sterk and mooi

Sterk and Mooi

Sterk and Mooi or Sterk&Mooi is an Australian environmentally friendly activewear brand founded by Brittany Reukers in Melbourne in 2020. It creates high-quality, confidence-boosting activewear with a minimal carbon footprint.... Read More

8 Big Reasons Why Sustainable Fashion is Expensive

Why isn't sustainable fashion more affordable? Eco-friendly and socially responsible fashion usually cost more than fast fashion. Conscious and ethical apparel is more expensive for good reasons. Sustainable fashion doesn't... Read More
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clothing lasting

6 Fantastic Clothing Materials That Easily Last The Longest

Looking for durable clothing materials is one of the best ways to encourage sustainable fashion. Strong, durable, and high-quality fabrics allow consumers to wear clothes for a long time. A... Read More

P.E. Nation

P.E. Nation is an Australian active-streetwear brand founded by Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning in Sydney in 2015. Its mission is to shape the way you live making you fit,... Read More
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How P.E. Nation Is Pioneering Ethically-Sourced Luxury Activewear

How P.E. Nation Is Pioneering Ethically-Sourced Luxury Activewear

P.E. Nation announced a new collaboration with Australian luxury apparel brand Rebecca Vallance. The label creates sports luxe athleisure and activewear for urban life, lived at fast-pace, designed to perform... Read More

5 Ethical Fabrics That Are Proven To Look Expensive

You can easily make your outfits look more expensive with sustainable and ethical fabrics. Materials used in clothing play an important in quality and durability. Garments made of ethical fabrics... Read More
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wolfhound elk

Wolfhound & Elk

Wolfhound & Elk is a family-owned sustainable Irish sportswear company founded by Stephen Daly. He aspired to find a career with purpose after returning to Dublin in 2016. The brand... Read More

How Nike Latest Viral Sneakers Push Toward Zero Waste

American multinational corporation Nike is continuing to push toward zero carbon and zero waste in an attempt to protect the future of sports. Its latest viral sneakers, the Nike Sportswear... Read More
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luxury fashion

5 Epic Ways Luxury Will Ultimately Solve Fast Fashion

Consumers all over the world are becoming more conscious despite the rise of fast fashion over the last 20 years. They are turning to luxury fashion to move away from... Read More


COS is a Swedish apparel brand created in 2007 and now owned by retail giant Hennes & Mauritz (H&M). It creates leisurewear, workwear, swimwear, underwear, footwear, and accessories for men,... Read More
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FREE Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneur Event by Italian Artisan

Do you want to become a fashion entrepreneur and create a sustainable business? Join the FREE online event on September 3rd, 2020 to launch your international brand and grow your... Read More

10 Popular Things You Didn't Know Exploited Animals

If you want to stop animal cruelty, looking for vegan alternatives when buying food and clothes is a good start. Many people stop eating meat and wearing fur to avoid... Read More
epoque evolution

Époque Evolution

Époque Evolution is a clothing brand based in San Fransisco founded in 2018 by Nancy Taylor and Hannah Franco. It creates classic, stylish, minimalist, and sustainable clothes for women. Its... Read More

Époque Evolution Creates Versatile, Sustainable & Minimalist Clothing

Époque Evolution is a relatively new fashion brand that creates classic, stylish, minimalist, and sustainable clothes for women. Its clothing pieces are versatile and cover a large range of products.... Read More
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online shopping

17 Vital Tips To NEVER Buy Low-Quality Clothes Online Ever Again

Have you ever ordered new beautiful clothing pieces online, only to find out that they are low-quality once you tried them on? This is a common problem of online shopping,... Read More

How To Make Conscious Wardrobe Choices

Sustainability is in the mind of more and more conscious consumers. Especially when it comes to the clothes we wear, it's now more important than ever to make mindful decisions.... Read More
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bioplastic clothes

Are Bioplastics Biodegradable

Whether you are looking for more sustainable fabrics for your wardrobe or an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastics, bioplastics or bio-based plastics are an amazing option. Also known as... Read More


Vagabond Shoemakers is a Swedish shoe brand based in Varberg. It makes new footwear out of recycled materials to reduce waste. You can bring your old shoes to your nearest... Read More
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nopal cactus

Desserto Is The First Vegan Leather Made From The Nopal Cactus

Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez are Mexico-based entrepreneurs who launched Desserto, the first organic and vegan leather made from the Nopal or prickly-pear cactus. They developed an alternative to... Read More

Is Hemp Stronger Than Jute

Hemp and jute are excellent natural and environmentally friendly fibers, especially for clothing. They reduce the water and carbon footprint of our wardrobe and allow a more conscious lifestyle. Hemp... Read More
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emilia george

Emilia George

Emilia George is an American maternity and nursing wear brand founded by Elle Wang. Emilia is a girl’s name she likes. George is the name of her son. She decided... Read More


Careste is an American sustainable luxury brand founded by Chief Executive Officer Celeste Markey and Creative Director Elizabeth Rickard Shah. Careste embodies innovation in sustainable luxury fashion. It designs sophisticated,... Read More
chipotle goods

Chipotle Launches Its Organic and Naturally Dyed Apparel Collection

Restaurant company Chipotle is launching a sustainable apparel collection made from 100% organic cotton and naturally dyed with avocado pits. Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. is a food chain business that... Read More

Careste Is Building a Sustainable Brand For Women, By Women

Sustainability is a growing movement in the fashion industry. Many brands are driving meaningful change by designing sustainable collections. One of them is Careste, a new fashion start-up based in... Read More
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Apnée is a French sustainable swimwear brand founded by two passionate divers in 2017. It created its first capsule collection in 2019 and now offers a complete collection of men's... Read More