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Element | Yoga for Weight Loss


This yoga DVD will give you a good workout.

  • Normal pace yoga workout.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Very effective poses for weight loss.
  • Experienced and trusted teacher.
  • Good exercises for a toned body.


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This yoga DVD will give you a good workout. You will definitely I feel like you are doing good to your body.

The exercises presented by Ashley Turner are normal pace. The many yoga poses promote weight loss.

This is a well-rounded yoga experience. Also very relaxing and calming with a peacul background.

This will fill you up with positive energy. This workout is uplifting and mindful.

The teacher is very experienced and trusted. Éxpect a good workout that will make you feel good.

This is a good video for anyone looking to lose weight and get a toned body.

It is also very beginner friendly. If you are new to yoga, the great location will make you comfortable.

It’s not too intense and thorough for hips, upper back and lower back.


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