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Panaprium Affiliate Program.

Why Panaprium?

Panaprium is a global fitness apparel brand, manufacturer and online retailer. Providing stylish yet performance-lead active wear for everyone willing to live an active lifestyle.

We provide quality products that elevate the life of individuals, but also philosophy, influences and awareness around the attitude and desire of better living.

Above all else and most importantly, Panaprium is shaping the future of healthy living with its passionate community, clear vision, distinct style and strong specific set of values.

Panaprium represents aspirations, emotions and identities close to learning, growing and giving. We speak from human experience to deliver solutions and solve problems of everyday life.

We want to contribute to social good, make an impact in the world helping people reach their dream of a better life. We are committed to green and natural living, health and wellness.

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Become A Partner!

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Panaprium! Become a member of the Panaprium Affiliate Program.

Panaprium is honored to provide 15% commission (percentage of revenue) with a 30-day return period. Our average order value is $100+.

This Program is designed for everyone who love our brand and our products. Bloggers, Yoga and Pilates teachers, fitness instructors, photographers, filmmakers, employees, creators and artists of the Yoga, fashion, health, fitness and wellness industry.

You will receive many opportunities to collaborate on content and be featured on the Panaprium social media channels or even the website. A responsive team stays available at all times to help you maximize your sales.


How To Get Started.

To be considered, please submit your application and agree to the terms. As a partner of Panaprium, you will have access to all of our text and banner links.

Once your application is received, please allow up to 14 business days for us to review your application. We will contact you via e-mail to let you know.

Once approved, you will receive custom link codes to ensure all referrals are credited to your account. All referrals can be tracked in real time in your affiliate dashboard.

You can earn commissions on qualifying sales that result from featuring links to Panaprium products and content across your brand: blog/website, social media, newsletters, etc.

Simply post affiliate links to Panaprium products within your site’s content. Visitors who click on an affiliate link will be redirected to a Panaprium landing page.

You will receive a commission for each purchase made via your affiliate links within Panaprium's 30-day cookie window.


Terms And Conditions.

The Panaprium Affiliate Program is looking for high-quality mediums that will drive traffic to Panaprium. Because of this, not all sites are eligible and we are not able to accept all applications.

In some cases, a site may be eligible, but needs a bit of help to meet Panaprium’s standards. In these cases, our team will do its best to provide guidance.

Please make sure you read through the terms and conditions before submitting your application.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your support of Panaprium, on and off the mat!


Submit Your Application.

Follow the steps below to join the Panaprium Affiliate Program:

  1. First create a ShareASale account if you don't have one.
  2. Click here to submit your application.
  3. Post Panaprium branded banners and/or affiliate links within your site’s content.

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Looking for other ways to partner with Panaprium? Please inquire on our contact page.

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