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Yoga Or Gym For Weight Loss | 20 Reasons To Do Yoga

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yoga gym weight loss

What should you choose? Yoga or Gym? What is the best for weight loss? Some swear that the gym is the best way to build muscle. They think that the gym burns excess body fat the most.

Others say that yoga is the best to stay in shape. So which is better? Yoga or Gym? I believe that the gym has major disadvantages that yoga does not have. Yoga is the safest and healthiest way to lose weight.

If you are up for a good workout, yoga can provide that as well. It strengthens and lengthens muscles, joints, nerves and ligaments. Plus, it is a very effective way to reduce body fat.

You don’t have to do anything else. If you practice yoga often, you will reach your ideal weight and stay there. Yoga will change you from within naturally and safely.

Plus, yoga promotes your health and well-being. Still wondering yoga or gym? Here are some of the many reasons why you should prefer yoga.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga burns enough calories for weight loss.

To lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you take in on a regular basis. The key is to participate in physical activities that you enjoy. There are many different types of yoga out there.

I recommend that you try out as many as possible to see what appeal to you the most. Many types of yoga provide a full body workout. They can be vigorous, dynamic and intense.

In this case, they will allow you to burn a lot of calories while exercising. But you do not have to expend lots of calories to lose weight. Gentle exercise is often enough to get lean.

A gym workout can cause your muscles to bulk up. Plus, it will leave you fatigued and hungry. You will eat more calories overall which will reduce your chances of getting fit.

If you are looking to lose weight with yoga, join the private Panaprium Support Group. Make sure you are on the right path by receiving guidance from a wonderful community of people on the same journey as you.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga increases strength, flexibility and stamina.

workout gym exercise weight

With regular yoga practice, you will improve your flexibility, strength and endurance. Moreover, it is an amazing way to raise your balance and stability. Your body will look toned and your functional strength will increase.

Many yoga postures are very challenging. You need a high amount of strength and control to do them. It takes many years of practice. Yoga will make every part of your body stronger.

Yoga relies on your entire body to help you grow. Inversions and arm balances increase upper body and core strength by a lot. They will also raise your heart rate and provide a good cardiovascular workout.

No other form of exercise will make you strong and flexible at the same time like yoga can. You can become stronger in the gym but with reduced mobility and flexibility.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga makes you feel revitalized and rejuvenated.

You will feel tired and hungry after a gym workout. It will use up your stamina and wear you down. On the other hand, yoga will cure you from within. It has plenty of healing effects for the body and the mind.

Many yogis love their practice because of the way it makes them feel. A yoga session will leave you full of positive energy. You will feel energized and fresh. It helps get rid of fatigue and rejuvenate your body.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga can be practiced anywhere, even at home.

You can practice yoga at home or at the park. You do not have to spend time in traffic to exercise. You can do it anywhere. No equipment is necessary. You can do it at your office or on the road.

Yoga will save you money and travel time. You will be more inclined to exercise because of its convenience. It is a wonderful experience to go to a yoga class. But I recommend that you also practice alone.

A gym session cannot be done without equipment. Plus, it requires a lot more space.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga does not require any equipment.

You can practice yoga anywhere. With no equipment. You will only need a quiet place and comfortable clothes.

You will need equipment to train at the gym. And not everyone can afford it.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga saves you a lot of money.

A gym at home can get expensive. On the contrary, yoga saves money. Yoga do not cost anything at all. Wear comfortable clothes and you can start right away. Grass or a carpet is just fine to practice on when starting out.

There are many free online videos and courses. They will get you started effectively.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga does not increase hunger.

A gym workout leaves you fatigued and hungry. It increases your hunger and leads to overeating. Yoga does not raise hunger. It benefits you physically, mentally and spiritually.

You can practice yoga every day without increasing how much you eat. Limiting calories while working out at the gym is detrimental to your health, energy and well-being.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga has mental and spiritual benefits.

gym training weight loss

Gym sessions only help you physically. They rarely offer benefits for your mind. Yoga is so much more than physical exercise. It is a journey that elevates the body, mind and soul to higher possibilities.

Yoga combines poses (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana). It makes you grow and become the best version of yourself.

The gym provides no way to help you flourish into a healthier and happier you. It does not increase longevity or help you adopt healthy living habits.

When performed correctly and regularly, yoga has many benefits for your physical, mental and spiritual health. With yoga, you will feel good physically and emotionally.

The gym is focused solely on improving your physical condition. Practice yoga regularly and you will definitely see a positive change in yourself.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga is safe to practice with injuries.

yoga at home weight loss

Yoga provides a great way to recover from injuries. It treats many problems and diseases effectively. Yoga strengthens muscles but also bones, joints, ligaments and nerves.

It makes you focused on your body. Paying close attention to movement and breathing reduces risk of injury.

If you listen to your body closely, you will advance at your own rhythm. Yoga teaches to do what feels right for you. It does not put stress on your body but relieves it completely.

You often get injured at the gym. While yoga slowly stretches and strengthens your body, weights and treadmills cause soreness and injuries.

It is important to increase flexibility as much as strength. It will keep your whole body healthy.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga increases lung capacity and control.

Breathing exercises are a huge part of any serious yoga practice. They increase lung capacity and control over your breath. This makes it easy to breathe in stressful situations.

Deep breathing techniques are useful in everyday life. Plus, they boosts metabolism and calorie burning.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga is suitable for everybody, regardless of age.

Yoga is accessible to everybody. There are sequences for people of all levels and ages. No matter your health, you can practice yoga.

Gym workouts are not designed for children or seniors.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga promotes health and increases longevity.

Yoga has powerful benefits for health and wellness. It boosts metabolism, digestion and purification. It promotes heart health and treats blood pressure disorders. It offers balance between body, mind and spirit.

It will help you sleep better, get rid of stress and anxiety. The physical and psychological effects of yoga are numerous. Better circulation, hormone balance and immune system are only a few of them.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga makes you feel great in your own skin.

The gym is oftentimes filled with insecurities. We improve our physical appearance because we do not like the way we look. Being unattractive or not good enough is what a gym workout aims to correct.

Yoga helps you feel great in your own skin. It teaches acceptance and compassion. For yourself and others.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga boosts the immune system.

Yoga improves detoxification. It stimulates organ functions and changes you from within. Plus, it boosts the immune system. It increases resistance to bacteria, virus, infection, inflammation and chronic diseases.

Yoga increases your health. It promotes hormonal balance that allows your body to grow, heal itself and regenerate.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga relieves stress and anxiety.

yoga meditate stress relief

Yoga is the most effective way to combat stress, anxiety and depression. You will sleep better if you practice regularly. Yoga helps you get rid of worrying thoughts.

It makes you focus on the present moment and clear your mind. Releasing any tension and finding inner calm is part of every practice. Furthermore, meditation is included in a lot of classes.

Overall stress levels will decrease. Yoga improves your stress management abilities and helps you feel at ease in any situation.

You will feel increased stress and tension at the gym. The nature of the workout and location makes it mentally and physically stressful.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga raises self-awareness and mindfulness.

Yoga helps you connect with your body. Mindfulness is one of the many benefits of yoga. It makes you more aware of your body, thoughts and emotions.

This provides favorable conditions for weight loss. You will make more choices in accordance to your body needs. It craves healthy, nutritious foods that makes you feel great and gives you plenty of energy.

The gym has so many distractions. Increased self-awareness is not a result of working out at the gym.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga is great for beginners.

You can be a complete beginner and lose weight through yoga. Even easy and gentle sequences have tremendous impact. High intensity exercises are not appropriate when starting out.

Yoga allows a smooth transition into a more active and healthy lifestyle. Even if some yoga types are challenging, many others will provide good conditions for you to lose weight safely and effectively.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga changes your life.

Yoga will help you lose weight. Plus, it changes your mind and the way your brain operates. It also changes your relationship with food and exercise. Yoga makes you adopt a new lifestyle.


It teaches you how to appreciate your body and how to treat it well, the best you can. This is the single most important factor for a healthier happier life. This will help you reach your body goals long term.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga is not a competition.

Yoga is not a sport. It is not a competition. It does not involve comparing yourself with others. Yoga helps you improve at your own pace. Everyone is different. Everyone has his own journey.

The gym is a competitive environment. You will feel uncomfortable if you are just starting out. Focusing on what others are doing is a sure way to feel overwhelmed.

Yoga or Gym? Yoga is different every single day.

You can design your workout as you want it to be. It is possible to increase the challenge if you feel that you are ready. Practice regularly to see progress and feel motivated.

There are so many things to learn and do with yoga. You can relax and calm down. Or you can have a dynamic and intense workout. See how you feel everyday and act according to it.

The gym can get tedious. You will do the same program for weeks before you can move on to the next.

yoga stress relief weight loss

Summing up:

Yoga or gym for weight loss? There is no need for anything else other than yoga. Pick the activity that you enjoy most. Yoga saves you time, money, pain, stress and injuries.

You will feel great in your own skin practicing yoga. Plus, it is the safest and healthiest way to lose weight. And there is no sense of competition. All yogis are accepting and smiling.

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About the Author: Alex Assoune

Alex Assoune Alex is an engineer, designer and entrepreneur from France. He has a passion for learning, healthy living and helping others. He is an advocate of personal growth and loves to teach about what he learned, to help everyone improve and reach their goals.

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