Ambassador Program

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Panaprium Ambassador Program

Why Panaprium?

Panaprium is a global fitness apparel brand, manufacturer and online retailer. Providing stylish yet performance-lead active wear for everyone willing to live an active lifestyle.

We provide quality products that elevate the life of individuals, but also philosophy, influences and awareness around the attitude and desire of better living.

Above all else and most importantly, Panaprium is shaping the future of healthy living with its passionate community, clear vision, distinct style and strong specific set of values.

Panaprium represents aspirations, emotions and identities close to learning, growing and giving. We speak from human experience to deliver solutions and solve problems of everyday life.

We want to contribute to social good, make an impact in the world helping people reach their dream of a better life. We are committed to green and natural living, health and wellness.


Become An Ambassador!

Thank you for your interest in becoming an ambassador of the Panaprium brand!

We engage with passionate influencers, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, teachers, instructors and trainers everywhere around the world.

Our ambassadors share their love of Panaprium products, represent and share Panaprium values with their communities. They are the first to collaborate with us on online content, events, photo shoots, campaigns and product development.

Ambassadors not only receive a generous discount on all Panaprium products, but also monthly newsletters with exclusive updates and opportunities. Plus, they are featured on our social media channels and website. 

We also provide all our ambassadors with the ability to earn extra income doing what they are passionate about. 


How To Get Started.

To be considered, please submit your application below.

Once your application is received, please allow up to 14 business days for us to review your application. We will contact you via e-mail to let you know.

Panaprium is looking for passionate ambassadors, who actively grow their communities online and in every day life. We really love to receive applications from teachers and instructors who lead workshops and retreats regularly. And share their message on social media, regardless of their audience size.

Because of this, we are not able to accept all applications.

In some cases, with a bit of help to meet Panaprium’s standards, an application can be approved. In these cases, our team will do its best to provide guidance.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your support of Panaprium, on and off the mat!


Terms and Conditions.

  1. The Ambassador discount you receive as part of the Program is a benefit exclusively for you and you only.
  2. Panaprium reserves the right to remove you from the program if it is discovered that you have shared your discount with any third party.
  3. As a Panaprium Ambassador, you will continue to promote the Panaprium brand in a positive and professional manner on any websites, blogs and social media accounts.
  4. Panaprium reserves the right to alter the Program at any time.

Submit Your Application.

Please submit your application below.

Questions about our ambassador program? Feel free to contact us at

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