Attending the French Open promises a delightful blend of world-class tennis action and sophisticated style. As you prepare to immerse yourself in the thrilling atmosphere of Roland Garros, striking the perfect balance between trendy, comfortable, and appropriate attire becomes paramount.

Whether you are a tennis enthusiast or simply relishing the ambiance of this prestigious event, crafting a fashionable ensemble is part of the experience.

In this guide, we will explore 15+ cool and trendy outfit items and useful pairing tips, ensuring you exude elegance while navigating the sun-soaked grounds and capturing the essence of this iconic sporting event.

From sun hats to statement earrings, envision a wardrobe that seamlessly combines style, comfort, and a dash of French chic for your memorable day at the French Open.

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Breathable Blouse

French Open outfits blouse

French Open outfits blouse

Select a breathable blouse in a pastel or neutral shade, and pair it with high-waisted tailored shorts for a polished yet comfortable ensemble.

Tuck in your blouse to highlight your waist and complete the look with a stylish belt for a touch of contemporary flair. For more inspiration, check out the 15 best affordable blouses for broad shoulders

Cute Sun Hat

French Open outfits hat

Choose a sun hat with a wide brim for both style and practicality. Opt for a neutral tone or a classic stripe pattern to effortlessly elevate your look, and do not forget to secure it with a chic ribbon or bow for that extra touch of sophistication.

Oversized Sunglasses

French Open outfits sunglasses

Invest in a pair of oversized sunglasses with UV protection to shield your eyes while exuding glamour. Whether you go for a cat-eye, aviator, or round frame, sunglasses can be a statement accessory that complements your overall outfit, adding a touch of mystery and allure.

Here are the 15 best affordable and sustainable sunglasses

Lovely Midi Dress

French Open outfits midi dress

Embrace the French chic vibe with a flowy midi dress in a floral or polka dot pattern. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton or linen to stay cool.

Consider a dress with a cinched waist to accentuate your silhouette, creating a timeless and effortlessly elegant look. Discover our selection of the 15 great outfits to wear over a midi dress. 

Trendy Tennis Skirt

French Open outfits tennis skirt

Channel a sporty yet trendy aesthetic with a tennis skirt in a vibrant color or classic white. Pair it with a fitted tank top or a tucked-in polo shirt, and do not forget to accessorize with a sleek tennis bracelet or a sporty watch for that athletic chic look.

Check out the 15 best affordable and sustainable pleated tennis skirts

Collared Polo Shirt

French Open outfits polo shirt

Opt for a collared polo shirt in a breathable fabric like piqué cotton for a classic and timeless look.

Consider playful details like contrasting trim or subtle embroidery to add a modern twist to this sporty staple, creating an ensemble that effortlessly blends comfort and style. Discover the 20 best affordable hemp shirts, tops, and Tees

Visor Cap

French Open outfits visor cap

Elevate your sporty look with a visor cap in a bold color or with a playful pattern. The visor not only shields your face from the sun but also adds an element of athleticism to your outfit, making it a perfect accessory for a day at the tennis court.

Lightweight Jumpsuit

French Open outfits jumpsuit

Embrace casual elegance with a lightweight jumpsuit in a solid color or subtle print. Choose a style with a cinched waist to flatter your figure and add a stylish belt for a more defined look.

Transition effortlessly from day to evening with this versatile and chic choice. Here are the best affordable and sustainable jumpsuits we have selected just for you. 

Canvas Sneakers

French Open outfits sneakers

Opt for canvas sneakers in a neutral shade or a pop of color to provide comfort while exploring the grounds. Consider a classic low-top design for a laid-back vibe or high-tops for a more fashion-forward statement, ensuring you are both stylish and ready for a day of tennis action.

Check out the 10 best brands for ethical sneakers in Australia and New Zealand. 

Spacious Tote Bag

French Open outfits tote bag

Select a spacious tote bag in a versatile color or pattern that complements your overall outfit. Look for one with practical compartments to keep your essentials organized and choose durable materials like canvas or vegan leather for a bag that is both stylish and functional.

Discover the 10 best tote bags made from recycled materials. 

Light Scarf

French Open outfits scarf

Complete your look with a light scarf in a complementary color or pattern. Drape it loosely around your neck for a touch of Parisian flair and choose a soft fabric for a luxurious feel.

This versatile accessory can add an extra layer of style and warmth when needed.

Statement Earrings

French Open outfits earrings

Elevate your look with bold and eye-catching statement earrings. Whether you opt for hoops, chandeliers, or studs, choose a pair that complements the color palette of your outfit, adding a touch of glamour and personality to your overall appearance.

Here are the 15 best sustainable jewelry brands you need to know. 

Waterproof Jacket

French Open outfits jacket

Be prepared for unpredictable weather with a waterproof jacket that does not compromise style. Choose a breathable and lightweight option in a trendy color or pattern, ensuring you stay both fashionable and dry while enjoying the matches.

Discover the 10 best affordable and sustainable waterproof jackets

Layered Bracelets

French Open outfits bracelets

Add a bohemian touch to your ensemble with a mix of layered bracelets. Combine different textures and materials, such as beads, metals, and leather, to create a stylish and eclectic wrist stack that enhances your overall look.

Check out whether guys wear bracelets on the left or the right. 

Small Straw Clutch

French Open outfits straw clutch

Opt for a small straw clutch with stylish detailing like tassels or embroidery. This accessory not only complements the outdoor setting but also adds a touch of relaxed sophistication to your ensemble, making it perfect for fashionably holding your essentials.

Comfortable Sandals

French Open outfits sandals

Choose comfortable sandals with chic detailing like metallic embellishments or ankle straps. Whether you go for flats or a low heel, your sandals should provide both style and comfort, allowing you to navigate the venue with ease while maintaining a fashionable appearance.

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