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How to Partner With Us and Create a Circular Fashion Industry

Panaprium creates and sells excellent products in accordance with the principles of economic, ecological and social sustainability.The advantages of our innovative products are less environmental pollution due to the conscious... Read More

Is It Worth Buying Organic Cotton? Pros & Cons

Thinking of buying organic cotton? You might want to know the benefits and disadvantages of this type of cotton. There are many pros and cons to organic cotton. factors to... Read More
Is It Worth Buying Organic Cotton? Pros & Cons
The Truth About Organic Cotton and Bio Textile

The Truth About Organic Cotton and Bio Textile

Thinking about buying organic cotton? You might want to know the truth about bio textile before buying organic. Most of us want to buy products that are safe for the... Read More

Eco Fashion is Becoming a Necessity

  Eco fashion or sustainable fashion is becoming less a choice, more a necessity. Environmental and social sustainability is growing more than ever before. The goal is to reduce human... Read More
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Building an Ethical & Sustainable Fashion Brand

Panaprium aims to accelerate the transition to sustainable clothing. Ethical & eco-friendly fashion is now a necessity and serves everybody. Together, let's make it a reality. By combining fashion technology... Read More

Passion & Creativity | Active Wear For Healthy Living

Passion & creativity is at the heart of what we do at Panaprium. There is nothing better than your favorite workout clothes to make you feel comfortable, confident and motivated... Read More
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Panaprium New Store Is Now Live | Sale Event

It is finally here! The Panaprium new store is now live! And we are having a sale event to celebrate. It took us quite some time to make everything right.... Read More

A New Digitally Native Vertical Brand

Panaprium is a new Digitally Native Vertical Brand (DNVB). E-commerce is taking over physical retail. That is why more businesses start their activities primarily online. Panaprium founded in 2017 is... Read More
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1000 Youtube Subs Giveaway | Win a Pair of Leggings

GIVEAWAY! Win one pair of #panaprium leggings of your choice! We are celebrating 1000 subs on our Youtube with this #giveaway. We really appreciate your unconditional support and want to thank you.... Read More

Why Is Panaprium Active Wear So Expensive

Do you wonder why is Panaprium active wear so expensive? High-end fashion is really expensive for good reasons. Panaprium is a mid to high-end active wear brand. Prices tend to... Read More

Honest Panaprium Leggings Unboxing Review And Try On

Have a look at the beautiful Panaprium leggings in this unboxing, review and try on. These will get you many compliments while wearing them. A hot staple for your closet,... Read More

Be Passionate And Irrational | Do Not Be Realistic

You have to be passionate and irrational. Being realistic is really bad advice. Anything worth in life is stupidly hard. The decision to pursue it is irrational because it leads to... Read More
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The Panaprium Leggings Manufacturing Process

The Panaprium leggings manufacturing process starts when your order is placed. Our products are passionately handcrafted for every one of our customers. Our goal is to create very exclusive products... Read More

New High Quality Custom Yoga Leggings Designs

Our new custom yoga leggings designs are finally here! Our in house designers worked very hard to bring you the latest in fashion, quality and high performance yoga active wear. We... Read More
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The Panaprium Brand | Goals, Mission, Vision

The Panaprium Brand wants to shape the future of healthy living. We have a very strong set of values. We share passion, friendship and fun experiences with our awesome community. We... Read More

Official Panaprium Youtube Channel

I am very eager to present to you the official Panaprium Youtube channel. I am Alex, founder of Panaprium. The aim of this channel is to invite you on a... Read More
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Can Men Wear Yoga Pants | Leggings For Men

Can Men Wear Yoga Pants | Leggings For Men

Should you wear yoga pants if you are a male? Do men actually wear yoga pants? Are you wondering what to wear to your yoga class? You may be looking... Read More

Why Wear Comfortable Clothes For Yoga

Why wear comfortable yoga clothes? It is really important to wear gear that helps you relax and calm down. Especially while practicing yoga, you want to choose the right yoga... Read More

How to Choose Yoga Pants | Best Pants And Leggings

How to choose yoga pants? How can you find the perfect fit for you? Wearing yoga pants has many benefits but it is difficult to find the right gear for... Read More