts, particularly safeguarding players from floor burn injuries. However, all players need to consider color coordination when choosing their attire.


Knee pads

Knee pads volleyball practice wear

Volleyball entails preventing the ball from touching the ground. Players often dive and make challenging saves, which can increase the risk of bruising their knees, hence the need for knee pads. Knee pads are vital in volleyball practice as they protect against impact and abrasions, reducing the risk of knee injuries.

When selecting knee pads, choosing a pair that fits properly and remains securely in place during play is crucial. Look for knee pads with adjustable straps that allow for a customized fit. This ensures that the knee pads stay in position and do not hinder movement. The knee pads should also have sufficient padding to cushion your knees without being overly bulky or restrictive.



Wristbands volleyball practice wear

Players also wear wristbands during volleyball practice to help them absorb sweat, keep their hands dry and maintain a better grip on the ball. They are also used as markers on the court, indicating specific positions or distinguishing the hand preference of a player.

This can be helpful for communication and coordination with your teammates, allowing for smoother and more efficient gameplay.



Headbands volleyball practice wear

Headbands are ideal for individuals with longer hair, as hair can be distracting and obstructive during volleyball practice. They help to keep your hair out of your face and eyes, ensuring you have a clear vision of the court and the ball.

Headbands also assist in sweat absorption, preventing it from dripping onto your face and neck. This reduces the chance of sweat getting into your eyes, enhancing your comfort and performance.


Arm sleeves

Arm sleeves volleyball practice wear

Arm sleeves are a valuable addition for players who wear half-sleeve attire. They risk getting scratches and injuries during the practice session since their arms are left uncovered. Arm sleeves aid in supporting the muscles and providing stability to the elbow joint.

This added support can contribute to injury prevention and enhance performance on the court. Besides, they keep the arms warm, particularly during winter or in colder playing environments.


Signing out!

Choosing the right attire during volleyball practice is crucial for comfort and increased performance. Select lightweight and breathable fabrics that will keep you dry and comfortable throughout the training session.

Besides, choose clothes that allow a full range of motion and supportive shoes with great traction. It is advisable to avoid wearing gloves, jewelry, or wrong footwear during volleyball practice.

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