Content Editor (m/f/d)

Remote. Part-time. Germany.

Job description

If you have experience, passion, and knowledge in ethical fashion and eco-friendly living, great! Become our new content editor for our online magazine and blog.

Edit and publish blog posts, and fact-check articles, and develop content strategies for our highly-engaged readers on our websites, newsletters, and social media pages.

Panaprium is a forum and platform for discussion where you will share personal stories, best practices, tutorials, guides, and tips on how to live a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Your responsibilities

  • Proofread and ensure proper spelling, grammar, and syntax in online content.
  • Edit and publish articles, blog posts, product descriptions, product reviews, newsletters, press releases, social media posts, and more.
  • Perform thorough research on topics our readers are passionate about, such as sustainable living, ethical fashion, responsible shopping, veganism, minimalism, and more.
  • Edit and publish original content, text, and images and ensure it's error-free, clear, simple to read and understand, and thorough.
  • Develop content strategies to increase user engagement and stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends.
  • Ensure all written and graphical content is SEO- and advertiser-friendly, review past performances, and edit content according to the latest best practices and procedures.


Your profile

  • Proven work experience as a Content Writer, Content Editor, or similar role.
  • Experience with Content Management Systems and portfolio of published content.
  • Passionate about living an ethical lifestyle and particularly about sustainable fashion.
  • Fluent in English, preferably a native speaker.
  • Excellent writing and editing skills in English.
  • Above average proficiency in image and video editing.
  • Basic understanding of advertising and marketing.
  • Familiarity with SEO and keyword research.
  • Great research and listening skills.
  • Good communication and persuasion skills.
  • Work in an independent, structured, and goal-oriented manner.


Benefits and perks

  • Reach a new audience daily, boost your credibility, and expand your network.
  • Learn and develop professional qualifications with amazing people who want everyone to succeed with guidance, support, and helpful tips.
  • Build strong relationships and get exposure to incredible business projects.
  • Get a positive space to share uplifting and inspiring values and principles, including sustainability, healthy living, and self-care.
  • Develop a wide range of skills and experience related not to one finite area but varied roles.
  • Manage your workload and time and work from home with flexible working hours to balance your work and private life.


How to apply

  • Send your application to We'll respond to you ONLY if your application piques our interest.
  • Ensure the file is a word or PDF document, and group up any attachments you want to send with your application in a ZIP file.
  • Include your first and last name, email address, phone number, and postal address.
  • Add a resume and cover letter describing your education and experience.
  • Feel free to include a short bio and a relevant link to your previous work, professional website, or biography.
  • Explain why you are applying for the position, why you want to work for Panaprium specifically, and why we should hire you as the best match for the job.
  • Tell us your salary expectations and your notice period.
  • Make sure you are legally allowed to work in this job location currently.
  • Insert a recent (max six months old) image of yourself. Images should be at least 500×500 in size, and have a clean background with some space around the main subject, without any parts of the head or shoulders cut off.

Thank you for your interest in working with us. We are looking forward to reading your application.


About Panaprium

Panaprium is a global digitally-native brand providing expert guidance for everyone pursuing a sustainable lifestyle. We annually speak to over 5 million people across the globe through websites, newsletters, and social media channels.

Panaprium offers philosophy, influences, and awareness around the attitude and desire for better living. We are committed to green and natural living, health, and wellness.

Above all else and most importantly, Panaprium is shaping a sustainable future with its passionate community. We have a clear vision, a distinct style, and a strong specific set of values.

Panaprium represents aspirations, emotions, and identities close to learning, growing, and giving. We want to contribute to social good and make an impact in the world by helping people.

Panaprium promotes diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity in everything it does. We ensure a safe, fair, positive, respectful work environment free of discrimination and injustice for all backgrounds and beliefs.