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How Often Should You do Yoga

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how often do yoga tree pose

How often should you do yoga to see results? The answer is very simple: as often as you can. It all depends what you are trying to achieve.

You may be looking to lose weight, get stronger, gain flexbility, or all at the same time. It is very possible to do it all with a regular yoga practice. But how often should you practice before seeing any results?

Results will vary from one person to another. We all have different body types, metabolism, mind and spirit. Our environment is different. There are also many different styles of yoga to practice.

Here is my advice to you: do not focus on the results or the end goal. Instead, enjoy the journey getting there. Breathe, focus, have fun and enjoy yourself while practicing yoga.

Practice regularly and see what yoga can do for you. Some people are quicker to learn than others, some are quicker to change. It all comes down to how much time and effort you are willing to put in to achieve your goals.

I advise you to start very slowly, get comfortable and listen to your body if you are a beginner yogi. Take your time and progress as you go. The key to success is consistency.

Here is why:

  • Regular yoga practice burn a lot of calories and you should get your body moving as often as you can.
  • Yoga relieves from stress and anxiety, which lead to weight gain if left ignored.
  • Being a yoga student improves mindfulness, awareness of the body, mind and emotions.
  • It is necessary to adopt healthy habits to lose weight and yoga helps do that effectively.


How often should you do yoga: everyday to burn more calories.

The many benefits of yoga for health and weight loss.

Practicing yoga regularly is known to provide many health benefits like fighting inflammation, infections and chronic diseases. It also boosts the immune system, the cardiovascular function and prevents heart diseases.

Plus, yoga is a great way to lose weight and get rid of excess body fat. Yoga also makes practitioners get healthy, improves their mood and helps avoid stress and anxiety that lead to weight gain.

But how often should you do yoga to reap its many benefits for health and weight loss? Do you have to spend a lot of time and invest in expensive classes and equipment to see results?

how often do yoga burn calories

How to practice yoga to lose weight.

All different yoga poses from beginner to advanced level offer benefits on their own. But all postures have the common ability to promote health of the body and the mind. Some poses are more calming than others and aid to find inner peace. The most intense sequences encourage building strength, burning calories and improving flexibility, stamina, balance.

If you are looking to lose weight, you do not have to necessarily do advanced yoga poses. Beginner yoga flows can also be very effective at burning body fat. I recommend that you choose a style of yoga that appeals to you the most, that you can do regularly and have a lot of fun with.

Although more intense styles like hot yoga, power yoga and vinyasa yoga are more effective at burning calories, the most important factor that will help you achieve your body goals is consistency. So pick a yoga practice that you enjoy first and foremost, then go from there.

You can burn around 600 calories per hour doing yoga flows that demand both muscle strength and high cardiovascular activity. By raising your heart rate, you will improve blood circulation, metabolism, the rate at which your body uses calories for energy.

How long should an efficient yoga practice last.

But it is not required that you spend an hour everyday doing intense yoga in order to lose weight. Just make sure to get your body moving regularly and take in fewer calories than you expend. You might want to take a class 2 to 3 times a week and practice at home the other days. This is a good recommendation for beginners that need advice from a yoga teacher.

Some people are very happy to take 10 minutes out of their busy day for themselves, to do yoga. If you keep at it, doing yoga regularly can bring you the results you expect, even if it is only 10 minutes at a time.

Yoga should be part of every healthy weight loss plan as it combines intense cardiovascular activity with strength training. A regular yoga practice contributes to weight loss by lengthening and strengthening muscles.

Doing yoga with make you acquire stronger muscles with denser muscle fiber. More muscle mass means more calories burned, even when you are not doing any physical activity.

How often should you do yoga: everyday to relieve stress and anxiety.

how often do yoga tree pose stress

Stress and anxiety lead to weight gain. It is quite easy to overeat or seek comfort foods to feel better after having worrying thoughts and difficult emotions. A high level of stress result in production of the stress hormone cortisol, which encourages the body to store fat.

Practicing yoga regularly is a solution that prevents these problems. 15 to 30 minutes of restorative yoga every night help you deal with stress and anxiety, sleep better, and have more energy the next day.

Not all yoga sessions have to be vigorous and burn lots of calories when you are looking to lose weight. Gentle standing and seated poses will not raise your heart rate as much but eliminate stress and the detrimental hormone production that results from it.

It is recommended to end every yoga practice with restorative poses, regardless of the time of day. It will calm your spirit, release any tension in your body and prepare yourself for the rest of the day.

Yoga classes teach all new students to be more mindful of their thoughts and emotions, and deal with them efficiently. With time, you will be able to practice alone at home and reflect on your practice by yourself.

How often should you do yoga: everyday to be more mindful.

how often do yoga mindful lotus

Yoga is a journey. It allows the practitioners to discover themselves and see the world in a new light. It changes them for the better as they realize that life has a deeper meaning. By practicing yoga often, you learn to be more mindful of your body, your thoughts and emotions.

You find out that destructive habits do not serve you and prevent you from reaching your goals. This has a direct effect on how you perceive healthy living in general, your relationship with food and exercise. Mindfulness leads to weight loss by making you see what to focus on and what to avoid.

Bad decision-making is the source of many problems, particularly when it comes to losing weight. By doing yoga often, you will become more aware and conscious about your bad choices and find the strength to make the right ones.

It will stop unhealthy habits and make you feel good about yourself as your lifestyle changes. Healthier food choices will follow with the weight loss results that you have been waiting for.

Every yoga practice brings you closer to your goals. It might take some time and efforts to see the end of the tunnel, but yoga increases mindfulness, making you more confident in your progress and your ability to succeed.

Yoga can often be practiced everywhere with almost no equipment. At home, at the park, at work, at the studio. It changes you physically, but also improve your passions, your relationships, your habits. Practice often and start to reap its many benefits.

How often should you do yoga: everyday to build habits.

how often do yoga habits street

The awakening that happens after every yoga practice leads to weight loss as it eliminates unhealthy habits. While everyone is different, yoga can lead to successful and lasting weight loss when practiced regularly.

It prevents unhealthy and unhappy behavior, depression and binge-eating. It has helped me times and times again to maintain a healthy weight when combined with a healthy diet. I shed excess body fat without a gym membership and almost no equipment at all with my own body weight.

That is because yoga increases not only strength, stamina, and flexibility, but also focus, mindset and willpower. Yoga teaches how to get rid of bad habits and replace them with healthier ones.

You need a healthy mind to get a healthy body. Both go hand in hand and yoga promotes them equally. By practicing often and with dedication, you will acquire the patience necessary to persevere through hardship and reach your weight loss goals.

Do not expect quick results. Only those that are consistent will be successful. With long-term commitment to build healthy habits, you will see improvements. Once a week is not enough to increase awareness and progress as you will feel like starting over every time.

Each yoga practice doesn’t have to be long but frequency is key to see results. So how often should you do yoga? I recommend that you practice shorter periods of time if you have to but more often to make your yoga practice a habit.

Many benefits of yoga happen right after the practice but the deep effects that yoga has on your health, inner peace, well-being and life balance can only be reached with consistency.

Summing up:

How often should you do yoga to see results? The short answer is everyday. But it doesn’t have to be for one hour in the studio everytime.

You should practice some physical activity on a regular basis if you are looking to lose weight. Yoga is great to get your whole body moving, burn calories, build muscle strength and a healthy heart anywhere with little equipment.

Plus, it helps get rid of stress and anxiety that lead to unhealthy hormonal consequences and weight gain. It also allows you to become mindful about your body and your eating habits. Practice yoga often to turn your lifestyle changes into healthy habits.

Yoga is a life long practice for everybody at any age. It increases mindfulness, awareness and changes your life for the better in a healthy and sustainable way.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question and express your opinions in the comment section.

About the Author: Alex Assoune

Alex Assoune Alex is an engineer, designer and entrepreneur from France. He has a passion for learning, healthy living and helping others. He is an advocate of personal growth and loves to teach about what he learned, to help everyone improve and reach their goals.


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