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Complete Yoga Collection


Reap many health benefits of yoga with this DVD.

  • Basic beginner friendly postures.
  • Standing, seated, inverted and relaxation poses.
  • Great introduction to a powerful yoga practice.
  • Energizing morning workout to revitalize the body.
  • Calming evening workout to combat stress at the end of the day.
  • Very effective weight loss class.
  • Standing poses, seated poses and twists.

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Live a Happy and Balanced Life.

Reap the many health benefits of regular yoga practice with this complete yoga collection for weight loss and for beginners.

Get precise instructions from Patricia Walden. This is a contemporary, easy-to-follow approach to Hatha yoga.

Learn the basic yoga postures including standing, seated, inverted and relaxation poses.

This program is perfect for beginners. It present a great introduction to a powerful and effective yoga practice.

This combines 2 yoga programs.  They are long enough to be useful, but do not take too much time either.

A.M. Yoga is an energizing morning workout to help revitalize the body and center the mind, balancing the body’s natural rhythms.

P.M. Yoga is a soothing workout practiced at the end of the day to combat stress and a sedentary lifestyle.

Join the respected Iyengar instructor Suzanne Deason on a weight loss class, set on a gorgeous Southwestern mesa. You will learn standing poses, seated poses and twists.

You will get clear instructions, delivered in a calm and nurturing voice that resounds with encouragement.


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